August Enteries

August 29th/6:55pm

Money Comes, Money Goes

Today was a really busy day, but fun at that. My mom got off school early today so we went and did some more school shopping. We drove around for a little bit first so that we could find the bus stop that im going to have to take to get to school. Its hard because I think the map that the lady at the school gave us was kind of old because we are in a whole new community so it was kind of confusing, but I think we found out where I gotta go. Were gonna ask my Uncle to come with us tomorrow just to make sure that were right. So then we headed to the mall. As were driving my mom starts asking me about my new school and stuff. You know asking me stuff like are you nervous and shit. So yeah it was fine untill all of a sudden she starts talking about black people. I was like what? I love talking to my mom about stuff so I kinda went on going yeah you know there are some really good looking black guys (seeing how me and my cuzins are freinds with alot of them) She kinda paused and goes oh really? I was like yeah black guys are so hot, laughing and stuff. Then all of a sudden she changes everything and starts to tell me to stay away from them. I was like excuse me? You cant be serious right? Shes like "well you know black guys can be very controlling" I couldnt believe my fucking ears. I kinda flipped and said, "Well you know mom, that is kinda racist." She goes well not really. I said well yeah it is, I mean black people or anyone whos a different race are exactly like everyone else. Yeah alot of them have different religions, but doesnt mean there any different then us. My mom is not racist at all and I know that, but I was juss so suprised to hear her say something like that. Anyways I think shes just scared because Calgary is so much bigger than Vernon and she knows that Ive always gone to a school with only like 800 people. Im sure she'll loosin up. So anyways the first store we went to was absolutley PACKED. I thought I was going to die. I hate being crowded around so many people. I get way to hot and pushy. So anyways I found some really cute stuff. They had really good prices because pretty much everything in the store was buy one and get the second half off. So I got some really nice tan colored sweat pants for something comfy to wear. I have like 10 pairs but I could never have too many! Then I got a pair of tan cords They are SO cute. I used to own a pair along time ago, but then I remember this huge chick took them from me and streatchd the shit outta them. Then I got a pair of black streach pants with cute little hoops around the knee. At first I thought the hoops were a little bit tacky, but when I put them on they looked really cute. So I got em! Then the last thing I got was a realllly nice c-through long sleeved shirt. They had a bunch of colors like red and blue, but they didnt look as good as the black one did so I got the black one. Plus it flattered me alot more. So all of that came to not even $90 bucks. Which is really really good if you ask me for 3 pants and a shirt. I mean if I had gone anywhere else It would probably cost be that much for say one pair of pants. So then I headed to Le Chateau.That is like one of my favoirte stores. I bet you half of my clothes are from there. They had just gotten new stuff in so I really lucked out. I got the cutest jacket I have ever seen! It's a tan button up one. I thought it would be perfect for like in the fall for when it gets kinda cool outside. I hate wearing those big huge jackets that weigh you down. This one is really soft inside so it'll keep in some heat! Then I got a red t-shirt with a v down the right shoulder that says Brooklyn Bengals on it. Very cute. Then the last thing was a pair of black shoes with a silver buckle on the side. I was looking for shoes like that for so long, but I never seemed to beable to find the right size's. It suckes having a size 5 feet and not in the lil kid section *sigh* The lady there was such a nice gurl. It was funny though cause she asked us what was the occasion for shopping. I said well for back to school and she goes oh really! I thought you were graded. My mom alomst shit her pants. There are so many people who think im graded when im shopping but my mom HATES it. Of course right away she goes "Oh NO NO!" Haha I just dont think she likes knowing that her little girl is all grown up!

