September Enteries
Me? Being Hosted?!

Okay good news for me! Im probably going to be hosted! YAY! Omg how long I have been waiting for this. Almost a year with this site and im being hosted. Thank you lord. Anyways last night was a blast. Me Renee and Catreena went out. What a crazee night it was, but so extremely fun. We met up with Steven and went down-town. We were sitting on the C-Train and Catreena was making prank phone calls and her cell phone. Man she is the most funniest person I have ever met in my life. We were taking the C-Train all the way to the other end of town, and all of a sudden it started to turn. Catreena was just sitting there going, "Omg why is it turning, its not stopping, were getting farther away, OMG OMG OMG!" I dont think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. She was flippin. So we got lost, trying to find the other train to take us back. Well especially with us not being totally with it,(drunk wise) was too friggin funny. So we finally ended up finding the train back. We were walking down town and shit and man there are some pretty freaky people out in the streets late at night. We had enough of that so Catreena's mom came and picked us up. She dropped us off at Mack's cause we were going to meet Justin there. So anyways we get all our junk food and what not and were sitting outside on the curb while Justin's doing tricks on his bike and shit. Theres this car parked right infront of us with two black chicks in the back seats and a black guy driving. All of a sudden Renee goes, "What the hell are they looking at?" I look at the car and all three of them are sitting there looking at us. Its pretty obvious that they were doing it on purpose too. So we all sit there and stare right back. Well now were getting pretty pissed off. You knew that they were trying to start shit, and if we werent gonna say anything, they sure's the hell would. So Renee yells, "What the fuck are you looking at!" They guy sticks his head out the window and goes "You got a problem bitch!" Renee's like "Yes I do have a fucking problem with people fucking looking at me!" The two bitches in the back start laughing their ass off as if they were funny starting shit with other people. So pretty soon I get in there and im like "Fucking shut up I dont wanna hear it, turn around and do whatever the hell your doing." He's like, "You shut up bitch, im gonna come out there and fucking deal with you, you really wanna say that shit.." Well man ive had a few drinks so I wouldnt beable to stay quite. Im like "Oh really, come out here then and fucking do something about it, you wont fucking touch me." He starts opening the door so I stood up and walked towards him. Justin runs in between us and was like whoa buddy dont fucking touch a girl thats wrong. Now this guy's buddy walks out and gets into the car. So he gets back into the car too. As hes driving away he decides to yell some more shit that he thinks is funny like, "Skanky ass whores, dirrty, slut etc etc..." He told Justin that he should keep his "Bitches" quite. LoL

People like that really piss me off though. They think its funny to start shit with other people. When its fucking pathetic. Now if I wasnt drunk or anything I probably wouldnt have said anything at all. Even though I know for a fact they were trying to start shit the minute they all starting looking at us. If we never said anything they would probably start out talking by saying some stupid shit like "What are you looking at?" Im pretty lucky he didnt touch me though, and im sure if we werent in such a public place and if Justin wasnt there I would have probably had something happen to me. Anyways so then we went back to Catreena's house and chilled for a bit with Justin and then he went home at about 1:30am. We made food and went to bed. I loaded up on the drugs before I went to bed cause my cough is still really really bad. I was only suppose to take like 2 tablespoons of the cough stuff and I took like six. Well before you knew it I was out like a log and that stuff worked really good. I did not wake up once during the night. So anyways came home this morning and did some homework. Then our power went out for like 45 mins. So I had a nice hot bath in the dark with candles. Man how relaxing haha. So anyways might be going out here in a little bit with the girls. So i'll chat yaz all lata!! Buh byee <33

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September 26th/5:48pm

New Layout

Okay, I got the October layout up, I know its kinda early but I dont know I was really getting sick of the old one. Anyways I really guys hope you like it. There are still a few things I need to add so please give me time okay. E-mail me if theres any questions.

