July Enteries
July 31st


Gone To Vernon

Well im almost finished packing. Of course I left it to the last minute, but Ive had Cody on my mind all friggin day. Argg I was really looking forward to seeing him =o( Bah anyways. Im leaving tomorrow morning with my Uncle at about 6. Hopefully my headaches will let me have a good night sleep tonite, without being a pain in my ass. Last night was a little bit better. Its probably going to be worse with my luck now that whats happening with me and Cody. Lets pray it doesnt. I can't wait to see everyone. I miss everyone so much! Ill be at my dads for about 2 and half weeks, im coming back on the 25th. It should be alot of fun. Got my friends birthday and lots n lots of people to see. Wanted to see Cody the most. Bah ok Ill stop talking about him im sorrie. My unlce came in about 2 hours ago. Ill still be posting at my Dad's house, but I wont have my cam, so all the cam images will be from my Digi cam. Ill be sure to take alot of pictures of everything in Vernon. Im starting a new layout soon. Makin one myself! Are you amazed? Haha just dont laugh at me okay. Anyways hope yew guys have a good night and ill talk to everyone when I get into Vernon...Chow Loverz <333

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Died Of A Broken Heart

Well Its over. Me and Cody broke up this morning, and honestly I can't even tell you why, cause I have no idea. Hes changed so much, I miss the old him, but now, he's so different. He hates me, which is horrible, the fact that im never going to talk to him again KILLS me =o(. Where did we go wrong? Where did I go wrong? I don't even know anymore. Love sucks, especially since this was my first real love. God dammit does it hurt. I feel your pain Kris and im really sorrie about you and your boyfriend too. I don't know what is wrong with them these days? But All I can say right now, is that no matter what, Im always going to have the feelings Ive had for Cody for the rest of my life. I want him to be happy, and if him being happy is not being with me, then so be it. I can't change the way he feels. He hurt me, I hurt him and I guess thats all there is to it. I know one thing though, no one will compare to him. Fuck this sucks. Have a nice day everyone....

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July 30/03 2:03am

Stupid Medication

Well last night was horrible. I found the medication I needed for my headaches and to help me sleep. I took two just to be on the safe side. Yeah it knocked me right out, but holy shit it was the worst sleep ever. I think I woke up at about 3:30, got a glass of water and just popped one tylenol. I sat there for a few minutes, and soon I got the biggest friggin headache you could ever imagine. It was pounding and pounding and I could not get back to sleep. I got a cold cloth and put it on my head and I just layed there and watch some t.v hoping that it would go away. Well I pretty much couldnt take it anymore, that I totally just broke right down and cried. It was absolutly horrible. I don't think I have ever been in so much pain before! Anyways, to make matters worse, I had to get up pretty early again today. It was a crazee day. I didnt stop till about 1:00am. Woke up, took some more tylenol, got ready, then me and my mom went over to my grandpa's house for a bit. He gave us some more things for the house and then we all headed over to the Chinook Mall. We had a bite to eat at Quiznois. Man that place is good. I had myself a Turkey Ranch Sub. Damn was it ever good lol. Then my mom and I went on our own for a bit. Got myself a really cute shirt at Le Chauteu. I'll have to show you guys it! So after that we went and met up with my grandpa again. We sat down for a bit and showed each other our purchases. Then my mom was going to drive me down to go visit a friend I know from Vernon. Ive known him since I was in kindergarden so it was fun. Even though it took us about an hour to get there because my grandpa and my mom were confusing each other so much. I don't think they both knew what they were talking about haha. I didnt want to get into the middle of it though, I was afraid they would rip my head off.

So we finally get there, my mom and his mom talked for a bit and then we all went down to this big river by there house. Now I didnt have a bathing suit so I just went in my clothes haha. Me, Him, His brother, and two sisters all went down. It was a really nice hike down there. So they were jumping of this bridge there, which to me totally didnt look safe. But they werent able to touch the bottom, so it was all good. After that we went to the store and headed back home. We had some dinner, ( I was amazed that the boys helped me and their mom cook ) lol and then headed to the movies. We went and saw The Pirates Of The Carribean. It was a really really good movie, and Omaagg is Johnny Depp not so incredibaly hot in that movie? I thought that was one of his best movies. Then when the movie was over we ran across the street to Chapters to kill some time. When we got home we juss chilled and watched T.V. My mom came to pick me up at 11:30 and she ended up staying till 1:00 lol So today was alot of fun, but Im soooo dreading my sleep =o( Last night was horrible, and I really dont want it to happen again. So anyways Im off to bed, its past my bed time. Hope you guys have a better night then I did last night! Oh and plz go and read these lyrics --> Unpredictable By Keshia Chante. They are the exact feelings im feeling right now about me and Cody..man do I ever miss the old days with him. Gawd I miss him so fucking much. =0( Nitee<33

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July 29th/03 11:45am

Coming Down With Something..

