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Which Member of the Sean Wall Are You?

Which is your perfect guy/girl?b>
Brian Bell.
Billy Corgan.
smart/weird guys with serious problems
a pretty person of the same sex
the first hot guy i see
screw guys. i did date a mexican once...don't tell anyone!
creepy skinny goth guys
boys? what?
a sane one.
a sweet Mormon boy

???? here
The moors of Ireland.
The Rainforest.
Rome or Paris.
A tropical island.

You're dream~boat would most likely be..
Fun-Loving and adorable.
Caring and Sweet.
Loyal and Strong.
Rich and Famous.

Choose an object...
Soft Pillow.
A Cute new outfit.
Fast Red Car.
A Puppy-Dog.

Your backpack or purse is...
" So cute and hip!"
" Your very own, unique and few have it one like it."
" Large and sturdy, it will never let you down."
" Very expensive and modern."

thank you Barunson.