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*If you are the owner of any of these clubs and would like a hand running them, please feel free to make me a moderator, survive_amber*

Amber Yahoo! Groups #3 - #10 (#1 and #2 coming soon)

#1. Amber Brkich Club
Members: 362 (1st)
Founded: Jan 4, 2001 (2nd)
Group Pic: Big B/W amber photo
Colors:Tan bg with orangey lines
Intro: America just can't get enough of Amber Bkrich! She will be returning to her all-star glory as a member of the Chapera tribe along with Tom Buchanan (Africa), Alicia Calaway(Australia), Sue Hawk(Palau Tiga), and Rob Cesternino(Amazon), Rob Mariano(Marquesas) in the new Survivor: All-Stars edition. Stay glued to your TV following the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 1st to catch her in all her glory again.

#2.Survivor II Amber Brkich Club - Come cheer for Survivor's Amber Brkich!
Members: 100 (2nd)
Founded: Jan 1, 2001 (1st)
Group Pic: Amber headshot photo
Colors: Regular white back ground, and blue lines
Intro: This is a place to discuss Amber's participation in Survivor 2. Amber was the 11th to be voted out.
A great site about Amber
All things Survivor!
News and links about Amber Brkich
The Amber Brkich Fansite
Photos: Two Folders
1 = 2 pics
2 = 7 pics
Database / Files: None
Verdict: Not enough photos, same regular format, some links 2/5

#3.An Upcoming Goddess on Survivor: Outback
Members: 68
Founded: Jan 7, 2001
Colors: Regular white back ground and blue lines
Group Pic: Surv. Bio. Pic
Intro: Welcome to the premiere Amber Brkich club at Yahoo!. This is the main resource for the latest news, photographs, and video of the beautiful Amber. You've come to the right place. Join. Chill. Relax. And enjoy your stay!
Please do not post spam or advertisements in our club board. Let's keep this a spam free Colleen community so all her fans can have a good surf experience at our club
Photos: None
Links: None
Files: None
Verdict: Needs to change format, Needs Photos and Links, 1/5

#4. An Amber Brkich and Elisabeth Filarski Club
Members: Apr 2, 2001
Founded: 49
Group Pic: No club pic
Colors: lt blu bg, w orange and grey lines
Intro: This Club is For Fans Of Elisabeth and Amber The Talented and Beautiful Survivors Fom Survivor 2:The Australian Outback CHat about Survivor Here aswell and Most Imprtantly AMBER AND ELISABETH
Photos: 16 Stuff shoot
Links: None
Files: None
Last Post: Jul 1, 2002
Verdict: No group pic to entice the public to join, only one photo shoot, 2/5

#5.Dereks Amber Aussie Outback Club - A Shrine to the awesome girl who is in the game.
Members: 38
Founded: Jan 26, 2001
Colors: Regular White background and blue lines
Group Pic: square bio photo with info below
Intro: Vital Statistics:
Name: Amber Brkich
Occupation: Administrative Assistant/Recent Graduate
Hometown: Beaver, PA
Tribe:Ogakor Tribe
New Info: The youngest--and for at least one guy in our office, the cutest--of the Australian Survivors, this former cheerleader and sorority girl has valuable experience dealing with violent behavior: She was a babysitter.
The Latest Line: Amber's degree in public relations could help in the tense political atmosphere of the tribal councils. Or she could just lead everyone in a cheer.
Links: None
Photos: 10 misc mix normals
Files: None
Verdict: Average group, needs more pics different format and some links. 2/5

#6.Go Amber - Come n support AMBER! -1/27 Moderator, expect alot of changes, will re rate it
Members: 14
Founded: May 10, 2001
Orange Brown
Side small face pic
Photos: 1 folder = 14 mixed
Verdict: 2/5 = Follow up messages to promote Amber in Polls and dissapointment with her non selection in Hollywood Squares. No Links, 14 mixed pics. Brown/Orange with Tan background. No Info.

The groups below do not have any pics, links or files

#7.Amber Rules, need I say more...
Members: 13
Founded: Mar 30, 2001
Purple Violet
Small survivor bio pic
Verdict: 0/5 = One related Message, No Links, only Ambers small survivor outback bio for club pic. Violet/Purple with Regular background. No Info.

#8.Amber and Jerri rule
Members: 8
Founded: May 5, 2001
Verdict: 0/5 = No Messages, Links or Pics. Regular Colors & background. No Info what so ever.

#9. Amber Brkich Fan Chat - The Best Place to Talk About Amber and Survivor 2
Members: 6
Founded: Jan 24, 2001
Verdict: 0/5 = No Messages, Links or Pics. Regular Colors - background. No Info what so ever and a broken home link.

#10. Fans of Amber the Survivor
Members: 5
Founded: Feb 5, 2001
Verdict: 0/5 = No Messages, Links or Pics. Regular Colors - background. No Info what so ever. is in know way affiliated with the CBS network or All-Stars Survivor show. is an unofficial fan site of Amber Brkich.