Well Things are shitty, Didn't get to sleep till about 2:30 again last night. My sleeping is starting to bug me again. Im gonna have to look for the pills I had before for my sleeping. Along with that Ive been having huge headaches. It killz. Had to get up at 7:30 today to go pick my grandpa up from the airport. So I woke up with my head totally hurting and my eyes so swollen from my allergies that love to piss me off. I look like I rose from the dead. Anyways it was really nice to see my grandpa cause I havent seen him for so long. This guy is soo niice to me and my mom. He's giving me $900 bucks get new things for the house, hes flying me out to Vernon and hes bought a new Laz-e-boy, barbeque, and Phone for my mom. He is the nicest person I know. He even bought me a new cell phone. Yeah its nice but I almost feel greedy letting him do all this stuff for us! But then again he wont let us say no. So anyways we went out for breakfast at Denny's. Now I HATE Denny's. Last year I ate there and I got soo food poisened I seriously thought I was going to die. So I havent been there since, and I really wasnt looking forward to going. So I juss tried to order something that didnt have meat, and hopefully Ill be okay. Came back home and I feel 10 times worse then I did this morning. Go figure eh? So I got into my pj's and am thinking about making some nice hot soup. mmmmm haha my brother is coming over in a bit so well probably all visit for a bit and then imma head to bed. My sleeping hours are wayy off. Gonna take some drugs and hopefully I'll feel better by tomorrow.

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July 28th/03 3:17pm

Don't Take A Wrong Turn...

Last night I was planning on staying in and relaxing from camping, but my cuzins phoned me up and wanted to go see the movie Wrong Turn It's a horror movie and well me and my cuzin are complete horror addicts. It's like we crave them haha, anyways, we really wanted to see it before but since its kinda about in the woods and shit we decided to see it AFTER we went camping haha. It was really really good. So then after that Shane wanted to go to Mr.Sub so we went there and then came home late last night at about one. So I didnt really get to sleep till about 2:30. I had a horrible sleep, I have no idea why. Woke up early this morning and went out with my brother. I havent seen him yet since Ive been here so it was really nice to see him again. Me and my mom went to his place to look at his new house. Its a really nice place. With an awesome veiw of the city. I'll have to take a picture of it when I go again. So after visiting there we headed and got my nose pierced. I was going to wait untill I went back to Vernon to get it done with Cody and plus I know the people there and It would have been a good deal, but my mom really wanted me to get it done with her, so I did. But now were both regreting it, thinking we should have done it in Vernon because if I got it done there it would only be about $50 bucks. But it was SO expense here. My mouth dropped when they told me how much it was, but im happy with it and Im sure everyone will like it when I get back to Vernon.

So then we headed over to my grandma's for a bit and talked about by cuzin Krystal and her new baby. She had a little girl named Jessica. Shes a really big cutie, but its juss kinda sad cuz my cuzin in only 16, but things are going good for her. Shes living with her boyfriend whos 19 and hes working everyday making some pretty good money. Her mom never really had a good relationship with her and her dad is well kind of a drunk, (coming from our trailer trash family again lol) so shes pretty much raised herself. So shes taking really good care of the baby, and shes lucky her boyfriend is living with her and supporting the child. So anyways after that we headed for some lunch and then just came back here for a bit. Im sooo tired and I think im coming down with something cuz im really not feeling to well. Anyways hope you guys all have a good night =)!

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July 27th/03 4:50pm

Im baaaaaack!