So whats been going on with me. Well yesterday Me, Renee, Stephanie, Kelsey, Katrina, Justin and Steven all went to the mall for a bit. I got a few things. New spongebob shoelaces to go with my new DC's! There soo awesome!! Then I got these cute Pj's. I'll take a picture of them soon to show you. As for the sickness. I didnt go to school on Wednesday. I woke up and couldnt even talk. I had totally lost my voice. Thursday I went and i seemed to be ALOT better. We didnt have school today so that was nice, cause now ive got the horrible cough. Ugh, well anyways im going to try and work on some more things. Ill talk to you guys later! bye for now! < 33

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September 23rd/6:14pm

Sickness From Hell

Alright so being sick SUCKS! Sunday I knew that I was getting sick, I could feel it in my throat that it was hard to swallow and in my nose where I kept having this burning sensation. So yesterday I never went to school, and it was a good thing I didnt. I could barley breathe and I couldnt even swallow at all. I thought it was horrible. I dont think I left my bed more than once all day. Plus living off soup wasnt helping that much either, but I felt that it was the only thing I could eat seeing how it helped my throat. So I rested up really good so that I would beable to go to school today. Yeah it may be nice to not go to school, but the load of work that im gonna miss, I really dont want piled up infront of me. So I did go, Woke up at 6 had a nice hot shower and headed off to school. Although I looked like a total mut with no make up on or anything, I couldnt care less. Im sick, tired and may be bitchy so the last thing im gonna worrie about right now is the way I look. So I was praying that my day would be okay. First period was Socials. We were in the library working on a big project that is due next week. So that went pretty good. Sat there nicely working on my stuff, not being in total pain. Yet.

Second class was P.E. My teacher im sorry to say is a huge BITCH. I took in a note saying that I couldnt participate because I have a throat infection and need to slow down. "Oh your fiiiiiiiiiine, get out there" She says. Um exucse me? Do I look stupid to you? NO! I gave you the note, theres no way in hell this bitch is going to make me run around like im 5 fucking years old happily playing along. "Well Its not to serious is it?" Um yes Mrs. Thinks shes knows everything, it is serious, unless you think that having to take medication 4 times a day is nothing to important. So I tried to not let her get under my skin and I went out there to try and do what I could. I mean hey you have to give me credit, seeing how I should be home in bed. So were playing soccer and shit and the ball goes out, so im going to throw it in. "Taryn!" I stop myself from throwing the ball and look beside me. Here comes Mrs. No it All. "Here ill show you how to throw the ball in." What?! Do I look stupid to you. Ive been playing soccer since I was 3 fucking years old. I dont think you need a genious to know how to throw a ball. Anyways So at the end of the class she tells me I dont participate enough and that Im gonna lose some marks. Oh lord, Go fuck yourself seriously.

So now its getting close to the end of the day and I just want to die. My nose is killing me, My headaches are 10 times worse, my throat is worse and my eyes are burning and watering like crazee. Everyone just looked at me and thought, omg are you okay? Ugh. So I had to go to Sports Med with the same teacher I had for P.E. Oh great! This should be soo much fun! One girl was practicing taping on my foot and the teacher comes up to me. "So Taryn, I wasnt impressed with you this morning, you know soccer isnt a very hard sport to play." Omg are you still talking about this? Now im really pissed off. "You know I can barley breathe right now, Im sicker than a fucking dog and I really want to go home, and if you really must know ive been playing soccer since I was 3 years old and not meaning to be rude but im sure I could kick your ass in it anyday." She gave me the nastiest look and walked away. GOOD and dont hit your ass on the way out. Ugh Science was the last class and I was ready to cry. We had a stupid C.O.T and ugh that class seemed to drag on and on. So anyways as soon as I got home, I put on my pj's, took some more medication and headed to bed. I slept for maybe an hour and woke up coughing. Great now I got the cough. Not only is it long lasting, it hurts like HEEEELLLL with the infection in my throat. I went downstairs and my mom gave me some cough medicine. Well I cried. Not just little tears rolling down my cheek either, like waterfalls coming out of my eyes. This isnt just some cold. With the burning eyes, pounding mirgaines, stuffed up burning nose, a cough that sounds like im gonna cough up my insides, throat infection where I cant even swallow and my taste buds are totally shot so I cant even taste ANY of the food that Im eating, and the rolling stomach aches that feel like someones stabbing me in the stomach. I wanna die. Why is this happening to me? MAKE IT GO AWAY!! :'(

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September 21st/5:03pm

Sick In Bed

Well yesterday was pretty good. Me Renee and Stephanie all hung out pretty much all day and later on we met up with a bunch of guys and Katrina. Then me and Renee went back to her house at about 9:00pm. She got a new little kitten and its seriously the cutest little thing I have ever seen. Its only 7 weeks old and it can fit in the palm of your hand. Its all black and she named it Felix. How Cute =0) So anyways I went home at about 12:00am and went to bed. I could tell I was getting really sick on Friday night and when I woke up this morning it was ten times worse. My nose burns, I can barley swallow and I just have the biggest mirgaines you could ever imagine. So I have spent pretty much all of my day laying in bed. Me and my mom did go out for about an hour so I could get some new shoes. I got some new DC's. Plus I got a new sweater and shirt. So im pretty happy with that. Anyways sorry for the short post today guys but I really need to make some nice hot soup and jump into bed. I dont wanna miss school tomorrow.

