Chicago Coin

Shoot the Clown(1961)-target rifle

Ray Gun(1961)

Pro Hockey(1961)

Long Range Rifle Gallery(1961)

Wild West(1961)-Rifle, seperate target box

Championship Rifle(1962)

Worlds Fair Rifle Gallery(1962)-target Rifle

Riot Gun (1963)-Shoot bank robbers with a .22 rifle

Texas Ranger(1963)-Machine gun with a veiwport.

Pop Up (1964)

Par Golf(1965) Pitch and Bat

Wild West Rifle(1967)-Western Rifle.

Ace Machine Gun(1968)-Machine gun with a viewport. Featurs planes,tanks, and helicopters.

Carnival Rifle(1968)

Apollo Moon Shot Rifle Range(1969)-rifle game

Drive Master(1969)



Super Circus Rifle Gallery(1969)-Target rifle.


Big Top(1971)-Dual Rifle game

Night Bomber(1971)-looks like Jet rocket.

Sharp Shooter(1971)-Target Rifle

Sky Battle(1971)

Super Speedway(1971)

Foreign Legion(1971)-Twin Machine guns

Twin Rifle(1971)-Twin Hunting Rifles

Rodeo Shooting Gallery(1972)-Rifle

Trap Shoot(1973)-Free moving shotgun, seperate target box

Auto Race(1974)-Ball shooter

Speed Shift(1974)- sit down racing game

Hunt Club(1976)-Free moving Shotgun, seperate target stand

Shoot Out(1976)-Western Rifle

Coney Island(1976)-Target rifle

Defender-Machine Gun
Commando()-Machine gun game.
Green Beret()-Target Rifle game.
Super Scope()-target Rifle with a tube for a scope
Rifle Gallery()-
Flying Tiger-
Twin Skeet Shoot-dual shotguns
The Safe- open a safe. crack the safe or open the safe
Pony Express()-Western rifle game.
World Series()-


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