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Voting Polls
Please vote for Amber in the polls below

Fan Favourites Polls (Click on a name to rate a Survivors popularity)
Amber 10, the rest 1

Who will be voted off first?
Any one but Amber!

Who will be the Sole Survivor ?
Amber of course!

Which Survivor Fox has the hottest bod, and the real hottie ?

I will be frequently updating all poll results above here. If you know of any other Amber polls not listed, give me an email with the url of the site to, cheers.

Current Poll Results:

Sole Survivor: Amber %
Favourite: Amber %
Hottest bod (4752) 8%
Weekend in Vegas (3500) 7%
Marry (2616) 7%
Real Hottie (5258) 9% is in know way affiliated with the CBS network or All-Stars Survivor show. is an unofficial fan site of Amber Brkich.