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September 19th/3:48pm

Life Is Good

I was going to update yesterday but I didnt get home till almost 10:00pm and I had homework to do. So anyways lets see whats been going on. Wednesday was okay. It was really funny cause theres this one guy in our P.E class who was pissing ALL the chicks off. We were playing volleyball and theres only like 6 guys in that class out of like 25. So anyways me Renee and Kelsey were on at the same time, along with this one guy who didnt speak english very well. So anyways the ball goes over the net and its coming right towards me, so im ready to hit it and this guy cuts right infront of me and hits it. At first I was like whoa like wtf just happened there and then he does it pretty much the whole friggin time I was on. So me Renee and Kelsey started yelling at him saying like play your own god damn position. So anyways 5 minutes go by and the ball is going towards Renee and who cuts infront of her? Of course! He does! Well not only did he cut infront of her but he ran into her almost knocking her off her feet. She FLIPPED!! "Get The Fuck Outta My Way!!" He started yelling at her in some weird language so Kelsey started to yell too, then pretty much everyone was yelling and screaming so he just walks off the court. LoL then about 20 minutes later he decides that he wants to come back on. So he does and what not. Then the ball comes to me, well I dont even have to say what happend im sure you already know, and YES he almost knocked me off my feet. So I started screaming and then pretty much everyone was screaming. Man it cracked the hell outta me. I thought it was pretty funny.

So anyways yesterday me Kelsey and Renee went to the mall. On our way there were sitting on the bus and we all had to sit in different seats cuz everything else was taken. So Renee is sitting by this one guy and he was kinda sleeping. So yadda yadda were talking and stuff, then 5 minutes later the guy totally fell asleep and layed right on top of Renee. I dont think I have ever laughed so hard. The guy quickly woke up and apologized but still it was halarious. So we get to the mall and were walking around and stuff. We went into Spencers and found out what were gonna be for halloween! Me Kelsey and Renee are going to be the Power Puff Girls! Renee is gonna be bubbles, Im going to be Blossom, and Kelsey is gonna be Buttercup! Ya i know its the best. So anyways then we went and got something to eat. We went to KFC and got a poutine and some popcorn chicken. Well I swear we inhaled that in about 10 minutes, but hey thats nothing, cause 5 minutes later we went to A&W and got another poutine! Yes Yes i know we are complete pigs, but hey we were hungry! Then we saw Renee's friend and we chilled with him for abit.

We all went to the leisure center to meet up Brendon and Josh. As we were waiting these three guys pass by us and there like "Damn you ladies are Sexy!" I was like "Yeah and your ugly!" It was so funny. There like "Oh Burn!" Ugh so anyways now were outside sitting with Brendon and the three guys come out where were standing. The one guy goes "Wow that was pretty rude, I gave you a compliment and you call me ugly." I was like "Yeah, thats cause you are." Hes like "Well I can tell you right now, Your a dirrty ass skanky little whore!" I was like "Aww wow thats funny how not even 5 minutes ago you said I was damn sexy." Hes like "No your dirrty." Dirrty? wow does this kid thinks he knows me or some shit. NO! HE DOESNT! I hate when people say that kinda shit when they dont even know the person. Its soo immature. So anyways i was like "Dirrty Hey?, Why dont you go have a fucking shower look at yourself." Now I swear this kid was wearing white pants, but they seriously didnt look white anymore. They were covered with shit all over them, his hair was greasy and it was just plain gross. So now hes swearing on the top of his lungs acting as if he was fucking 12 years old. After he stopped yelling for a second I said to him. "Are you finished now? Do you feel better? Like fuck grow up" This lady walked up to him and said, "Excuse me, can you please watch your language, there are little kids here and you could set an example for them by watching what you say." I told the lady "Thank you" Like fuck, One, theres no reason to fucking yell and scream at someone you dont even know and two, especially when theres little kids around there is no reason to be talking like that. So pretty soon the secuirty came out and they took off.

