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Power Rankings....Top 10 Teams from Each Conf Eastern Conference 1. Orlando Magic - The Combination of Dirk Nowitzki and Shawn Marion is truely Deadly. They Have By Far One Of the Best Teams in TBSL and are Deadly. 2. Indiana Pacers - I've Changed my Mind about this Team, I mean Jermaine O'Neal and Jason Terry is a Sick Combo. They Don't Deserve the Best Record in the East, but they have it for a reason. ... MORE 8/9/03
Pacers, the most underrated team The journalist wrote about the Pacers this: They won't do nothing. Now, two months later, the Indiana Pacers are in the first seed in the Central Division... MORE 8/8/03
Sim 3; What the Game wrote The winner of this season's Slam Dunk Contest was Quinton Ross of the Clippers. Ross won the event with a combined score of 94.7. Kobe Bryant and Steve Francis also made the final round... MORE 8/9/03