October Enteries
October 29th/6:01pm

Snowed In

So my mom comes into my room this morning at about 6:00am. Telling me that she wasnt going to go to school today. I guess her teacher had phoned in and told her that school was cancelled, because of all the snow. Yes snow, and not just a little bit either. We got LOADS of it. We could barley even get out of our front door. So anyways she tells me to go back to sleep and that she was going to keep me home for the day. Okay, now I thought I was dreaming. Never EVER, have I heard my mom tell me to go back to sleep and that she didnt want me to go to school. Even when im sick she drags my ass outta bed and makes me go. So I got to sleep in today, which was totally awesome. So then I came on to check my messages and everyone was at home. No one went to school today, either because the bus never showed up or because there was no way in hell they could even get outta the house. My mom was talking to my cousin and she said that alot of the people didnt end up getting to school untill 3rd period. Well by then there would be no point in going to school at all. So today was relaxing. Cody and Dakota came over this afternoon and we just hung out. Then we had to drive them to work at about 5:00pm.

Now me and my mom were moving some stuff around and my mom is going to start putting up all of the christmas stuff. Yes I know, my mom doesnt waste anytime, as soon as snow falls shes gotta have everything set up. We got some stuff up and its actually looking really nice, now that were in a new house and everything. Im gonna have to take some pictures of it so everyone can see. So im gonna be having a nice hot bath, gonna make some dinner, and im laying myself down on the couch to watch some movies by the fire. Now doesnt that sound relaxing?

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October 28th/5:42pm

Help Me Out?

So halloween is like what, 3 days away? and I STILL dont know what Im being for halloween, let alone know what Im doing. There are way to many people who want me to go here with them or some other place with other people and I really cant choose. Kelsie wants me to go out with her and Missy, Renee wants me to go out with her and Catreena, then Cody wants to come to my house cause he has to work till 8:00pm which really sucks and Im sure everyones already going to be out by the time he gets home from work. So things are pretty crazee, so I guess I better get my plans straight hey? How was your guyz weekend? Friday night was pretty good. Saturday I went out with Catreena, Renee, Justin and Tyler and we had fun. I got some pictures of it up in Snapz. Its suppose to snow tomorrow. Oh great! (not) lol oh well I guess Im juss gonna have to put up with it.

Okay now I need all of your guyz help. 1. - I really need some idea's for Novembers layout. Ive been thinking about what I want and I seriously am blank, I have no ideas what-so-ever. 2. - I need to know if you guys even visit. Yeah okay so your here now, but do you even come back? I love this site to death, and I know there are some people out there who do come back I know because they e-mail me. But the thing is, I need to know otherwise im going to make a private diary with only so many people who can veiw it. So please, if your reading this right now Email Me and just tell me whether or not you like the site. 3. - I really need all of you to be patient on my updating, as you have noticed Ive been so busy. Im doing the best I can so please dont pressure me on everything. I do promise to have my friends up by this weekend. Anyways on another matter, people have been getting confused on my boyfriend Cody. No, he is not the Cody I broke up with in August. Its a different Cody, just cause alot of you have been confused and congrating me on us getting back together. So that's about it for now guys. Chow <333

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October 24th/4:46pm

Whats The Fight All About?

Okay normally I never get involved with any of this kind of stuff but it seems to have come up alot more than I think I have ever heard before. Fighting. Im not just talking about yelling and screaming at each other, but actual physical fighting. What is it with people that get into fights? Yeah people fight but I mean like fights with teenagers in high school fighting with someone they dont like or if they had an arguement. Omg please! Stupidest thing I have ever heard. Not going to mention people's own buisness but the things people are fighting for. Simple things like for example, "I dont like her" So your going to beat her up? Okay is it just me or does anyone else think that is totally immature? For stupid reasons like that. I can also tell you right now, everyone gets involved in this kind of shit for attention. What is it cool to beat people up or sumthing? No its straight up rude. Most people I know are total mouth peices. Talking about kicking the shit outta this person and if this person doesnt shut thier mouth there gonna beat the crap out of that person. Like please, half of the people are all talk. It still seems to bug me though how many people have come up to me this last week asking if I could watch thier back. My answer to everyone was No. I dont get involved in any of that kind of shit. I did tell them that I would talk to these people though. Cause I know for a fact there not going to do shit. Grow up please. No one needs this kind of drama. People already have more imporant things to worry about.

