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These colours will never run !

Hi, my name is Ray Bedford and I am the owner of Oz Plaque Collectables, your online shop to some truly amazing wooden products.   I am also known by my nickname of 'Rayzor' and as 'rayzor_collectables' to my eBay clientele.   Welcome to my first speciality online shop on the World Wide Web.

This online shop has been established to provide a focus on a unique line of wooden products that adds to my ever increasing portfolio of unique, unusual and sometimes simply 'hard to get' items of militaria and memorabilia.

~ Plaques, Plaques and more Plaques ~


This shop specialises in the provision of unique hand carved wooden plaques and wooden carvings for the militaria enthusiast, the law enforcement memorabilia collector and the discerning client who wants something unusual or unique to grace their home, business premises, office or study.

By an exclusive arrangement with an overseas company of master craftsmen and artisans I am able to supply not only our standard plaque designs (which are at least 20% larger than the more traditional sized plaque available in Australia) but also 'made to order' wood carvings that are hand carved to specific instructions.

The artistic quality of these plaques and specially commissioned wood carvings speak for themselves and my words are simply not enough to do justice to them.   Please judge for yourself as you surf this site and view the numerous images.   I have no doubt that you will agree that they represent excellent examples of the wood carver's skill, a skill which is rarely seen today.

These plaques adorn the walls of many public and private institutions, Government offices and many military service messes around the world as well as being present in many private and personal collections of memorabilia.   These fine examples of the wood carver’s skill are uniquely different and are now available from me by my current clients and those who visit my online shop and who have an interest in unique items of militaria and memorabilia.   If you wish to place an order please visit the 'Administration, Ordering and Costs' link.

As you can see from the various examples that you can view on this site, these magnificent hand crafted plaques are of the highest quality.   Each plaque and wood carving has been individually hand carved from one single piece of 'walnut' wood by artisans whose skill has been passed on down from generation to generation and practiced by master craftsmen.   No powered machinery has been used in the manufacture of these products; the image is hewn out of the wood by the use of hand tools guided only by the skill and ability of the master wood carver.   It is this process of manufacture that makes these pieces of art a truly unique item of memorabilia with no two carvings or plaques being exactly the same.

The plaques and carvings are made overseas to exacting standards and procedures, and are subject to a quality control process by a master craftsman.


Each plaque comes with a guarantee of quality and satisfaction.   Due to the fact that they are each individually hand made, no two plaques or carvings will be exactly alike, and being a hand made wood carving creates a uniqueness that simply stands on its own.   Although we each have our own subjective views on quality and workmanship, in my opinion these plaques and carvings are far superior to what I have seen of similar style originating from Asia and I believe that the images support my opinion, however you be the judge ... I am confident that you will come to the same conclusion.

What Our Clients Say !!!

Please take some time to look at the comments made by some of our clients.   You can access those comments from our navigation column or by clicking on this link.  This link will be updated regularly.

Site Images

The images throughout this site have been taken by a digital camera, from various angles.   The majority of the images have been taken in the factory overseas.   The quality of the images, although good, include some images that may appear to have a slight image distortion.   These pictures were taken without a flash to reduce flashback.   Please be assured that these wooden products are representations of the wood carvers exceptional skill and expertise.   Please also note that because wood is a natural product different shades and wood texture are to be expected with this product, but again that is what makes this product so unique.  As these products are hand made no two plaques will be exactly alike.   Each plaque and carving is subject to a hand polish and are smooth to the touch.

Please note that copyright applies in respect to all the images on this site.   Where you see the copyright word and or symbol on the images on this site the copyright applies to the image. Where copyright is held by another person not associated with this site that image is used with permission and the copyright will be identified.   The 'right click' function of your mouse has been disabled.   If you require a copy of one of our images, all you need to do is e-mail us with your request for an image and the purpose of the request.

Quarantine Compliance

Strict protocols have been observed in respect to the importation of these wooden products. Each shipment into Australia is subject to personal examination and preventative treatment by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service.   You can be assured that you will receive an uncontaminated product made out of an exceptional piece of timber.   The procedures that we have adopted comply with Australian Quarantine Regulations for entry into Australia of wooden products and which are now mandatory import requirements.

The Technical Details

Each plaque and carving is hand made and carved by up to three craftsmen wood carvers from a single piece of timber known by its common species name of ‘walnut’.   Our standard plaques measure approximately 20 cms x 27 cms with a weight of approximately 600 grams; they are in most cases at least 20% larger than the average sized machined plaque that is currently available in Australia.

Each of these plaques can be personalised if required.   Any inscription can be applied as long as the inscription is proportional to the width and depth of the plaque.   Please note however that the plaque will generally increase in size to accommodate personal inscriptions (by approximately 33%) and accordingly the price will rise to our next level of pricing.   Please visit the 'Plaque Inscriptions' link to view personal inscription plaques.   Once the plaque or carving has been completed it is then finished off with an application of a wood polish, and this is also applied by hand.

In my opinion these plaques and carvings are second to none, but of course that is a personal opinion, but I am happy to share it with you !!!

Web Site Currency

Please note that all prices shown on this site are in Australian dollars (AUD).

A Large Portfolio of Designs

Our ability to produce plaques with your requested design is almost unlimited.   A large portfolio of global military crests, law enforcement and emergency services are available as well as a portfolio of our own designs that have a military theme.   We can also arrange the manufacture of other crests and designs on the production of good quality drawings or images.   We can also manufacture plaques that represent crests of global military associations, societies and other organisations and any other design that the client requires.   Commissioned wooden carvings are one of our specialities and we welcome your inquries in respect to this particular aspect of our business.

Please note however that any design that has a trademark applied or pending cannot and will not be reproduced as a commercial or corporate order unless the written consent of the owner of the trademark has provided their written consent for its manufacture.   I am available to provide further advice and assistance in respect to these issues.

Advertisements Appearing on this Site provides the ability to host a site free of charge in the United States.   As a condition of free hosting Angelfire requires that advertisements are placed on the site either permanently, randomly or as pop up ads.   Adult or similar content advertisements are not part of the agreement.  Please note that we at Oz Plaque Collectables have no control over the advertisements placed on this site and accordingly we neither support or endorse those sites in any manner whatsoever.   However, if visitors wish to view the content of those sites please feel free to do so by clicking onto the displayed advertisement.   The decision to visit those sites advertised on our website rests solely with the visitor.

Visitors are encouraged to visit our endorsed links.   Please visit our 'Favourite Links' page for those sites that have been endorsed and are supported by Oz Plaque Collectables.

A Word about Copyright

All the text and all of the images posted on this site are protected by international conventions regarding Copyright.   The right of Ray Bedford, to be identified as the author of this web site and all that it contains, has been asserted by him in accordance with the International Copyright Convention and with the Copyright Act 1968 (Commonwealth).

This site was commissioned on 01 August 2003
Last updated on 30 September 2003
This website and all that it contains, including text and images, on the home page and all its associated links to the home page are Copyright © Ray Bedford 2003.