Well Im back, finally, I swear if I had to spend another day out there I would seriously die. It was alot of fun, but I felt soo dirty and I have about a million Misqutio bites all over my body! It feels soo grosssss. But anyways, We had fun. It was about a 2 and a half hour drive out there and it was horrrrrrible. It was one of those trucks where the seats in the back would fit sumone who was like 80 pounds, and there facing each other. Well shiiiiiiit I was soo crowded back there. I was squished between the back on the truck and the front seat. *dies* So it sucked beacuse I couldn't even shut my eyes for 5 minutes because Tina's son Sidney whos 7 wouldnt let me. I swear I have bruises all over my body from that kid. Plus he is sucha brattttt, I think I wanted to hit that kid over the head about a million times. Other than that we had a blast. The first day was pretty lazy. We didnt get there till about 8-8:30. So we juss got some things organized and just lazed around. The next day me Tina and Sidney went swimming in the pool there. There was two there. A smaller one for littler kids and a bigger one with hot tubs for more older people. The camp site was a really nice place. They had activity centers, a cute little store, Parks, and really nice trails to walk and horseback ride on. So we went swimming the second day. Then we had a fire and drank the rest of the night. The third day we went back into town to get some clothes for my cuzin Niki, cuz because being the smart person that she is forgot a jacket so she pretty much freezed her ass off. The rest of the night was really boring. We grabbed a bite to eat in town and that was it. Now I swear to god I feel so sick from all the junk that we ate. Me and Niki bought some steaks and veggiez cuz we needed some normal food! Tina of course went out and got fries for her and Sidney. Now I dont mean to be rude when I say this, but all Tina fed that kid the whole time we were there was FRIES! *gag* No wonder that kid gets sick all the time.

So everything was alot of fun, but getting close to the last 2 days things just started to fall apart. Fights were going crazee. Things with Sidney not listening and being a total brat, to Tina and Niki at each others throats. I tried to stay outta it as much as I could. Still we had fun at night. Once everyone had a couple drinks they settled down. We were going to get my cuzin soo drunk and the auction her off for money. Hahaha we had ALOT of laughs. We talked about everything, from boyfriends to dreams, to sex and omg lol It was a really good time. Then the day before we leave Tina and Niki were barley talking. Me and Niki wanted to go home sooo bad, but we had to stay because Tina wanted to stay for some breakfast thing they had in the morning. The night came and Tina wakes us up to tell us that shes going to sleep in the truck because she hears wolfz and shes scared shitless. Well me and Niki cracked right up. We made fun of her all morning. The ride home was a bit better only because Sidney let me have some sleep. Plus we talked alot more than we did on the ride there. So got home late this afternoon, had a looooooong shower and im just going to relaxxxx. I posted the pictures up in snapz of the trip. Hope you guys have a good night! Chowww <333

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July 21st/6:47pm

Gone Till Sunday..

Well Today was pretty lazy. Don't think I went to bed till about 3 last night. I was soo tired except I couldn't get to sleep, so I layed in bed and watched the movie Dragonfly. Now im not sure if you guys have seen that movie before, but It is a really good movie. I'll probably watch it again. So anyways I woke up at about 11 and did pretty much dick all untill 3. Then me and my mom had to run around and get a few things for tomorrow. Im going camping with my cuzin Niki, her Friend Tina and her son Sid. Niki and Tina are in their 20's and Sid is about 9. So it should be alot of fun because there are alot of other people there who party with them. Geeziz no parents, do I smell evil? haha nahh it's going to be alot of fun. Swimming, boating, horseback riding and fun stuff in the day, and drinking, laughing and partying all night long. This is going to be good for me to get outta the house and have a good time to get my mind off things. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures!

Life is going really good for me now. Im feeling so good. Me and Cody I think are back together and things around here are finally getting settled down. Getting my nose pierced next week. The mom doesnt want my labret untill I can find a decent job first. I understand her decision. SO besides everything else hope you guys all have a good week and weekend and I'll talk to you guys when I get back! Chow Loverzz! <3333

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July 20th/03 9:14pm

What A Busy Day!

