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Home of The Dieing Breed

Greetings and welcome to SoulnoS, The site for redefined intellect. Let me just say it now and save alot of people some time, This is not a site for everyone.Truth is, many people won't understand the content and most likely will dislike it. Thats perfectly fine with me, just keep such opinions to ones self.

Now for the meat. SoulnoS is a place of enlightenment and expression. We welcome everything from art, literature, music and any other means of self expression. There is only one condition that all material must meet: All works must provoke thought. Don't worry no one expects Poe or Salvador dalli calibur stuff. Essientailly all an entry needs is some depth. If your intrested in having somthing posted or maybe would just like to view the works of others then please proceed and enjoy. - Prophet