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Welcome to My WWW Pages

Hi.My name is Ugur BAC.You are welcome to my little corner.You can find kinds of things that interests you.I prepared a list of things that you can find on this site below.If you want some information about me you take a look to My Resume.This is my first homepage.You can find something that interests you in this pages.I hope you'll enjoy my site. Have a good time.
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Here's The List of Things That You Can Find in This Site.

Everything About METALLICA Is Here: History(TURKCE),All Lyrics(Includes Reload&Garage inc. too),High Quality Midi files and MP3 Links...

Here You Can Find A Great MP3 and Video Archive of Famous Artist's Hit Song's FULL & FREE MP3's(Much Than 1000 Files).I Think You Can Find Everything You Want in Huge Archive.

You Can Find Links to NBA here.
Thumbnailed Pictures of Micheal Jordan.
You Can Find Some Useful Programs at My Download Page.
Enter the Magic World of TURKEY.
You Can Chat With Your Friends at My Chat Page.
You Can Send Me ICQ Messages From Here.
Please Sign My Guestbook From Here.Also You Can View It.
Searching Engines.
You Can Reach to My Favorite Links From Here.
Game Cheats and Hints from Me in Turkish and English.
The Thumbnailed Pictures of Turkey's Beatiful Places.
A Lot of Thumbnailed Pictures of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.
My Resume.
My Friends Pages.
The Map of My Site.

Last Updated: July 11, 1999
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