So Anyways if you guys have any comments on that or your opinions on it, Email Me So anyways Cody came over last night and then I had a nice hot bath. Im really glad its Friday. This week to me, has gone by way to friggin slow. Going out soon with the ladies. No boyz tontie haha. Gonna have a blast. Hopefully this weekend we wont have to walk for 5 hours. Halloween next week! Its getting closer! Cant wait got so many fun things to do. Well anyways better get going, hope you guys have an awesome Friday night. Oh!! and I FINALLY put new pictures in the Sporadic Gallery. Chow!<333

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October 21st/6:55pm

Hot Day In Calgary

Well today was really hot out. I was pretty amazed seeing how it is the middle of October AND it being alberta when its rarley ever hot except for in the summer. So today was a really nice day. We were out in gym class today and our school is right by this 4 way stop and its actually a really busy road. So anyways were playing and what not when we heard this really huge "BANG!" everyone ran to the top of the hill and this van ran ride into the side of this little volvo. It was crazeee there were 2 ambulance's and 3 cop cars. Im not really sure if anyone got hurt but I really hope that no one was. I have a huge exam tomorrow in Chemistry, but since I was in Vernon I missed alot of things, and its like 10 times harder for me to study GAG. Ive been studying my ass off but it doesnt feel like anything is going into my head. Anyways I need to go have a nice hot bath and then Cody'z coming over =D chow hunnaez<33

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October 20th/7:02pm

Miss Me??

Okay, so I took a little bit of a longer vacation then I had planned. Vernon was awesome. I was sooo happy to see everyone. I really wish that I spent more time with my Dad though. I don't think there was one night that I spent home except for the night I got there. I got there on Friday at about 9:00pm. Then about 20 minutes later I went over to my friend Trevor's house till about 12:30. Then on Saturday me and my mom and Dad went out for lunch together. That was pretty much the only time our whole family was together besides thanksgiving night. Then when I got home I headed out to Kalenes house and we went out drinking with Steve and Mike. It was alot of fun. Then Wednesday me Charrise and Artemis hung out all day and later that night I met up with Kalene, Steve, Luke and Mike and drank for a bit. Things gotta little weird so Charrise, Artemis and Amber came and picked me up and we went drinking. It was alot of fun. Then on Monday I pretty much just hung out with Artemis all day and we layed around watching movies. Tuesday I got to go to my old school for awhile to see everyone that I missed on the weekend. I was so happy because I saw pretty much everyone. Half of the people I havent seen since school ended last year so It was really really nice to see everyone. More tears after I had to leave, but I'll be seeing everyone again at Christmas.

So what else has been happening around here? Well new man in my life =o) His names Cody, no not my ex Cody, I havent talked to him since we broke up in August, kinda sad but life goes on right? This Cody is a really nice guy, my whole family loves him so im sure were gonna be strong for awhile I hope. With things going on in the site, ive finally added some more pictures in Snapz Plus im changing my domain name. It probably wont change till November because im also getting hosted but just a heads up incase I forget to tell you. Getting a new job soon. Finally, I need to get some good cash around here. Gotta save up for christmas. Plus halloween is coming up soon. What am I being for halloween? No Clue! haha ill probably think of sumthing like 2 days before halloween. How sweet is that? lol anyways, my holiday is over, so you can all expect there to be posts alot more. Thanks for being patient guys, hope you all had a good thanksgiving =o)

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October 10th/12:16pm

Off To Vernon

Hey Guys...Im sorry for not posting as often, but things around here have been really busy. Me and my mom worked everything out finally. So were taking a little vay-cay this weekend and were going to Vernon to see everyone. She passed her re-write with 82% so were going to celebrate in Vernon. My dad does have internet so I will be updating there as much as I can. I'll also be adding some new Snaps and some new pictures in the Sporadic gallery since its been like AGES since ive put new pictures up. I promise just as soon as i get some time around here a bunch of new content will be added along with the friends and some new questions. Please just be patient for me guys. Im trying to get alot of stuff done. So anyways im leaving here in like 5 minutes so ill talk to you guys in Vernon! Chowww <333