So anywho, I thought I was pretty much finished seeing how I didnt have any money left, but realized that I dont have a black tank top to wear underneath the black c-through shirt that I got at Urban Planet. So I headed to Blue Notes and got one there for $10 bucks. Then as were walking around, these people were walking by but totally taking up the whole space, like I mean theres about 50 more people walking by too. They decide to just stay right where they are and not even move. Well I moved as far as I possibly could untill I was about to hit someone on the other side of me. Again doesnt even fucking move and what happends? She hits right into my shoulder. She looks at me and with the a huge fucking attidude goes "Oh Sorry..." Ya umm BITCH PLZ! Like if you cant fucking watch where your going get the fuck outta the way!!! I didnt really wanna be rude so I tried to shake it off and gave her a nasty look. People like that really piss me off. Everything doesnt just revolve around them. Argg anyways by then it was already 5:30 and my mom was so tired. So we headed home. Now im not totally finished all my school shopping yet, but most of the clothes section is done. I still have to get a new bag, binder, pencils, pens, etc plus I need new runners since mine are pretty much ripped to shit. But other then that Im set! Now all I have to do is get this stupid bus route figured out. My moms gonna phone Calgary Transit tomorrow to find out. Seeing how the stupid whench at the school didnt know two shits about anything. Well thats about it really. Im gonna go have a hot bath and relax. Man Friday nights can be soo relaxing =o) <33

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August 28th/3:46pm

Dull and Gloomy

Today has been a very mellow day. I didn't get to sleep till about 3:00 being on the damn phone all night. LoL anyways so I didnt get up till 1:30 but man oh man im really coming down with sumthing. Huge azz mirgaines, cramps from hell, and im soo stuffed up its HORRIBLE. I might as well just roll over and die. I feel really bad too because my grandpa was suppose to take me out to lunch today, you know like a little grandfather, grandaughter moment, but that didnt happen =o( well hopefully we can make it another day! So I made some chicken noodle soup today and watched Days Of Our Lives. Man im such a sucker for soaps, but Days is the one im really into, that and Passons, even though they drag that show on and on and on. Anyways enough about that lol. I tried to have a little nap, I probably shut my eyes for about 10 mins when my cat jumps on top of me and wouldnt leave me the hell alone. Dont you hate that? My mom called me about an hour ago and she was pretty much crying. I feel so bad for her. Shes sicker than a dog too and with all this school and working around the house plus having like 6 hours of homework everynight, I almost juss wanna cry for her! Im doing my best of kinda being the chick around the house. Cleaning doing the laundry and all that other stuff. I wanna be the biggest help for her, cause I know shes going through a rough time.

So shes gonna stop and pick us up some food probably from a fast food place and were both gonna lay on the couch and relax. Im gonna help my mom with her homework, its amazing sum of the stuff that there learning. I mean half of the stuff shes doing on the heart and everything, is exactly what I learned in grade 9. So im willing to help with everything that I can remember. So lazy night tonite. The MTV awards are on tonight so I cant miss that. Its been rainy and cloudy out, so Im glad my day didnt go to total waste.

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August 27th/4:22pm

Good Teacher, Bad Teacher?

The movie was really good last night. That damn Freddy is one scary sun of a gun. Anyways so I didn't get home till about 1:00am then didnt get to bed till about 2:00. My cousin was suppose to pick me up at about 10:30 this morning so we could go to the school so I could pay my school fee's. So I get up early at like 9:00, had a shower and got ready. Then the phone rings at 10:00 thinking that my cousins saying that shes on her way. Well she just woke up and said she wasn't going to be here for another half hour. So I ate some breakfast and watched some T.V. She gets here at about 12:00 and we head out. My cousin graded from this school 3 years ago, but its all been re-done. So we get up the stairs (which took me awhile because of my knee) and went to the main office. There's about 12 teachers there and were standing there waiting for someone to help us. My cousin looks at me and goes, "I think were invisible today" I was like no kidding. Well we must have stood there for about 15 mins before someone actually helped us. So I told her, im here to pay my fee's. "Oh well were not accepting them today." I was like whaat? "Come back on Tuesday" Ok Im sorry but why is it the day that I have nothing to do, I need to pay for this stuff and there not accepting it? How hard is it to take the money and right a recepit?

