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A couple of weeks ago I was told by a friend there was to be an All-Star survivor, brining the best of all six games, I wasn't overjoyed but thought I'd still watch it.
I followed the first four very closely, then didn't really get into the Marquises one but started watching it again with the Thailand and Pearl Islands series.
So I wasn't very much anticipating the show until I found a preview of it on the-trades and after seeing the competitors and knowing the tribes will be split into three this time I was hooked. And of course finding out that Amber was one of them has driven my anticipation levels through the roof, BRING IT ON!!!

So whats this trades site? Its basicly your average movie/tv review/preview site, but its focussed on the very addictive (and fun) online game, HSX.
The actual preview of Survivor over at the was by Jim Van Nest, who has been brave enough to give odds for the Survivors chances of winning the mill. Sadly Amber isn't given much of a chance with an outerageous 100-1! even though we all know shes odds on favourite at 2-1, lol. The Rest of the odds seem on the money so I've decided to list them to your right.

Now about the awesome game HSX, abbreviated for Hollywood Stock Exchange which is a free game to buy and sell shares of upcoming and present movies in release as well as the actors and directors in them which are translated into Starbonds.
They also do special options for Survivor Shows called Survivor Warrents. Depending on when they get elementated, the're price drops. First one eliminated (Shii Ann) will be delisted at H$1, second H$2 get it? until the champion gets crowned (ms brkich) at the price of H$18 per share!

Came accross the official Survivor II site, Australian Outback series and it has a cool chat transcript from Amber after she was voted off. Many questions were about being so friendly with Jerri, not surprisingly.
Check it out here

Jim from
opening betting odds:

RobM, Lex & TinaW | 5-1
Robc, Kathy & Rupert | 10-1
Colby, JennaL & Susan | 25-1
Alicia, Ethan & Richard | 50-1
Shii Ann, Tom & Jerry(lol)| 75-1
Amber, Rudy, JennaM | 100-1

Ambers HSX Warrant
Current Price:
H$ 9.00 is in know way affiliated with the CBS network or All-Stars Survivor show. is an unofficial fan site of Amber Brkich.