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Sequoia Dolores Valverde

THEY'RE HERE!!! NEW Pictures of Sequoia. ENJOY!!

NEW!! Click on the links to see the new Photos of Sequoia. If you like any of the photos Please save them on your computer. I will be changing photos often (I promise) to make room for the latest and greatest pictures we take.

Click on Links to view photos.



San Dimas Community Hospital Virtual Nursery

When at the Web site click on "Virtual Nursery" and complete her date of birth(June 23, 2004) to get Sequoia's pictures.

Click here to see a complete Photo Album of Sequoia

Sequoia also has her own email address where you can send her notes and messages.

Please feel free to write to her as often as you would like. All of the email will be saved so she can enjoy your messages later on.

If you would like to keep any of these pictures, right click on the picture you want and select "save picture as". You can then save the picture to your computer.

Web sites where you can order photo prints

Wal-Mart Photo Center
MSN Photo Gifts and Prints
Kodak Prints