Then when we asked her about bus routes that seemed to be 10 times harder for her. I don't even think she knew what the hell she was doing. Umm...well...ummm SHUT UP! Like if you dont know what the hell your doing why the hell are you there? My god it pissed me off. I drove all across town for friggin dick shit. So anyways after that we came back to my house and ate some lunch and watched a movie. We watched Joy Ride on DVD. It's a pretty good movie. Plus Paul Walker is soo hot! Anyways im really extremely tired so imma put some pj's on and have a nap. Hopefully I'll beable to rest my eyes for a bit. I can never really sleep in the middle of the day.

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August 26th/5:56pm

Back To School Shopping!

Today again was a lazy day because of my leg and cause my cuzins were working so I couldnt get anywhere. My mom got home from school and we went out for a bit to go school shopping since I have gotten none of it done. I got 4 really cute shirts. Plus they were a really good price so I got them. So were walking around the store as I was limping my way around and I was doing really good! But closer to the end when we were about to leave it really started to hurt again. I don't think I can be on it for so long like that even though getting out and walking is really helping it alot. So after that we headed to the Dollar Store so that I could get my mom flash cards for her school. Im gonna help her with that tonite. Man I feel so important like usually its the parent whos helping the kid, but I'm really proud of her for doing what shes doing. Even though she'll be helping me to when I start school too.

My cuzin's called me tonite and were gonna go see the movie Freddy Vs Jason. Were such suckers for horror which im sure all of you know lol. It looked really good to me, even though I have heard some people say it wasnt that good, and some people say its really good. So I guess im just gonna have to figure it out myself! So anyways here some pics of my new shirts! Im off to go eat dinner! <33

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Momma Called The Doctor and The Doctor Said.....

So it's 10 in the morning and im awake?? No I dont have to go anywhere, but Im awake? Which is so not like me. Plus, to make matters worse, last night was horrible, no it wasnt my friggin migraines, I have no idea what it was! I seriously woke up ever god damn hour. I didn't fall asleep till about 1:30 but as soon as I fell asleep it was, 2:30, 3:30, then 4:00 then 5:00 and then now. Soo weird and yet im up so early? I really think I need to go see a doctor. One for my knee which isnt getting any better, and I seriously think I need sumthing for it, then for this sleeping shit, I wasnt feeling good at all last night so maybe that has sumthing to do with it. My mom was really sick so with my luck she probably gave it to me. Which I really don't want at this point because school is starting Tuesday.

Along with school starting Tuesday, its gonna be September, which means its a new month, which means I gotta make a new September layout. Any suggestions on what yew guys wanna see? If you do e-mail them to me and I'll try and figure something out. Well I think im gonna go have a hot shower and get sumthing to eat and see if maybe I can go out today without my leg being a pain in the ass. Anyone have an extra cane? =P Buh Byez <333

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August 25th/5:14pm

Back and Running

Ok so things are back up and running. Sorry I took so long, but I had to re-make the site from scratch =X Plus the last couple days have been busy. I left Vernon yesterday. So yes Im back in Calgary. Saturday was my last night with everyone. So I went out with Charisse and Artemis drinking, and lets just say. It was a very crazee night. I fell that night and ripped my knee open, so right now I cant even walk, along with the swollen foot and ugly azz knee. It hurts like a bitch but hopefully it'll get better before schoo starts. Omg school is next week! Talk about a very fast summer. My mom started school today. Im so proud of her, seeing how she has to raise me by herself but hey, Im not thaaaaat much trouble lol. No, but she's doing really good and im gonna be here every step of the way.

