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m'aimer pour qui je suis


love me for who i am

my journal

july 13, 2003...

    hey guys. today is my first entry in here. im creating the site simply out of sheer boredom. today im gonna go to trec house and watch spirited away before going to the movies to see pirates of the Caribbean with her and my brothers. so im gonna go now and finish this work on the site.

::muah::   peace, love, empathy...


back in the day | here is now | tomorrow will come

about me

about me....

im 16 years old and I lie in Deptford new jersey.


i like

I like...

marching band, theater, stage crew and construction, volunteering at national guard camp, and I love my friends!


i belong

i belong where i am loved


the past

the past is the past. now is the present.

that's all you need to know.