It was getting pretty dark so Renee and Kelsey took the bus home and I was going to but it never showed up so I phoned my mom and told her to come pick me up. So as im waiting these two cars pull up to go to the bank that I was waiting at. The two guys out of the first car come out and go inside. The other two guys in the second car are just sitting there kinda looking at me. I must say though, they were SO HOT! haha so anyways the two guys come outta the bank and are kinda standing there, my back was towards them. One guy walks infront of me and was like "Hey, hows it going." I was like "Goooood" Hes like what are you doing here. I was like oh im just waiting for a ride. Hes like awww I see, well I just saw you sitting here and I was wondering if I could have your number. Now normaly I never give out my number. Im really not that kind of person, but MY GAWD this guy was fiiineee then all of a sudden his friend comes too and omg he was hot too. So I gave him my number and shit and hes like, So what are you up to this weekend. I told him that me and some of my friends were going drinking, but didnt know where and shit. So he said he was going to phone me tonight to see if we can meet up. SCORE! not only do I get to have fun with my girls, I get to drink with some HOTTIES!! haha so anyways today was pretty good. I think im getting kinda sick so im gonna lay low tonight so that I have enegry for tomorrow night.

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September 16th/7:53pm

Snow in September

Yes, I woke up this morning to SNOW! Yuck, isnt that kind of stuff suppose to come in December? Nope! It's decided to come in the middle of fucking September, Ugh how depressing. So I woke up this morning and whipped out the winter jacket! Holy fuck was it ever cold, I thought I was going to die. School was okay today. Me and Renee hung out and she introduced me to alot of people. Man some of them remind me of my friends in Vernon. It's good to have friends like that =o) Anyways everything else today wasnt really that exciting. I think im getting sick though, I woke up this morning and could barley even swallow, my throat hurt so much. My migranies are coming back too. My medication from before is almost out so Im gonna have to go and make an appointment soon so I can get more. I finally got a seat on the bus today hahaha I ALWAYS have to stand coming home. Im always so friggin slow getting out so by the time i get out there all the seats are taken. Me and Devin booked it and we got a seat! Yay to us!! Haha hes a cool kid <3 Well anyways not that much going on. Im off to do some homework. Thumbs up to Biology!

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September 14th/8:03pm

The Story Goes...

Okay, I know its been FOREVER since ive updated and im really really sorry things have just been crazee latley. So lets see here. Wednesday I cant really remeber anything that happened. Hahaha our heater broke so it was SO fuggin cold in our house. Then Thursday was a very shitty day. Rainy and cold and juss plain yuckie! Now im sitting at the second bus stop coming home from school with these two girls that I know and this blue van with 3 guys (who were in their late 20's, although looked 30) drove infront of us and the one guy in the passanger seat sticks his head out of the window and winked at me with a little wave. I just rolled my eyes and looked the other way. Then, they pull in the gas station right behind us. I could hear them laughing and shit so I turned around just to see what was going on. They looked at me again and waved, again I rolled my eyes and turned around. So about 3 minutes go by and all of a sudden I feel someone touch my shoulder, I turn around and the guys are standing right beside me. The one guy was like "Hey hows it going?" Im like "Fine." He's like "So what bus are you taking?" Im like "Whats It to you?" "Hes like okay okay, so my friend over there likes you." Oh No?! You have got to be kidding me. This guy looks like hes old enough to be my dad! Eeeewww!!! GAG ME PLZ!! "So whats your number?" I was like "Oh hell fucking no you aint having my number!" Hes like "Come on, what do you think your pretty or something?!" "No, but sures the hell old enough to be your fucking daughter!" So he goes, "Oh So thats how your gonna be hey?" Umm YES!! now like get outta my face. Ugh that is nasty. The one chick was even about to throw up. That is so disgusting, I was amazed I didnt slap him right across the face. Why would a man who looks like he's 30 friggin years old, ask a little girl like me for my number? Ugh what is this world coming too.