I finally got my hair done! and I LOVE it! I put some pictures of it in the Sporadic Gallery. I cut it to! I wasnt going to because like I said before my hair takes FOREVER to grow, but I thought it wouldnt hurt so I did, and Im really happy that I did. So hmmm what else is there? Nothing that I can think of. Everyone can keep e-mailing me with your comments and hopefully everything works fine, otherwise please tell me! Anyways thats all guys CHOW! <33

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August 18th/7:00pm

Friends and Fakers

Ok so ive added some new content to the site. One is Freinds and the other is Fakers Ok so Ive added Freinds up cause I thought maybe you all could know the Geeky lil people I know. LoL If you wanna be added to the list well then ask me and maybe if your lucky ill add you. =oP Then I added Fakers beacause I found another stupid, pathetic loser being me again. So meh. Also New Pics In Snaps Im thinking about putting up a Question page as well. Ive been getting alot of e-mails with people asking me questions and alot of people have been asking the same questions. So yeah just trying to make this a little more exciting for you guys. Today was a lazy day. Artemis thought it would be funny to wake me up at 11. I told her im going to kill her, and I hope she knows that I wasnt kidding. If theres sumthing that pisses me off more, its people waking me up! Anyway besides that I watched some movies and got some things done around the house.

I was sitting outside today and I could see a huge amount of smoke coming I think west of Kelowna. Looks like theres another fire. It doesnt look that big, but I hope that it doesnt spread. Kassie got home today! So I finally get to see her before I leave on Sunday. Tried to get my hair done today but they were all booked till Thursday so i guess ill have to wait till then. Anywas im off guys sorrie for sucha short post! <333

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August 17th/5:44pm


Ok so heres another chick who has no life and is pretending to be me. Thanks to everyone who spots these people. Argg well im out bye.


OooH Malibu

So last night Artemis came and picked me up at about 7:30 after she got off work, we went and picked up Charisse at her house so she could come back to Artemis's house to drink with us. We had to wait for Artemis for about 20 mins cuz she sat there and begged Charisse's mom to boot for us. It was pretty funny. So then we drove to the movie store and went back to Artemis house. We got the movie Final Destination 2. It was actually pretty good. We all sat there drinking Malibu with pineapple juice. Mmmm soooo good!! Then we had cappichino mudslides as well. We had a blast though. It was funny cause when we were driving back to Artemis house. We were following our friend Krystal who was driving infront of us. So we were honking the horn at her over and over again. When we get to a stop light we would honk and then Krystal would honk. Then all of a sudden this little red car with these guys in it pulls up beside us. So were still honking and so is Krystal then these guys start honking. We would honk, Krystal would honk and then they would honk. Pretty soon a whole bunch of cars were honking. We started our own honking game and then pretty soon everyone was making music!! haha it was really funny.

Charisse went home at about 12 so me and Artemis kinda sat there. We fell asleep at about 2-2:30. This morning was really lazy. We went to the hair dressers so that I could book an appointment for tomorrow to get my hair done. Then we headed to the mall. Saw my girlfriend Erin there and I guess she was meeting some people there but they were running late so we stayed with her for awile. It was really nice talking to her cause I havent talked to her for soo long. Then Taylor and her boyfriend came about an hour later. So me and Artemis left and came back home. I have pictures from last night that I'll post as soon as I can. I Watched T.V for a bit and then I came home. Its really hot outside, and really really smokey. I guess there was another small fire just outside of Kelowna. Everyones okay though so thats good. Well thats about it really gonna go see wats going on tonite. Byee <33

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August 16th/5:23pm

Fakers Suck

Ok I dont really let this kinda of stuff get to me but This is not me. I don't know why people do this shit but it really pisses me off. I mean why act like sumone you arent? Ughh get a life please its really pathetic and immature and people dont have time for it. So anyways thanks to the person who showed me this. I really really appreciate it. So besides that I added more pictures in the Sporadic Gallery So yeah enjoy. Well thats about it guys. Chowww <333

