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Welcome to SlickLOH's Deep Space. This is the place to learn a little about my wacky life and everything that happens to me. Laugh your heart out and I'll be laughing right along with you.

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Here at SlickLOH's Deep Space you can take a peek into my world.
You can see my team preform, read my every trip up in life
and realized just how normal you really are.

What's Happening Here?

Hehe, well my webpage has sort of fallen off with school and boys and horses keeping me pretty busy...go figure that school would actually take up my time. But I do plan on making a valid effort this time at making a come back with this site. I really do find it to be a good stress release and a good way to remember the bast parts of my life, day to day. I still need to finish my high school years and I thought of some more things for my middle school years :-). I really will have new entries in the Latest Stories every day or most days...ok I'll shoot for once a week. I am also working on getting a TON more pictures from last year and this year up. It's going to be awesome. Well that's about it! Enjoy my life as you see fit! Thanks, SlickLOH.