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||Swami Shreeji||

||Swami Shreeji||

June 8th, 2003

Dhoon: Jay Akshar Pati (Jayubhai)

Prathana: Jay Karuna (Gautambhai)

Long Session: Regularity (Rakeshbhai)

Kirtan I: Swami Ho Swami (Samirbhai)

Short Session: Nutrition (Shishirbhai)

Kirtan II: -

MC: Life - can mean: (Mayankbhai)
Nothing: without guidance
Everything: to live for something.

Life isn’t meaningful, Its what you do with it.

1. & 2.
-need practice – (i.e.) basketball
-Sunday isn’t for Swami, everyday is for Swami. “Regularity”

-Trickle of water….fills the cup.
-Keeping Bapa & Maharaj in mind constantly gets you to Akshardham.

-Build a pool…one jug a week doesn’t work for the water will evaporate by the end of the week. Same with out Sabha!

-Keep Bhagwan in mind constantly

Why some things are not regular:
-Don’t want to.
-To lazy.

Before taking neeyams:
Why? How? Can you live up to it?

Why can’t we add something?
Adjust or give out.
Bapa’s priorities: Satsang…then everything else.

Easy ways:…
-remember prasangs..-

To progress.. become Regular.


Introspection is not only taking new neeyams, but also perfecting the ones you have.
Introspection is the Key!
· Take on small things.
· Satsang helps outside too..

4. MC- Regularity.
What are you going to do?

Life & Satsang? Satsang is life!
Who’s going to help us? BAPA!

5.MC- to progress, constantly look back at Swami.
What do we need…?
To keep ourselves healthy.

GAME…. Jeoperdy

Not what you can see, its what you can prove.