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Kids Kids Kids

Have I ever told you that I never want to have kids? Hmm haha anyways went to Kelowna thursday so that I could babysit my little cuzins Friday morning. Trevor was going to come to but plans got screwed. So anyways we went to Kelowna and went out for dinner at this greek place called Olympia. I must say I dont think I had such good food in my life. My uncle knows the people who own the place so it was fun trying new stuff for free. So then I stayed there thursday night. Then at about 6:00 in the moring I hear this noise I open my eyes and there right infront of me was my little cuzin Ashli looking me right in the eye. "It's time to get up Taryn UP UP UP. Omg did I ever want to just want to kick her ass out the door lol. So anyways I took the kids on a bus ride to the mall. They loooooved it. Got myself some new pants! It was funny cuz when I was trying them on they were in the change room with me and there both like heyyy Taryn what color underwear are you wearing. I was like shhhh dont need to yell. Then pretty soon there screaming, I can see your underwear! Talk about brats lol. They were good though and we had fun. Ashli alomst ran into about 100 people but hey! Thats kids right? Looong day it was and I dont plan on doing that again anytime soon. Then My aunties sister and neice's came out with there boyfriends. So we partyed all night.

They were really nice people and we had alot of fun. So then I spent the night again at there house last night. My dad came out to have dinner so he stayed too. Then they woke up at 6 this morning to go golfing. Like omg are you crazee? Hmm oh well they had alot of fun while the rest of us were still sleeping by the time they got back. So then me and my dad drove back this morning. I was planning on just staying in tonite cuz im sooo tired, AND my migrains are pretty much gone! woooot for me! but Artemis called me up and I guess were going drinking tonite. So I couldnt say no to that cuz I am only here for one more week and then I have to go back to Calgary *tear* im gonna miss everyone so much. Meh I'll be back lots though =D So anyways I hope you guys have a good weekend and i'll chat ya all layta LUVEE <333 OH! and heres a couple picks from yesterday =)

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August 14th/9:18am

Horrible Night

Last night was horrible. How did I know that it was going to be like that? Its just my luck! I was so scared to lay down and go to sleep last night. Even though I was so friggin tired cuz Artemis woke me up so early the day before. It was about 12:30 so I thought I would lay down and watch a movie hopeing that I would just fall asleep. What do you think happened? Right total opposite! Its about 25 mins into the movie when I can feel it starting to get worse. I get up, get a glass of water and take two advil. Wait about 10 mins, its seems to get better! I was sooo shocked that two advil would make it 50% better then what It was before. So now its about 1:30 and now im really tired seeing how that Advil makes me drousy. I grab the glass of water and head to bed. I layed there and layed there but I couldnt fall asleep. Now its almost 3 and im about to scream. I get up get a hot cloth and I put it on my head. Even though the cloth felt good on my head I burst out crying. Damn do those muther fuggerz ever hurt. well pretty soon I just almost cried myself to sleep. Even though it was at 4 in the morning I was happy that I wasnt up ALL night. So anyways seeing how it is now really early my head does hurt a little bit but I have a feeling its gonna go away in time. Me and Trevor are headed to Kelowna today so it better not come back!

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August 13th/3:44pm

Stupid Headaches

Why is it that I always end up with the worst headaches you could ever imagine? Its just my luck. Anyways, yesterday Artemis and Cherise came and picked me up and we were going to go down to the Verve coffee house to meet a bunch of people. So we get there and find out that they werent going to get there for another 45 minutes. Cherise and Artemis are having a smoke and this lady sitting beside us goes. " You gurls arent 18 yet" Artemis goes well i almost am. Shes like that doesnt matter you gurls shouldnt be smoking. We all just kinda roll our eyes, as if they havent heard that a million times before. So all is quite for about 30 seconds when this lady keeps rambling on again. " You dont know what its like to lose your hair and puke all the time" One, we dont need to hear this shit from a complete stranger, Two she could mind her own friggin buisness and Three as if they dont know wat its going to do to them. Meh it pissed me off if you ask me. So anyways to waste time before we had to meet them we headed down to the beach for a bit. Got boring there so we went back to the Verve and got a coffee and waited. When they got there we wanted to leave haha so we chilled with them for about 10 minutes and left. Took Cherise home then me and Artemis went back to her house. We were watching T.V when we saw this commercial of pizza. We both looked at each other and ordered pizza at 11:00 haha we were starving and I swear I inhaled three pieces in 10 mins.

