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Track Layouts
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Here is were you can download and print track layouts for your own use.  You can only download if you have the Scalextric RMS Software installed or tracker.  But feel free to print it out.  Click on image for larger preview.

Scalextric RMS Layouts

brook raceway.jpg (549671 bytes)

My Track Layout Download


Tracker 2000 Layouts must use Licensed Copy

Classic Plan 01-1C.gif (33648 bytes)                                                               Classic Plan 09-1C - Monaco.gif (41726 bytes)                              
Classic Plan 01-1c Download                                       Classic Plan Monaco Download  

Classic Plan 02-1C.gif (30052 bytes)                                                                Classic Plan 10-1C - Watkins Glen.gif (39150 bytes)
Classic Plan 02-1c Download                                       Classic Plan Watkins Glen Download

Classic Plan 03-1C.gif (46507 bytes)                                                                Classic Plan 11-1C.gif (35660 bytes)
Classic Plan 03-1c Download                                       Classic Plan 11-1c Download

Classic Plan 04-1C.gif (47366 bytes)                                                                Classic Plan 12-1C - Kyalami.gif (27515 bytes)
Classic Plan 04-1c Download                                       Kyalami Download

Classic Plan 05-1C.gif (18024 bytes)                                                                Classic Plan 13-1C - Silverstone.gif (37696 bytes)
Classic Plan 05-1c Download                                       Silverstone Download

Classic Plan 06-1C.gif (46881 bytes)                                                                Classic Plan 14-1C.gif (31060 bytes)
Classic Plan 06-1c Download                                       Classic Plan 14-1c Download

Classic Plan 07-1C - Monza.gif (37781 bytes)                                                                Scalextric Circuit 1.gif (26366 bytes)
Classic Plan Monza Download                                     Scalextric Circuit 1 Download

Classic Plan 08-1C - Spa-Francorchamps.gif (40666 bytes)                                                               Scalextric Circuit 2.gif (23777 bytes)
Classic Plan Spa Download                                        Scalextric Circuit 2 Download

Scalextric Circuit 3.gif (37518 bytes)                                                              Scalextric Circuit 4.gif (49073 bytes)
Scalextric Circuit 3 Download                                     Scalextric Circuit 4 Download

Scalextric Circuit 4-A.gif (48996 bytes)                                                              Scalextric Circuit 4-B.gif (49243 bytes)
Scalextric Circuit 4a Download                                   Scalextric Circuit 4b Download