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Survivor All-Stars Rumours / Sepeculation / Spoilers
SPOILERS: Below is what I tracked down through the web, and can't vouch for it to be 100% true. Please read at your own risk!
This is your last chance...

By the time the first episode of Survivor 8 – All Stars air’s (Feb 1), the actual filming of it would have started well over 12 weeks ago back in November 2003 (finished December 11) so therefore some rumours/spoilers must have had to been spilt. Here are the most reliable ones I’ve managed to track down from various sites.

The Actual Game
The Opening scene is set, the 18 contestants of each of the tribes were kept apart from each other and then 'kidnapped' by militia-men who would escourt them to their respective camp sites. This was done so that none of the tribes would know who their opponents were (as some are from the same series and even same tribes).
The First Challenge is for fire and the loses gets a trip to tribal council. Early Pictures of the challenge show the winners were the Chapera tribe ahead of the Saboga tribe with the Mogo Mogo tribe arriving dead last and left with an all paid expenses trip to Trible Council on Day 3. I feel that it wasn’t an immunity challenge as below you will find that neither of the first two reported are members of the Mogo Mogo tribe?
With 18 survivors rather then the regular 16 but still the same amount of days means that for at least the first few episodes, two survivors will be voted out of the losing tribe at each tribal council. So I'm guessing the two losing teams possibly?
To add more of a twist to the game, other ex – survivors from previous seasons make surprise appearances later on in the show, which couldn’t be good news for the remaining competitors. I don’t know who the two alternates are but early word has Sandra Diaz-Twine (Pearl Islands) and Ken Stafford (Thailand). I personally would have liked to see Brian &/or Ted (Thailand) Johnny Fairplay (Pearl Islands) Elizabeth &/or Kel (Australia) and Colleen &/or Gervase (Survivor 1), but sadly some of the list declined the invitation.

The Players
If there’s one rumour that we all wish wasn’t true but sadly is which was regarding Jenna Morasca’s mothers death who passed away while All Stars was being filmed. Full credit to the Survivor team that informed Jenna of her mothers turn for the worse and managed to get back in time. Jenna was not voted off but left on her own terms very earlier in the series.
In a totally different bizarre twist to the game, the first ever winner of Survivor, Richard Hatch does something shocking and gets himself disqualified. Still in the dark about the conditions but its reported that he gets into some scandalous behavior that hurts him in the game. I’ve caught some pics of him during the first challenge and its not a pretty sight.
Mogo Mogo tribe don't do so well with the game (must be due to Richard and his ways that must have caused a lot of tention amongst other tribe members) but ironically two of the tribe mates get quiet intimate (I’m guessing Colby and Jenna M) as a bag of condoms found on the island of Mogo Mogo. This has also be reported on the web – “This season we have the first bona fide romance. It's the first real romance--not a hookup, not sex--romance, which is way better. could tip off a sexual union among tribe members.
Ethan Zohn, stumbled early and was the first to be sent packing, Even though other sources claim Tina was booted first, followed by Ethan. That’s two of the previous four winners? this is before the other two winners Richard and Jenna M leave too, something doesn’t add up right because it sounds too good for CBS as they would like nothing better then to crown a new champion right,.?
Early sightings of buddies Rudy and Rob C outside of the film sets while the series was still being filmed, show that neither of them had lost much weight therefore were both ousted in the early goings.

It sounds clear (and morally right) that there won’t be a repeat winner as all the past winners are hardly a threat.
7th = Alicia Calaway.
6th = Shii Ann Huang
5th = Tom Buchanan
Jenna Lewis (3rd) and Rupert Boneham (4th) will be two to reach the Final 4. Apparently Rupert again does well at the challenges which may have lead to his demise like last season.
The two finalists Amber Brkich (yes!) and Rob Mariano
Sole Survivor – Amber (omg!)

So there you have it, If you’ve managed to get down this far (congradulations!, sorry about the poor spelling and horrible grammar) you must have thought this was a big joke by having Amber the winner (this being an Amber fan site) but its crisp and clean info from a variety of different sources…so you could just imagine how I’m feeling after finding this out just three days after making the site!

NB: I feel that the final seven (jury) looks very possible as the tribe I picked (because of Amber) looked like the fittest and youngest without too many egos. Four of the six supossibly make it to the final seven and that’s what makes it so believable, as they must have made a pact from the start. Plus going into the final four Amber and Rob M wouldn't dare break alliances, so why did they lose Tom for? I’m personaly worried about how close Amber and Rob M got…but if it made her happy and rich, I couldn’t really complain.

NB2: And the fact that the only member of Mogo Mogo is Shii Ann is very scary as she was notoriously know as the girl who walked out on her last tribe during the merger in Thailand. If the “relationship” was between Colby and Jenna M, Jenna’s departure could have played on Colby’s mind? But what about Lex then? I’d point my finger at Richard (but would be scared that he’d use it…). I don’t understand the rumours about different tribe members Rob C and Rudy though?

I hope most of this is true, but with some really cool twists because I’d classify every episode as must see tv!!!

HSX Survivor Warrants:
Projected delists:

RIC H$3*
RUD H$4*
ROC H$5*
JEM H$6*
SUS H$7*
KAT H$8*
COL H$9*
JER H$10*
LEX H$11*
ALI H$12
SHI H$13
TOM H$14
RUP H$15
JEL H$16
ROM H$17
AMB H$18

* My own prediction
I believe AMB will form aliance with JER again and get her on board with Chapera.
SUS and KAT are very hard to pick posistions for and really guessed theirs. I feel SUS will be too bossy for Chapera's likeing.
In the same dilema with Lex and Colby, I believe as hard as these two try to click they just won't (big egos), and Chapera won't want either of these athletic bodies in for long run with individual challenges. Both may make the merge but will be prime candidates to be voted off

Will HSX issue IPO for the alternates?

Shouldn't RIC and JEM delist at H$0? is in know way affiliated with the CBS network or All-Stars Survivor show. is an unofficial fan site of Amber Brkich.