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Story of a Minda, and occasionally a Colby
Tuesday, 1 March 2005
and to think i was worried
Mood:  lucky
Now Playing: street spirit - radiohead
Topic: Minda's entries
I thought it was back to working all day here at convergys, but apparently i was mistaken. i quit working today at 3:30 (got here at 2). There had better be doggy pictures up tonight, or else something has gone terribly wrong. HTML gives me fits sometimes.

I found out today that our friend Ben has a website, too. So feel free to go there and leave smart alek comments if you're bored, and by the looks of it, you are. ;)

It's March! 15 days till the Ides. I must apologize (again) for my lack of caution and warning concerning the Ides of March last year, I was at the zoos in Dallas and Fort Worth with my fiance. I really want to do that again this summer. Funny, I asked him just about an hour ago if we could go soon. We haven't been to any zoos since then, and it was oh so fun.
Dangit. no it wasn't last year that I missed. Or was it? Help I'm losing track of time! Am I old? I know I missed it in 2003 because of the zoo, but last year...this is all inconsequential I just realized. so never you mind.

We broke down and got health insurance today. I had no idea it was so expensive. but i guess it's worth it, especially if we're going to be pregnant. There's no way we could afford to pay for all of that ourselves. Also had to get more car insurance, too today. We walked, as my policy ended at 12:01 this morning, but it was only a couple of blocks to their office. The end of the month really snuck up on us there. I thought I had at least a couple more days till March. February is messed up. Still, we didn't have a lapse in coverage, so all's well.

escrito by minda or colby at 6:19 PM CST
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Monday, 28 February 2005
work?! what the #*$! do you think i come here for?
Mood:  irritated
Now Playing: BAD rap. the same 3 notes over and over and over and over....
Topic: Minda's entries
so now there's work. sometimes it's cool, but not today. no, today, there's a lot of work. i guess it's not that bad. at least not as bad as i'm making it sound. the rap is *really* irritating though. what's worse is it's some skinny white abercrombie and fitch guy. if it was anybody else i guess the result would still be massive inner torture. if only they'd change the little 3 note loop melody they've got. just once. c'mon. i'll put it this way-i'd rather be at a pride and prejudice marathon than be here. but how much more? depends on the popcorn/bathroom/screaming breaks allowed. improper relief.

those yeti sports colby was playing the other day are bitchin'. especially when you can only get to dot org sites, to which a lot of these computers are limited.

i tried to put doggie pictures up, but it won't upload from these computers i'm not sure what the problem is, but they'll be up real soon, so check back.

escrito by minda or colby at 6:07 PM CST
Updated: Monday, 28 February 2005 6:16 PM CST
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Saturday, 26 February 2005
Idyll of the Yeti, rememberring post-Autumn allergen phlegm
Mood:  accident prone
Now Playing: 25 or 6 to 4
Topic: Colbs' entries
For those not in the know about Kerry Kath's (late gtr. player for Chicago who ended his life early while showing off a shiny, new, loaded 357 & chancing to brush the hair-pin trigger while the barrel pointed his way) tune, lisergic diaphlymide-25 (probly misspelled that) was the heavier of the two chemical make-ups for LSD. The 6 to 4 version was known as the "business man's trip" because it only lasted about the length of one working shift.

Now these Yeti Sports (to be found at yetisports, I dig 'em, and if you're into fantastical creatures who are selfish about their privacy, then you oughta have a go at this.

Do you know about Adbusters? Cool deal, I think. As long as I've been forming opinions of society & such, I've been anti-big govt., anti-industrial pollution, anti-corrupted media, and the rest of their ilk. Protest music hardly sells anymore. Our battles as a society are against foes within our society & abroad that we can't go to war with in any millitaristic sense. The more nations prosper, the more they lack restraint, the more they feel justified about their greed, the more they lose sympathy--forget empathy--for the 1.6 billion people in the world without electricity not to mention the lack of food & shelter & medical care. If I wouldn't be so handicapped in this society without electricity, I'd do without; of course, I like things simple because there's less to go wrong, less to stress about. Stress is ruining lives. And the seedy media thwarts good parenting, inflincting cavernous wounds in the minds of every child they reach. Far too much underhanded skullduggery goes unchecked & unpunished on grand scales across our nation & the world.

