SPA rules

As you can tell by the large print on the top of this page, you are now on SPA's official clansite. Either you are here because you know that SPA's the fuckin shiznizzle my drizzle fizzle, or you are a horny old creepy fat guy looking for some kind of disturbing porn containing slaves and any of their miscellaneous pits. If you happen to be the 2nd of those two, I thank you for adding a hit to this site, but I apologize for the lack of vomit-inducing porn. As of right now SPA has erased all former clan members after discovering they were also in another clan(which is bad enough), but also were caught cheating. We are now looking for new recruits. If you wish to have a tryout, contact us on Socom. We are usually found in Australia, US CENTRAL 1, or US EAST 6. The catch is -YOU- must send us the invitation to come play with you. You have to show that you want to be in the clan enough to contact us in that manner.

Clan members you can contact are: fetus head, type B, isaytomato, al borland


these names do not have SPA in front of them now because we have taken them off until our new, complete clan is filled. We are only taking 6 more people so contact fast!!!

If you are already in a clan but are looking for an ally, invite us to play with you and talk to us VIA headset.

"hatred makes me happy, I'm often overjoyed" --- GWAR

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