Then after that it started to piss rain, and of course I had to walk, so I was SOAKED by the time I got home. I was really lucky though because about 5 minutes after I got home it started to hail. Anyways so then Friday we got outta school early which I was SO happy about. I was waaaay to tired. Then my friend KayLeigh came over and we went to a concert that played a bunch of punk bands. We met Renee and a bunch of people there. It was alot of fun but it was SO cold outside. So we stayed there for a bit and then we decided to go to a late movie. So we went and saw Cabin Fever. Okay now in my opinion it totally SUCKED!! I thought it was the worst horror movie I had ever seen, and knowing me im like the queen of horror haha I love them, but that one seriously sucked. So just in my opinion don't go and see it unless you wanna see it for yourself. Then me and KayLeigh went back to my house and she spent the night. Then last night was a lazy night, had McD's for dinner and layed down and watched some DVD's. Was up till about 5:00am talking to Mike and Jeff on the phone. Funny stuff I tell yeah. Anyways so today I went out for lunch with the family again and came home and did some chores! No homework this weekend! Yay for me! Anyways im off to have a nice hot bath =o) Oh and I must say hello to Jennifer! <3 Chow Loverz!! <333

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September 9th/5:13pm

Bones and Muscles

So guess what?! YES im tired. What else? Anyways last night I wasn't even up that late, but I think because the less and less sleep that I have had these last couple of days its really catching up with me. Today was horrible though. My alarm never went off so I put my hair up, got some clothes on and headed out the door. Ugh, I felt so shitty all day long, and I couldn't believe how tired I was today. I swear I must have almost fallin asleep at least once in every single class. I keep telling myself to wake the hell up. Sports Med was my last class and I think that was the worst, plus with it being so god damn boring that added on alot. We were watching a movie on all the bone structures and shit and I almost had to slap myself I couldnt stay awake. So with that I have a load of studying to do. I have to memorize like 115 bones and 85 muscles in the body. Plus I have the biggest fucking headache you could ever imagine! Gag me please. Im going to try and get in a little bit of sleep before I start studying. Im gonna have a nice hot bath so I dont feel so crappy then its off to bed for me! <3

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September 8th/5:29pm

Blue Eyed Dream..

So today wasn't as bad as I thought. Besides the fact that I had to get up at 6:00 and being in bed really late again last night, I wasn't that tired today, which really surprised me. Anyways so first thing today was P.E ugh. So im sitting there and what not and these two girls come up to me and are like "Hey!" Im like Hi? They introduced themselves and everything and we talked and they are really really sweet girls, but of course theres a catch. There's always a catch! Anyways so It happens to be that there guy friend really likes me. Why? No idea! He doesnt even know me, I dont even know him. Strange I tell ya! But I offered to hang out and see what hes like. The rest of the day went by pretty fast

Science was pretty funny. We all had to make these little paper airplanes, and see whos went the farthest! And guess who won!?!? =oD Not Me!!! hahaha mine probably went like three inches from my feet. LoL but it was fun making them with this gurl and this one guy who I swear has the nicest fucking blue eyes you have ever seen! Like OMG!! Soooo dreammy! *melts* haha anyways it so happens that he lives not to far from me AND he takes my bus (which is like a 45 min ride home) So we talked all the way home today. Wow, what a dream looking into eyes like that! Haha anyways enough about that. Im off to have a nice warm bath since today was rainy and crappy and a nice hot bath always makes me feel better! Plus I got homework so i'll probably do that while watching Paradise Hotel! That show ROCKS! Kick Amy's Ass!! Stooooopid BIZZITCH ;)

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September 7th/8:05pm

The Veronelly'z

Well, again im TIRED ah! I didnt get to sleep till 6:00 this morning, so I slept in till 2:30 this afternoon. So there kinda went my whole day. I got ready and then me and my mom went to go over to my auntie Sandra's to see my cousins. She said she was gonna take the kids to the dollar store for a bit so we said that we would be over in an hour. We get there at about 4:15 and they still werent home so we went down the street to my grandma'a house to wait till they got home. Now ive told you im sure a ton of times about us Veronelly's. Total tralier trash, and thats all there is to it. So I just walk right in (no one ever knocks the door) and my grandma's sitting at the kitchen table of course with a smoke in her hand. Then I see my uncle Shawn. Now I havent seen him in years. This guy is like in his early 30's has like no teeth and knows pretty much the only word "Fuck" lol anyways so I walk in and his first words were, "Who the fuck are you?!" Gee thanks Shawn glad to know you know me too. "Holy shit kid your like fucking 25 now!" Umm, are yew drunk? LoL this guy is an alchohalic so I wouldnt be surprised if he was. "Omfg Taryn It's YOU!" Well no shit! So we sat there for awhile and OMG my grandma's cat had kittens!!! AND we might be getting one!! They are SOO adorable! What am I going to name it?! HELP! Theres 4 of them, 2 are black with white paws, ones just all black, and the other one is a light grey color with white paws. Omg I cant wait!