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October 5th/12:31pm

One Crazee Azz Night

Okay so last night was crazee. Wanna hear the story? Better get settled in, this may take awhile. So anyways it starts like this. Me and Kelsie went over to my friend Missy's house. We were chillin there with her cuzin Terence and his friend Ryan. We were drinking and shit and having are own little party haha. So anyways Terence and Ryan left to go to some party and me and the girls were going to go meet up with my friend's Jeff, and Travis and a bunch of guys at this party they were at. So anyways I give them a call and they told us that they were close by us, so we told them to meet us at the community center. So we get there and were waiting and as were waiting, we were laughing so hard. Missy is the funniest chick I have ever met lol. Everyone probably thought we were so drunk (close but no cigar lol) So anyways then these three guys start walking towards us and Missy's like RUN! hahaha there like now now where are you going. So anyways we were sitting on these swings and the one guy walked over. Hes like, come on ladies I juss wanna say hello. So Im like HEY! haha hes like hows it going, what are you ladies doing here? Im like were waiting for a ride that doesnt seem to be coming. Hes like oh yeah how long have you been waiting here, im like about 45 minutes. Hes like wow I hate to break it to yea, but I dont think there coming. Im like hmm yeahh. So anyways we walked back to Missy's after about an hour and I called them up. Jeff picks up the phone and hes like HEYYYYY!! Im like where the hell are you? Hes like im in Rundle (which is now like an hour from where we are) Im like, well we waited for you. Hes like aww serious, im like yeah, hes like aww man im sorrie but we dont have the car anymore. Im like well thats shitty hes like yeah. Hes like but you gotta come here man we need you. Im like haha well where abouts are you? He gave me directions and shit so we said okay and we were gonna meet him at the dairy queen thats like 5 minutes from where hes from and like an hour and a half from where we were from. So anyways we get on the bus to the train station and then we take the train to as far as we could take it.

Well now its like 12:30 so the buses dont run anymore. So we had to walk the rest of the way. We walked for like 2 hours, no joke. We were walking through this feild and like it was really dark and shit and Kelsie gets really scared so me and Missy were bugging her and shit. Then all of a sudden we hear this guy and hes like. HEY YOU! Missy's like RUNNNN!!! hahaha we ran soo fast but I swear I couldnt stop laughing. Scary shit, anyways so we finally get to Dairy Queen and I phone Jeff. Im like hey im at the Dairy Queen. Hes like oh shit are you? Im like yeah, and hes like well we have a problem, im like what? Hes like we got fucking jacked, im like what do you mean, hes like these guys fucking jacked us and we gotta get outta here. Im like, so what are you trying to tell me. Hes like well I dont think we can do anything tonite. Im like fuck man we just walked 2 hours from whitehorn. Hes like omg are you serious. I was like umm yeah, hes like omg Im soo sorrie, hes like if I had a car I would totally drive you home. Im like yeah well I guess were just going to have to walk all the way back. Hes like im really really sorrie, Im like yeah mmhhmm w/e. So anyways now were really pissed off, cuz we wasted pretty much half our night trying to meet up with those guys and they pretty much stood us up. To make things worse, there's no buses running anymore and we had no money what-so-ever to get a cab. So we were pretty much screwed right over and we had to walk all the way home. The walk home was HALARIOUS, but omg we thought we were gonna die. Every mall we walked past Missy's would be kicking down all the shopping carts, haha it was funny, I guess you kinda just had to be there =oP So anyways about and hour and a half later we see this guy in this car following us. He parked into a parking lot and got outta the car and started walking towards us. We totally ignored him when he started talking to us. Missy's like, hmm do you hear something? I was like noo I dont think so. Haha too funny, so anyways he must have followed us for like 20 minutes. His last stop he was like come on ladies lets go have some fun. Were just like fuck off. lol So about another hour and a half goes by and we get to one of the train stations. We sat down to rest for awhile. We all wanted to just pass out and stay there all night seeing how we werent even half way home yet. So anyways it's like 3:30am so we keep going. We walked by the hospital and there were these two rabbits in the parking lot. Missy's like BUNNIES!!!!!!! and she starts chasing after them. I swear she must have chased them for like a block. Shes like BUNNYY COME HERE BUNNY BUNNY BUNNY!!! lmfaoooo it was HALARIOUS. This one guy was walking by and hes like what is she fucking retarded. LOL