I see that change will come as always & progress will be made to set many things straight, but the ruin that is becoming mankind will continue to self-degrade and disintegrate into the mire of an abominable & desolate earth.

Now, on a feathery note, we've much reason to rejoice and have a good ol' time. We'll not let the inevitable dysfunction & delapidation of morality cause us to alter what actions & principles we know to be wholesome, reasonably happy--even joyous at time--and worthwhile. The same picture can be painted a thousand ways. I can side with the hopeless, go out and debauch ('cause what else is life good for, eh?), fall all around in a shattered piece of a man, OR "do the next right thing" as I've heard in AA many a time.


escrito by minda or colby at 6:13 PM CST
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Thursday, 24 February 2005
Mood:  lyrical
Now Playing: Love Song - Brickle
Topic: Minda's entries
after i left utah for warmer, flatter pastures, the band renamed. the Neo-Scarlet Something link

Colby's birthday party was really fun--it was really just supposed to be a barbeque at Carl's house, but we brought happy birthday cupcakes and had a good time. colby and i sang songs and played guitar, everyone was really surprised. i'm usually too shy to sing in front of a crowd informally. i couldn't look them in the eye and i kept thinking 'if i could just have one drink (hahaha! one drink!) this would be so much easier'. but after the first song i stopped wanting a drink and got over the nervousness. we very rarely go to places where there's drinking, so it was different for me.

clyde so nice uploaded a bunch of nintendo games and an emulator on my computer here at work so i can play whenever i want!!! speaking of which, that game i bought colby for his birthday is way too violent- Shadow of Rome-you can turn down the violence, but it's still, well, a lot of it is gladiator fighting, so you can imagine. he cut someone in half yesterday, for example. not sure what to do about that. it's kinda my fault though, i forgot to check the rating before i bought it. i was just in a hurry to get out of there, because toys r us has cool stuff, but IT'S A MADHOUSE, all the time. plus stuff is just way too close together in there and it makes me kinda crazy. gonna go to hastings tonight and get megaman anniversary collection sosweet tonight! and tomorrow the its (isaac, our nephew) is coming over at eeeiiiiiiiight thiiiiiiirty in the mooooooorrrning. oh my gooooooosh.

we're still not pregnant. but today i was wondering, can i handle a baby and two jack russell terriers? colby had a dream that we had squirrels for pets. it's not far from the mark, the way they zip around the house. but they're so cute when they're asleep!! i simply MUST get some pictures up.

btw, we'll be in levelland sunday for birthday night.

& amy, call me.

escrito by minda or colby at 6:58 PM CST
Updated: Wednesday, 23 March 2005 10:58 PM CST
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Friday, 18 February 2005
I'm the Prince of ALL SAIYANS!
Mood:  on fire
Now Playing: DRAGON DRAGON Rock The DRAGON!!!! heheh
Topic: Minda's entries
I must admit, I cheated on this.
I didn't answer any of these
questions truthfully--I just
really wanted to be Vegeta,
so I thought, "what would vegeta do?"
Majin Buu
You are Vegeta. You have pride, and lots of it.
You would rather die than admit that someone is
better than you. You love to fight and show
off your abilities. You have no friends, but
you somehow managed to pick up the hottest
chick in your city. You don't like kids, and
you despise anyone weaker than yourself. You
like to talk about your history and your pride,
and you don't handle change very well. You're
the guy that everyone wants to beat up, but
can't because you're the second strongest guy
in the world. You run your mouth too much and
it often gets you in trouble. People only help
you because they're afraid of you and they're
rather not get on your bad side. In short,
you're a jerk with lots of muscles.

Which DragonBall Z Character Are You?

escrito by minda or colby at 10:34 PM CST
Updated: Friday, 18 February 2005 10:42 PM CST
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