Then my cousins and Auntie showed up at my grandma's house. Man Jacob is getting SO big! But he is still such a little cutie. I love them to death <33 So anyways we headed across the street to my Aunties house. We sat there and talked for a bit. There really wasnt to much going on. So we left. Came home and I started working on my Science homework. Its funny because some of the stuff Im doing right now in that class is exactly what my mom's doing so its kinda cool to just look at her notes!! Easy i'd say! haha She dyed her hair brown!!! and it looks sooooo good. Now I know you don't know what she looked like before but she was blonde, and shes been like that for like 10 years. When I woke up this morning and saw her I was sooo happy. Everyone loves it! I have no idea why she wouldnt listen to me in the first place! Ugh hahaha anyways im off to do a little bit more studying. Then its off to bed early for me! Nitee <333

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September 6th/6:37

Im Alive

Okay so again I apologize for the lack of updating. Things have just been really busy around here. Lets see, Friday I got outta school at 2:10pm. Which I was soo happy about cause I was so extremely tired. So I get on the first bus with one of my friends and it drops us off about 10 blocks from here. Then we catch another one and it drops us off just down the street. So were sitting waiting for the next bus to come and we realize that since we got off early, the bus wouldnt get there for another hour. So then we had to walk 10 blocks all the way home. Well I pretty much just wanted to die. It was like 100 degrees outside and I was wearing the wrong kind of shoes to be walking in. I had blisters when I walked in the door. Friday night I pretty much just passed out at 11:00pm. I was soo tired. Then Mike thought it would be funny to phone me at 7:55am this morning. I was about to kill the bugger. So I pretty much couldnt fall asleep after that. Then me and my mom met my uncle, auntie, grandpa and cousins at the Olive Garden for lunch. Man that place is so yummy! haha It was really nice to see everyone.

There was a poor guy who was working there and I swear there was about 5 times where he dropped something. It looked like the guy was having a bad day haha. When he dropped plates by our table hes like "Omg, I have never had this happen to me in my life" Poor guy, anyways so then after that me and my mom headed to Rogers to get a few movies. My mom STILL is sicker than a dog, she went to the doctors a couple days ago and I guess she has broncitus. Ugh if she gives it to me I will die. When I get sick, im always sick 10 days longer then what Im suppose to. I hate it. So anyways not to sure whats going on tonite. I might be going to my brothers but we'll have to see whats going on. Got some studying to do this weekend, so im gonna have to put in some time for that! Well im off to have a nice warm bath! Have a good night guys <33

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September 4th/6:25pm

Run Run Ruuuuun

Ok im really sorry for the lack of updating, but man oh man am I ever tired! I feel like I could just go to bed and sleep for days! I had to stay up last night so that I could watch Paradise Hotel. Okay I know, Im so addicted to the show, but hey! Its soo good! Is it not? Anyways so that was over at 11:00 and by the time I fell asleep it was probably about 1-1:30. Then I had to get up at 6:00 to get ready. Im not a morning person AT ALL. But meh what can you do? Met some really really nice people today. Of course they think im weird. But Hey! Thats me! =oD One girl could be my twin though. We are so crazee together! SO anyways today was the first day and it went sooooooo slow. Now in Vernon my classes were only like an hour and a half. Plus we got a 15 minute break after every class, here, you dont get any breaks, except for lunch, and classes are 80 mins long. UGH, im sorry but thats was to fucking long for me. So my first class was P.E with like 180 people. The one lady whos teaching sounds like a man, and personally she scares me. You know the gym teacher in Scary Movie? Yeah just think about her lol. We pretty much just sat there and talked to the whole time about dick shit all. Then it was socials. My teacher rocks in that class. She has no rules which surprises me, but anywho, I met a girl in that class and her names Taryn! I know it totally rocks. I dont think ive ever met another Taryn whos been in the same class as me. Shes a real big sweety too, and gorgeous! Tall, long blonde curly hair! *jealous* lol. Then we had our lunch break and I saw some people. Then science. Man there are some halarious people in that class, and again I think they all think im crazee lol.