Omg today was absolutely CRAZEE! I had to get up at about 8 this morning beacuse again I was taking all the little kids to the water park. Instead of going to the place that we went to last time we went to a different place called Riley Park. It was alot nicer then the other one and a way bigger pool for all of the little kids to play in. So we went and picked up my little niece to take her cuz her mom wasnt going to come. So we were going to take her for the day. So we pick her up and go over to My auntie Marlene's to pick up the rest of the little kids. So were sitting in the kitchen while everyone is getting organized. All of a sudden my cuzin Jennifer's little son starts to get in a little fight with Brittany. Marlene's husband Nick is kind of beside them. Now this guy is really scary looking, like I told you before my family is total trailer trash and this guy can be a really big perve, or should I say he IS a really big perve. He always talks about him and me going away together and he's always talking to me about sex and shit, which I really don't need to talk about with him. So anyways the kids are in a lil fight and Brittany kinda spits in Hunters face a bit. Nick saw it and suddenly he snapped. Now I am not exagerating when I say this. He screamed on the TOP of his lungs ( I was amazed that the neighbours didn't hear ) "Dont You Ever Fucking Spit In Anyones Fucking Face!! If You Ever Do That Again In My House, I'll Fucking Kill Your Lil Fucking Ass!!!" We all went fucking quite. Now you remeber what I said about Auntie Ann and what she said to them before..but she wasn't even yelling..she was just talking. He was SCREAMING on the top of his lungs. This poor little girl is 4 years old..and you could just see her shaking to death! Now usually Wendy will speak up and say like don't talk to my kids like that, like she did with Auntie Ann, but she was so scared too that no one said a word. As soon as he walked away Brittany broke into tears. I think we all felt like crying we felt so bad for this little girl. It was totally uncalled for what he did to her. One, it's not even his kid to say that, 2 no one ever yells that friggin loud to thier kids, and Three, Never EVER should you threat a little girl like that. I think it sickend us for the rest of the day.

Well anyways, now were at the park and everyone's having a great time.. The kids were having alot of fun...and so were the rest of us. We had alot of laughs about my Mom and my Aunties when they were little kids. We all got nice and tanned and the kids played in the pool. So later on my Uncle Mike comes walking over and starts saying how this guy was talking to him. He's like hey there man how are you?! My uncle is just like well im fine. He's like thats good, hows the wife. My uncle being a really funnay guy goes, oh well she up and left me. The guy is like aww man im sorry to hear that she was a really nice lady. My uncle has never met this guy in his whole entire life. 5 minutes later, we see the same guy with a huge sweater and jeans walk into the center of the pool where this big plat-form is. We were kinda confused because hes in the water with all of his clothes on when its like 35 degrees out. So we didnt really think anything of it and we start talking again. Then all of a sudden we hear this guy sceaming and yelling, we turn around and this guy had a little boy wrapped in his arms and was pushing his head under the water!! The boys father was screaming and yelling to let his little boy go. Well now parents from all over are running into the water grabbing thier kids. Then the police walked around the corner and grabbed this guy. The poor little boy was crying so hard and his dad was holding onto him as if he hadn't seen him for years. I was so scared for that little boy. I guess the same man was going around to a bunch of kids asking them if they wanted to go and have tea and cookies with this guy at his house. So of course the little kids tell their parents and they phoned the police. Man the action did not fucking quit today, but besides the scary moments that did happen we had a blast. It was really niice to spend a day with all of the family. So we came home, I had a cold shower, and now were just relaxing, im so exhausted. Tomorrow I think im just going to have a lazy day! Oh yeah and I posted Pictures of the day today in Snapz CHOW!<3

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July 19th/03 4:40pm

Its Growing Its Growing!!!

Ok I am one happy duck right now! I have finally realized that my hair is getting long again!! Now I only chopped it off before because my hair was sooo dead from dying it all the time, and my hair NEVER grows, I swear its like a wig that just stays the same length forever. I love long hair, and im so happy that it's finally coming back! Ok Ok yeah I may sound like a total freak but hey! haha Here are some pictures of how short my hair used to be..and how long its finally getting! Omg arent yew so happy for me?

Before <----------> After

So anyways what else has been going on? I added some past cam archives for the hell of it and im thinking about adding some more content soon just to make the site a little more fun, and just dont know what yet! Have any ideas for me? E-mail me them! =D Yesterday I slept in till 2:30 so my whole day was pretty much gone lol But then me and my mom headed over to my Auntie Sandra's for a bit. I had to babysit my cuzins while they had to go take my moms car in to get fixed. Jacob is the cutest little thing I have ever seen. I'll try and get pictures of the kids soon. Then we all had chinese food! Mmmmmmm. Today as been pretty lazy, me and my mom are going on a little mother daughter date to the movies tonight. She really wants to go see Bad Boyz 2 so I think we'll hit that up! Hope you guys have a good weekend!! Byeeee <33

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July17th/03 4:16am

Quick Post

Ok Juss A Quick Post Guyz. I've got my room tour of my mom's house finally in, and I posted some digtal cam pics that are in the new link called "Snapz" So Check It Out!! and if anything doesn't work plz tell me okay!! Well Im off to bed now, G'nite! <33

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July 16th/03 8:45pm

Kidz, Kidz, Kidz!