So we took another break and then started walking again. We have been walking for about 4 and a half hours now. We were cold, hungry and tired. Plus our feet hurt SO bad. Then all of a sudden these two guys pull up beside us. Hes like hey, im like hey, hes like what are you guys up to. Im like nothing just walking home, and hes like oh yeah were do you guys live. Im like in FalconRidge. Hes like holy shit man thats gong to take you like 3 hours. Im like thats nothing, hes like holy fuck are you crazee, im like yeah we have already been walking for 4 and a half hours. Hes like omg do you guys want a ride. Omg you do not know how happy I was. These guys were only like 16 and SO hot so I knew nothing bad was going to happen. We were SO god damn lucky that they stopped and offered us a ride. So anyways we didnt get home till 5 in the morning. So as soon as we get back to Missy's house Ryan and Terence were back home. They told us about there night and how it kinda sucked and shit and we told them about ours. We all said that we should have all stayed home and drank together. So anyways they had more alchohal so we all drank together and had our own little party. Haha it was awesome. We did so much shit from massages to cracking peoples back, haha what a party hey? Nahh it was fun being with everyone. It really made up for everything else that happened. So anyways Missy went up stairs to sleep in her bed. Then Kelsie and Terence passed out in his bed and me and Ryan passed out on the couch. So im really extremely tired and sore now. My mom said she wants to go for a walk but I told her hell no I aint walking anywhere. I think ive done enough walking to last me for like 5 weeks.

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October 2nd/5:34pm

My Friends and Family

Well the past two days haven't totally been the best. I tried not to let these things get to me, but it was alot harder then I thought. Anyways me and my mom got into a really big fight on Wednesday. We haven't talked since. Not that I dont want to talk to her, but it's just that we can't. Now on a more personal matter we had a fight about personal things that only close people know. Screamning and yelling and crying isnt something I want to do for days. Untill it came to the point of, "Dont Fucking Talk To Me!!" "Fine Then You Dont Fucking Talk To Me!" and those were pretty much the last words we have said to each other. If I start talking to her, she'll inturupt me and say, "Dont Talk To Me." so of course everytime she tries to talk to me i'll say the same. My mom had a final major exam the other day and she didnt pass. She cried pretty much all night. I saw her every night studying her friggin ass off for it. She has her re-write on Monday, and if she doesnt pass that then she's kicked out completely. Now I feel even more horrible. She doesnt seem like she can even focus because I know for a fact shes got our problems on her mind.

So anyways I came home today and as soon as I walked in she was crying. I got a letter from my dad and it said: "Sometimes You Gotta Be, Where You Gotta Be, " then the inside was like: " I Just Wish You Were Closer To Me, I Miss You." Then he wrote: "Thinking about you little girl, Can't Wait To See You Again." She started telling me that she was a bad mother. So of course I started crying. She thinks this divorce is all her fault. Shes so hard on herself and I want to help her through everything anyway that I can. I feel like im some big mistake to her right now =o( I dont want to be ignored by her. Although I was adopted shes still my mother, she has raised me since I was 2 months old. Shes taught me everything that I need to know, and yeah I may have made alot of mistakes, but I learn from these kinds of things. Everyone fights with there parents. But if you really think about it, some of the things we say to them are harsh, really harsh. Yeah they may have deserved them at the time, but it really isnt something you should say to your parents. We would be nothing without them. I just hope she understands that I love her and I would never do anything to make her feel that shes a bad mother or that shes doing something wrong.

To add to all of that, I got an e-mail from one of my really close friends. Ive known her for like 7 years. Since the move its been hard leaving everyone behind. Even though I have met some really great people here that make things alot easier, Im never giong to forget the friends that Ive had in my life for a really long time. She was someone who I would always turn to. We were so close to each other because we never judged each other on anything and because we were so much alike. Shes like family to me. I Love her. The things that she said in that e-mail really showed how much im grateful to have friends like her. I cried. I miss everyone so much who ive known since I was only like 8 years old. They have pushed me through hard times and never left my side, and without them I dont think I would be who I am today. So me and my mom are probably going to go down to Vernon in 2 weeks for thanksgiving. To see all my friends and my Dad, before we go again at Christmas. So I just want to say that to all my friends in Vernon and people who have always been there for me, you know who you are, and I wanna thank each and every one of you for making me the good person I am today. I love you guys, and always will.. < 333

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