Artemis had a bunch of company at her house, so we had to sleep in her sisters room. Her and her sister slept in the bed and I was on the floor on this little pull out chair. Haha but amazingly it was really comfy. So its about 8:30 ( Im not a morning person ) and Artemis starts kicking my legs going, Get up Get up! I was like wattttt? Shes like GET UP. I turned over trying to ignore her untill she gabbed my legs and started pulling me. So that was my wake up call and I couldnt fall back asleep. So then we got ready and went and picked Cherise up again and we headed to the mall. Again the mall is really boring so went to the beach, did about dick all there too and then just kinda went home. I'm sitting at home now and just want to pass right out soo bad, but the thing is i am never able to sleep in the day. I have no idea why. No matter how much I try and sit there and close my eyes thats all that really happens. Now my stupid headaches are coming back and im dreaddddding it. Gonna have to run to the drug store and get some more pills seeing how I left mine in Calgary. Most of all im scared about the sleep im gonna have tonite =X anyways im off guys Chowww <33

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August 11th/11:08pm

System Failure?

Ok now I dont know about everyone else but ive been getting a message all day today on my computer that says this : " This System Is Shutting Down, Please Save All Work In Progress and Log Off. Any Unsaved Changes Will Be Lost. This Shutdown Was Initated by NT AUTHORITY SYSTEM" Now my first thought was great.. its a virus, knowing my luck ill get a friggin virus. So with my computer shutting down about every second I signed on I pretty much just wanted to scream. So then im talking to Trevor and was explaining to him wat was happening and he told me that sumone else told him that they were having the same problem. Then my phone rings, its my mom, and wat? shes having the exact same problem too. Okay so i feel some what better knowing that Im not the only one who has to go through this shit. So when my dad got home he phoned the guy who made the computer for us and asked him if he knew wat the problem was.

Well I guess he had been getting calls all day about this problem. I guess wat is happening ( I dont really know fully but this was all he told us ) was that some people out there are trying to hack into peoples computers, and as there doing that there spreading this friggin system shut down thingy. So no, no ones hacking you if you are getting this message, its just spreading itself around. So what happend was this guy sent us sum sort of Patch program thingy that got rid of it, and its seemed to work. I havent had it shut down since. So if anyone else is having this problem feel free to e-mail me and i can send you the patch and instructions on wat to do. So besides all of that today was pretty boring haha. Going to Kelowna tomorrow wooot. Anyways, past my bedtime, Its up early! nite <33

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August 10th/5:01pm

Collin Farrell? HOT HOT HOT

So yesterday was pretty boring and again a really hot day. Went down to future shop and got a brand new wireless keyboard and mouse. Its really nice, but trying to teach my dad what every button is for is realllly hard lol. Oh well hes old, ill let him off the hook. So then at about 7:00 went down to Artemis's after she got off work. Then her me and Cherise went and saw the movie S.W.A.T. Now omg Collin Farrell is sooo hot! I think that was pretty much the only reason we went to go see it. Plus LL Cool J was in it too. *Drools* haha but other then the hotties in the movie, it was really really good, and I would seriously spend my money to go see it again. After that we walked home and I just stayed at her house. Today was another hot day. Artemis was on stand-by so we had to stay home for a couple hours just in case she got called in to work. She didnt so we took the car and headed down to the Multi Plex to see the car races. It was pretty fun, except we were all dying cuz of the heat. Me Artemis and Amber went to Booster Juice. Man I havent had one of those forever! Its like a meal but mmmm good haha. So then after that we all decided to head to the beach.

None of us had our bathing suits so we all juss went in our clothes lol. So were all swimming and what not, then as were getting out Artemis goes up the ladder and as soon as she puts her other foot down she baiiiiils. Omg I dont think I have ever laughed soo hard in my life. To makes matters worse for her EVERYONE saw her lmaoo. It still makes me laugh right now cuz the image of her laying there totally cracks me up!! LoL poor thing =P So anyways It was an okay day, still not too sure wat im going to do tonite. I might be getting my hair done tomorrow or the next. Its needing it very badly. Gonna have to bug the dad for sum extra cash though. Mine blew right through my pocket I swear. So yeah im gonna go grab a bite to eat. Chow Loverzz <33

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August 8th/03 4:02pm

Talk About Hot Weather!

