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Dice System Chart

Level 1 dice count

1d30=0 1d31=2 1d32=4 1d33=6 1d34=8 1d35=10 1d36=12
1d37=14 1d38=16 1d39=18 1d40=20 1d41=25 1d42=30 1d43=35
1d44=40 1d45=45 1d46=50 1d47=55 1d48=60 1d49=65 1d50=70
1d51=75 1d52=85 1d53=95 1d54=105 1d55=115 1d56=125 1d57=135
1d58=145 1d59=155 1d60=165 1d61=175 1d62=185 1d63=200 1d64=215
1d65=230 1d66=245 1d67=260 1d68=275 1d69=290 1d70=305 1d71=320
1d72=335 1d73=350 1d74=370 1d75=390 1d76=410 1d77=430 1d78=450
1d79=470 1d80=490 1d81=510 1d82=530 1d83=550 1d84=570 1d85=600
1d86=630 1d87=660 1d88=690 1d89=720 1d90=750 1d91=780 1d92=810
1d93=840 1d94=870 1d95=900 1d96=950 1d97=1000 1d98=1050 1d99=1100
1d100=1150 Only audited may procceed to next dice count level.

Level 2 dice count

2d30=1200 2d31=1250 2d32=1300 2d33=1350 2d34=1400 2d35=1450 2d36=1500
2d37=1550 2d38=1600 2d39=1650 2d40=1700 2d41=1800 2d42=1900 2d43=2000
2d44=2100 2d45=2200 2d46=2300 2d47=2400 2d48=2500 2d49=2600 2d50=2700
2d51=2800 2d52=3000 2d53=3200 2d54=3400 2d55=3600 2d56=3800 2d57=4000
2d58=4200 2d59=4400 2d60=4600 2d61=4800 2d62=5000 2d63=5300 2d64=5600
2d65=5900 2d66=6200 2d67=6500 2d68=6800 2d69=7100 2d70=7400 2d71=7700
2d72=8000 2d73=8300 2d74=8700 2d75=9100 2d76=9500 2d77=9900 2d78=10300
2d79=10700 2d80=11100 2d81=11500 2d82=11900 2d83=12300 2d84=12700 2d85=13000
2d86=13500 2d87=14000 2d88=14500 2d89=15000 2d90=15500 2d91=16000 2d92=16500
2d93=17000 2d94=17500 2d95=18000 2d96=19000 2d97=20000 2d98=21000 2d99=22000
2d100=23000 Only audited may procceed to next dice count level.

Level 3 dice count

3d30=24000 3d31=25000 3d32=26000 3d33=27000 3d34=28000 3d35=29000 3d36=30000
3d37=32000 3d38=34000 3d39=36000 3d40=38000 3d41=40000 3d42=42000 3d43=44000
3d44=47000 3d45=50000 3d46=53000 3d47=56000 3d48=59000 3d49=62000 3d50=65000
3d51=69000 3d52=73000 3d53=77000 3d54=81000 3d55=85000 3d56=89000 3d57=93000
3d58=98000 3d59=103000 3d60=108000 3d61=113000 3d62=118000 3d63=123000 3d64=128000
3d65=134000 3d66=140000 3d67=146000 3d68=152000 3d69=158000 3d70=164000 3d71=170000
3d72=177000 3d73=184000 3d74=191000 3d75=198000 3d76=205000 3d77=212000 3d78=219000
3d79=227000 3d80=235000 3d81=243000 3d82=251000 3d83=259000 3d84=267000 3d85=275000
3d86=284000 3d87=293000 3d88=302000 3d89=311000 3d90=320000 3d91=329000 3d92=338000
3d93=348000 3d94=358000 3d95=368000 3d96=378000 3d97=388000 3d98=398000 3d99=408000
3d100=420000 Only audited may procceed to next dice count level.

Level 4 dice count

4d30=430000 4d31=440000 4d32=450000 4d33=460000 4d34=470000 4d35=480000 4d36=490000
4d37=500000 4d38=510000 4d39=520000 4d40=530000 4d41=540000 4d42=550000 4d43=560000
4d44=570000 4d45=580000 4d46=590000 4d47=600000 4d48=610000 4d49=620000 4d50=630000
4d51=640000 4d52=650000 4d53=660000 4d54=670000 4d55=680000 4d56=690000 4d57=700000
4d58=710000 4d59=720000 4d60=730000 4d61=740000 4d62=750000 4d63=760000 4d64=770000
4d65=780000 4d66=790000 4d67=800000 4d68=810000 4d69=820000 4d70=830000 4d71=840000
4d72=850000 4d73=860000 4d74=870000 4d75=880000 4d76=890000 4d77=900000 4d78=910000
4d79=920000 4d80=930000 4d81=940000 4d82=950000 4d83=960000 4d84=970000 4d85=980000
4d86=990000 4d87=1000000 4d88=1010000 4d89=1020000 4d90=1030000 4d91=1040000 4d92=1050000
4d93=1060000 4d94=1070000 4d95=1080000 4d96=1090000 4d97=1100000 4d98=1110000 4d99=1120000
4d100=1150000 Only audited may procceed to next dice count level.

Single Spar :
Winner (High Dice x50)
Loser (Points Spread x20)

Mass Spar :
Winner (High Dice x100, times number of Opponents.)
Loser (High Damage x50, times number of Opponents.)

Death Match :
Winner (10,000)
Loser (5,000)

Mass Death Match :
Winner (20,000)
Loser (5,000)

Honor Match :
Winner (High Dice x100)
Loser (Points Spread x50)

Assassination Attempt :
Winner (15,000)
Loser (8,000)

Slave Match :
Winner (High Dice x 100)
Loser (Points Spread x50)

Release Match :
Winner (High Dice x80)
Loser (Points Spread x40)