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[23Jan] Got a scoop about Amber from a pretty reliable source (we all hope). But it is a spoiler so unless you don't wanna know don't click here!

[23Jan] The Premiere of All-star Survivor will show February 1 after the Super Bowl in the US between the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers with a half time performance from Janet Jackson, Go Pats.

18 previous Survivor participants from all seven of the shows were invited to play the game again which will be set in its last location, Pearl Islands and will be hosted by Jeff Probst. Each team consists of three woman and three men.

Amber is part of the "Chapera" tribe. Joining her are Rob Cesternino, who made the final in the Amazon, Rob Mariano - 10th in Marquesas, Big-Tom Buchanan who just missed out in the final in Africa, Susan Hawk another near finalist in Pulau Tiga and lastly Alicia Calaway (9th) who was also in the Outbacks of Australia with Amber (6th) but from different tribes.
On paper this is the only team that hasn't got someone who won the mill in any of the other shows (the other two tribes have two each), so all will be as hungry as the other to be the sole survivor which should make "Chapera" a very tough unit in challenges.
I believe they are the youngest team, and probably the most fittest (maybe mogo mogo tribe might be a bit better). is in know way affiliated with the CBS network or All-Stars Survivor show. is an unofficial fan site of Amber Brkich.