I had to wake up early this morning to take all my little cuzins to the water park for a couple of hours. So me and my mom head over to my mom's cousins house, Wendy, she has 2 girls, Brianna who is 3 and Cassie who is 5. Then my auntie Marline was there with her 2 girlz who are twins, Danny and Dezi who are both 11. Then there was my auntie Sandra who was there with her 2 kids Jacob, whos 1 and Britney whos 5. Plus to add more to that my cousin Matthew came whoz 11 and this little girl who lived next door to my aunties, Victoria who was 4. So shit we had like 8 kids at this water park. So before we leave were getting all the kids things together and my little cousin Brianna starts running around with her little sister having a good time. So Wendy (their mom) kindly said to settle down before they left. So of course the kids are having fun and don't stop right in their tracks but they do slow down a bit. Now here's My mom's auntie (Everyone Calls her Auntie Ann) shes like 85 years old and she's sitting on the couch and as she was standing up she looks at the kids and goes "You fucking little bastards don't you ever listen!" Well my mouth totally dropped! I could not believe what I had just heard. Never would you ever say anything like that to kids who arent even 6 fucking years old? Now they have heard swearing all the time cuz as much as I hate to say our family is totally trailer trash. It may not seem like it but we are haha. There always swearing and pretty much always have a smoke in there hand. But that isn't the fact. You don't ever use those kinds of words towards anyone, especially little kids. So anyways Wendy looks at Auntie Ann and "Goes excuse me, Don't ever talk to my kids like that" Auntie Ann turns around and fingerz her! I couldn't believe it. Auntie Ann is an 85 year old women! Well It shocked all of us. So we went on our way to the water park. It was alot of fun, from losing a kid every minute to having about 8 kids get me absolutly soaking wet. (Nice kids eh?) haha but knowing me I lefy my camera at home so I never got any pictures! But im sure we'll be going again soon

So then after that me and my mom went to Ikea and got myself a new dresser for my room. We set up my TV and DVD player, got all my shelves up and finally emptied pretty much all of my boxes. I was really dissapointed at first with my room because Ive always had a really big room, and well this one seemed really really small, but now that I have everything unpacked It looks really nice, Im very happy with it. Ill be sure to get my tour for that soon! So then Me and my mom went to Rogerz, got a few movies and went to Mcdonalds to get some food. So Im going to have a nice hot bath, put in a movie and lay in bed to relax. Im soooo tired seeing how Jodee kept me up till 4:30 so I have about 3 hours sleep. Haha but I love her! Well guyz hope you all have a good night!! <333

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July 15th/03 12:14am

Road Rage Arggggg!

Okayyy so things are even worse around here, but Im trying to be strong. Got some friends who are gonna come see me so it's gonna help me get my mind of things! So imma finally have some excitment around here! Almost got into a friggin accident the other day. They guy decided to switch into my lane but being a friggin idiot wasnt looking and alomst hit me!! Yeah so yeah I started to scream and shout and put on the horn but hey!! Who wouldnt!! My family has a problem with road rage. My brother always lays on the horn. My cuzin has the mouth and the finger and everyone else pretty much screams haha so I think Im being infected!! Anywho, what else is knew? Nothing really..my life is pretty boring, don't know anyone! But there are a few people who are here in town right now that I know so I should give them a call! Still talkin my mom into giving me a little bit of cash for my labret. *crosses fingers* hopefully she'll be a doll and lend it to me haha. Had a nice hot bath tonight and im feeling alot better. I gotta get up early tomorrow to take my little cousins to the water park. That should be fun lol. I'll try and take some pictures. Ive posted some new pictures in the Sporadic Gallery, so check em out! yes i know I love my hat! haha

