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Story of a Minda, and occasionally a Colby
Thursday, 24 March 2005

y'know--i do this more for me than for anyone else--of course, not much choice if you notice the amount of replies i get. i do give it out to my family and friends, but i don't think it gets checked too much. it's not a big deal though, i think it's fun, and i have a LOT of extra time on my hands here at work, and in front of this computer. plus there's not too personal stuff on here, it's just, a journal. for minda. and colby.

escrito by minda or colby at 10:41 PM CST
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some people can't turn on their phones
Mood:  hug me
Now Playing: lady raiders basketball game
Topic: Minda's entries
weird day. i'm all wired, i've started running a little bit this week, that sucks so far, but it's exciting to see a little progress even thus far, and to anticipate being able to run a whooole miiile. wow. it's been a while-i'm so out of shape, yuck. amy's sad because nobody calls her when big important stuff happens, and probably because she got the same 1000 forwards that i got from our mom's school email. she's pretty upset with rachel though. i want my daddy. and i want to go home and get hugs, because i can't here because it's not "corporate", or "professional". bah. i'm not asking to make out. no more than a handshake. reminds me of meet the fockers. that movie was so funny. i actually liked it a lot better than meet the parents, and Barbara Streisand is a jewish wonder. i can't remember that other guy's name, her husband in the movie. i was thinking- i'd like to keep up with more movies, but i refuse to pay the money it takes to keep up with the new ones. those prices make me sick. i used to work for a movie theatre. i thought it would be SO cool, but honestly, it was THE worst job i have EVER had. it was the people of course, and being a cashier is always a hastle and a stress. 'do it right and do it right now...faster, FASTER! MOVE FILTHY MINIONS!' nope. plus they had the gall to pay minimum wage. d'you know what that is after taxes!? not enough, that's what it is. isn't. whatever.

colby got a workout bench at walstarmart for 30 bones. not bad, it's pretty nice. i'm so proud of him for putting stuff like that together, i could never do it. but sometimes i think i was stronger and more capable before i got married. i carried my own luggage, i took out the trash all the way out to the dark alley, i fixed stuff (not really...that's a lie, i couldn't fix a bent paperclip), i got lost in my car and found my way home by myself. i couldn't do all that now. he motivates me a lot, too. he pulls me out of bed a lot of mornings--which always has been a big struggle for me. i'd freak out if i had to do everything myself again.

well, I love you, amy, sorry i never email you.

escrito by minda or colby at 10:34 PM CST
Updated: Thursday, 24 March 2005 10:35 PM CST
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Wednesday, 23 March 2005
...but we musn't grieve--not on Rex Manning Day
Mood:  not sure
Now Playing: baby you can drive my car
Topic: Colbs' entries
Man it feels good to be a cowboy. It makes a cowboy want to sing the following assortment of words:

These new meds hurt my tummy & appetite. I hope I acclimate real soon. Making healthy plans for living 'cause discipline is hard for me if I don't have a good model to follow that I feel gives me freedom. I thrive on freedom. Insurance is cool ya know, and I was half jaded 'til monday when our doctor appointment would've cost us more than my monthly premium. The poor lady working the desk said she's a single mom w/o insurance; tough world.

So yesterday I think it was, this feeling lingered with me all morning that something wasn't right, something important I should be worrying about. My life is peachy, nothing to worry about really, but I caught on to that fact which made me proud. I used to fret & fuss over nothing and freak out like so many other folks do--the stress of the world plaguing my natural anxieties--so, some people find worry & chaos their norm and follow suit by acting to create chaos when none is present. Underlying terrors of one's own mind, the coals & embers of which are tindered & stoked by the unseen hiearchy of evil which skews the thoughts of every man whenever possible. However, having the upper hand on 'em is a nice thought. I'm done.

escrito by minda or colby at 11:19 PM CST
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Deutschland fuer Itsikah.
Mood:  blue
Now Playing: The Boxer - by S&Gfunk
Topic: Minda's entries
Ted got his call today, so I guess he's in the full time army now, as opposed to the reserves. He went to Amarillo, and they told him he was going to Germany in April. 12th or 13th. Rachel, Isaac, and Ammon will be going in May. For 3 years. I'm really close to Isaac, and I've never been away from him for very long. Needless to say it's been an extremely hard day to get through, and it's not even dinner time yet. 3 years. Three. Years. We're going to start our own family, so we probably won't be out there by the time we get independent enough financially to do it. Rachel said it'd be easier for her to just fly back and see everyone rather than everyone come out. I wonder if we'll even be living in texas still. Isaac is going to be 6--almost 7 when they get back to the states. Ammon will be 3 and a half. I'll be 26. I guess that's not such a shocker, but they'll grow up so much and I'll miss it. I'm really really bummed out about that. With Isaac being autistic, he'll probably remember me, right? We can still call and write. He'd probably understand and get more out of a letter, anyway. Ammon I'm sure won't remember me, he's too little. He's gonna crawl soon, I wonder if he'll crawl before they leave. I wonder if Rachel will learn some German out there. Colby's brother Chance and his family went to Germany for 3 years, and he was in Iraq for 6 months. His wife didn't learn anything, except that the German people in the doctors office pronounce the name Reid like Ride. The most that was learned was by their son, Devon, and he only learned to count to 10 with a horrible accent. I guess they just didn't do much touristing. I think that's crazy though, just to stay on the base all the time. There are 30,000 people on the base in Rammstein--I guess it's not cramped, but still. I guess I'm biased because I speak a little German, and so the country wouldn't freak me out so much. So I guess that's all for now, I've got a test tonight at 9, so I s'pose I'll study for it.

escrito by minda or colby at 6:41 PM CST
Updated: Wednesday, 23 March 2005 7:59 PM CST
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Monday, 21 March 2005
Billing: The reason for happy hour?
Mood:  not sure
Now Playing: might just let it go -Jack Johnson (or John Jackson to rodney)
Topic: Minda's entries
and ben harper rocks my lap steel world. i haven't talked to heather in a long time. ben harper makes me think of you.

erica bailed on us for dinner and the movie. she's got babies though, so it's totally excused. national treasure was (surprisingly) pretty good. nick is still very unattractive, which is just too bad, but i must say he did a decent job. the story did remind me a lot of indiana jones and goonies, both of which i am a huge fan. more goonies than indiana jones though i think. unfortunately, i had to pee for almost half the movie, so i missed all the credits. dinner was good, everyone liked my pie, it was my very first and i was so proud! it had raspberry yumminess in it.

the baked chicken (mine) also won in a taste test over the grilled (colby's). well, jay was the only one that participated in the taste test. i'd never done that either. breaded and baked chicken that is. it was shake n bake (generic great value brand of course), and i did it all by MYSELF.

it was fritzi's birthday yesterday. AND amy's birthday is coming up on april 8th, i think she's gonna be 30. hheheh. insane.

today we're learning cingular billing, and my brain hasn't had this much information in a while. plus math. we're doing back-dating, and prorating and billing cycles-mr. matsumura said it was the reason happy hour was invented. colby and i both started some new meds today, so i feel kinda funny, but i'm excited about how they'll work. more on that later. happy muuunday.

escrito by minda or colby at 8:03 PM CST
Updated: Monday, 21 March 2005 8:09 PM CST
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