Sports Med was my last period. My teacher was the scary one who sounds like a man, and it was sooooo boring. Maybe im just gonna have to wait untill we do sumthing instead of talking the whole time? So we get out a 3:31 and I had no idea how I was getting home, but I found a girl who lives down the street from me and told her I was gonna follow her. I hope i didnt sound like some stalker =X lol anyways so I didnt get home untill 5:00 plus it sucked cuz I had to stand all the way home cuz the buses were so packed. So im soooo tired and I have only a little bit of homework in socials to do. So im just gonna have a hot bath, do my homework and relax!! Sounds good to me! Choww <333

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September 2nd/3:16

First Day Back

Well today was the first day at school! Got up at 6:30 this morning and headed to the bus at 20 to 8:00. Man it was soo funny waiting at the bus stop, and hearing some of these little kids talk. There was one little kid there who I swore looked like he was 10 years old. It sounded like he was just going into Junoir High, but my god the mouth on this kid. "Man this year is gonna be so fucking awesome! Im gonna be seeing the office so fucking much! I can't wait to pound thi shit outta everyone!" LMAO what are you 10? Haha if anyone is gonna get there ass kicked its gonna be him. It totally cracked me up. School was good though. Met most of my teacher's and they all seemed really nice to me. So I lucked out there! Got tomorrow off, so I wont be going back untill Thursday and it'll be the first full day. HUGE school, but it seems pretty easy to get around, so I shouldnt do so bad.

Got home at about 12:00 this afternoon and now im just relaxing. My mom gets off school in a few so who knows whats going on tonite. My girl Ashley is gonna phone me tonite and I cant wait. She moved too, so she started her day as the new girl too. So were gonna talk all about it as soon as she gets home. I miss everyone soo much at home though. Ive had about 50 people tell me they feel so sad when they walk past my old locker and im not there anymore =o( I think christmas fa-cay gets out a week earlier before Vernon, so im gonna try my best to get out there and see everyone! Well thats about it for now. Post again later! <33

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September 1st/7:34pm

Count Down Is On!

Well School tomorrow!! Man this summer has gone by SO fast. With everything from moving here..getting everything setteled in, the new house, new car, new everything its just gone by so fast. Now tomorrow ill be going to my new school, and I wont lie to you, im so nervous, seeing how I'm not going to know anyone. Like I mean I grew up in a little town where only about 800 people went to my school, and I knew everyone. Now ill be going to a school where theres going to be 800 people just in my grade, and I probably wont even know half of the people that go to my school. Oh well, I may be nervous but im sure im not the only one. I'll be fine after awhile, and I couldnt care less about what everyone thinks about me. All I want to do at this point is get school over and done with. I do know one girl who will be going to my school though. Iv'e known her since I was like 5 years old. She was a really nice girl, but the last couple of years shes been a really different person. Mental wise but I don't really need to tell you about her personally life. I may pass by her once and awhile and say hi, but im sure thats all i'll ever do. Got my bus times and everything under control, even though my mom had to go over it about a hundered times i know what im doing, and at this point thats all that matters. Im gonna have to get up at about 6:30 and catch the one bus down the road from me at about 7:40. Then I'll take that bus and catch another one that will take me straight to the school.

My mom is still sicker than a dog. She even sounds like shes juss ready to roll over and die. I think the only reason why shes so sick though is because of so much stress. With school, trying to get the new house organized and trying to get me organized she just about cant take it anymore. So she took some drugs tonite and I told her just to pass out and go to sleep. Got my new bag and books today. So im finally all set. Got some really cute running shoes too. We have such nice trails out here so im gonna start running again. I used to run all the time, but I dont know ever since my parents split ive kinda slacked off. But I have no excuse anymore, Im gonna get my lazy ass out there and start running. We got a new tread-mill and weights and excersize bike downstairs so im gonna start my own little work out. Ive gained enough weight over the summer. Its now time to get back into shape!! Well my lover Jodee is back!!! Yay i missed her so much, so make sure you all give her a big welcome back!! Well im off to get things organized for tomorrow and its off to bed early!! Good luck to everyone whos starting school tomorrow! Peaceee <333

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New Layout!

Well new layout!! Hope you guys like it! There's some new content that I added to the site. First is Questions. Ive been getting alot of e-mails where people are asking me the same questions, So I added that so I dont have everyone asking the same question over again. If you do have any questions, e-mail them to me and ill add them to the site! New freind added to Freinds. Well very short for now.. I'll update you on more later....but Im off to my cuzins! Chow <33

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