The weekend was pretty good. Had to go to a stampede breakfast with the family. It's been a tradition for as long as I can remember. There fun, but lets juss say this year was horrible! It was at on old folks home. With the most annoying music you could ever imagine. Lets just say me and my cousin almost died. Plus with the heat at like 37 didnt make it any better! So after that I went home and slept for about 2 hours and just relaxed for the rest of the night. Then me and my mom went shopping again for a few things for my room. Need to get my tv, dvd and stereo all set up, put my shelves up, and unpack more boxes. Yes I know im still not finished unpacking yet, but theres juss so many things I need for everything to fit somewhere. But its' coming along so im not to worried. Talked to my Dad tonite and I guess he's going to Edmonton this weekend, so I might beable to see him if I get the chance. Well Hope you guys are all having a good summer, and I can't wait to go back to BC in August. There are some very important people that I want to see! I love you guyz! Have a good night <333

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July 12th/03 - 10:32pm

All Finished..

Well I'm pretty much finished everything...I'll add some more stuff soon, but hopefully all of the links work. If they don't please tell me and I'll fix them as fast as I can. Well thing's aren't getting any better around here. Found some shit out that really crushed me, but I can't do anything about it so I'm just going to have to wait. Even though It's so hard. I Just wanna say thank's to all my friend's back home, you guy's don't know what I would do without you =( I just want to say a special thank's to Trevor. We seemed to drift apart the last couple of weeks while I was in Vernon. Your like a brother to me hunn and thank you soo much for talking to me! Miss you guy's SO VERY MUCH! Plus I miss Cody =( *sigh* whatever it take's though...

Me and my mom are going out tomorrow. It's gonna be fun, like a mother daughter date! I haven't spend alot of time with my mom. We need to catch we haven't talked for month's!! So it should help me get my mind off thing's too. Gonna get alot of shopping in for school and stuff seeing how were not going to beable to get the chance to in August since I won't be here. Were both shopping for school stuff. My mom's going to school in September too. She's taking classes to become a nurse. I'm so proud! hehe well umm gonna go watch a movie..Can't sleep. Hope you guys have a good night! <333

TLoBaybeE Jammin ~ Feels Like Home - Chantal Kreviusk

July 11th/2003 -- 2:48am

Don't Be Excited...

Hey Guys im back....only because I have pretty much nothing to do now that I have moved, and for me to just let sum feelings out cuz right now I dont really have anyone to talk to. Me and Cody have been having alot of problems and well as much as I hate to say it....where on a break...Ive hurt him so bad and I wont ever beable to forgive myself for what I have done, and I'm sure he wont forgive me either...but I'm trying as hard as I can and I want him to know that I'm always going be here for him when ever he needs me =( This is the worst point in my life right now, especially when I have just currently moved and I know practically no one.. So It's hard cuz I pretty much don't have anyone to talk to..except for my old friends..who are so far away.. But anyway's things have been going pretty shitty around here..first with Cody, then with my mom's cousin who is in the hospital with cancer right now and only has like 4 days to live.. =( and then just the fact that im pretty much alone..but hey!! what can you do right?? Im juss praying that things are going to turn out alot better then what they are right now..So how's everyone's summer going? Just wanna say Monika and Jodee I love your new layouts!! There gorgeous!! Love reading what you guys have to say...

Had my friend Kassie out visiting me for a week in Calgary and we had alot of fun..from shopping to the stampede and just hanging out together =) I'll try and post some pictures soon. She left early this morning to go back home though =( so things have been pretty shitty since then.. but I am going back to Vernon in August so I'll get to see everyone again before I leave for good.. and Im hoping to see Cody..=( im just praying that this break is gonna help =( bahh I watched A Walk To Remember tonite...holy shyt I've seen that movie a million times but I seem to cry harder everytime I watch it! What a loser eh? haha getting my hair done soon and I'm hopefully gonna drag my ass to go get my labret peirced *woot* Im pretty much broke but I'm sure I can dig some extra cash out! =D Getting a new puppy soon too but were just waiting for the house to be finished.. These people are driving us absolutly crazeeee!! The walls are not finished being painted yet..our deck was just put up and our basement Isn't finished yet!! Talk about SLAKERZ...this house was suppose to be finished a month ago...*sigh* Got my license *wooot* my mom got the new car 2003 Honda Civic *gags* I HATE honda's, oh well It's better then the piece of shit we had before! RA! lol well newho It's gettin late and I gotta get up early tomorrow..night guys..<333

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