Man today is soooo hot. Artemis got the car today so she came and picked me up at about 10:30 and we drove down to the mall for a bit. Found out there was nothing to do there so we grabbed a coffee from Starbucks and headed to Freedom piercing to see how much a tounge piercing would cost, and she wanted to see how much a touch up would be for her tattoo. So then after that we headed to the store. So we stop at this one gas station we park and everything when all of a sudden this old guy is right behind us not moving. Were like what the hell is he doing? He's still sitting there, then we turn around again to see if he was gone. Well his truck was there. but he wasnt were like where did he go?? All of a sudden he pops up at the window and goes excuse me!? Were like what, he's like do you know where your parked, Were like yeah actually we do this is where your fucking suppose to park. Hes like dont you see the air pumps right there. Were like ummm yeaa?? Hes like well your in my way. Were like well were parked here so untill were finished you can wait. Hes like get outta my way right now or get a friggin license. So Artemis backs her car up about an inch from his truck and drives away with her finger out the window. It was the funniest shit ever. So anyways we headed to the hospital to get money from her mom so that she could drop it off for her sister. We go to the waterslidees where her sister works to drop off her money. We dropp it off and all of a sudden I hear "Taryn!!" I turn around and about 6 of my friends coming running towards me. It was sooo good to see all of them! Then after that we went to McD's to see Casey, I missed her alot too.

Then we went down to Ambers house to see if she wanted to go to the beach. As were gettin outta the car Krystal pulls up behind us. Shes like hey what are you guys doin here? Were like were seeing if Amber wants to go to the beach, what are you doing here? Shes like im getting Amber to go to the beach hahaha, so we all headed down to the beach and chilled there for about an hour. It was alot of fun. I ran into soo many people today. But it was sooo good to see everyone. So we came about home at 2:30 and now im just sitting here trying to make plans for tonite..It is soooooo flippin hot that I seriously feel like im gonna dieeeee. But meh what can you do? Well I put in some new pictures in the Sporadic Gallery. Thought its been awhile since I took some pictures. So yeah Enjoy! Oh and Kris andRenee Have new layouts!! I loooveee em guys! <33 Well thats all for now guys!! Talk to you soon, Enjoy the rest of the day! <333

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August 6th/03 6:24pm

New Layout

Very Quick post, Heres the new August layout, took me awhile but I hope yew all like it!! =oD Got more pictures in Snapz of babysitting and Brendons house! Enjoy em and I'll talk to you soon <333

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August 5th/9:58pm

Sitting Waiting For Slow Azz

So me and my girl Kalene are sitting here waiting for our slow azz friends to come pick us up. Kalene wants to give a huge shout out to the VBC crew " YER ALL SLOW AZZES!!!!!!!!!! HURRY THE FUCK UP" hahaha but we still love you <33 So yeah we chilled here last night, which was sooo boring but my dad was being an azz and wouldnt let me go cuz I havent even been home yet. Plus we woke up early this morning and went to Kelowna to babysit my little cuzins. It was alright i guess but we were soooooooooooo tired! Seeing how We didnt get home till 8 the other night, and then I didnt sleep all friggin day! We kinda got a little shut eye when we were all watching a movie. But it was soooo friggin hot out we thought we were gonna die. I have pictures from it, I promise ill post em as soon as Im not busy lol. So anyways my days have been pretty busy. Kalene is keeping me busy. Hope you all have a good night! Sorrie for the short post! Bye <3333

TLoxBayBeE Jammin - Dont Wanna Try - Frankie J

August 4th/03 1:48pm

Need Sleeeeeeeeep

Ok The past 3 days have been absolutly crazee. Im finally home..Haha this is the first time ive been home since ive been here. But man the last three days have been packkkked. Got in on Friday at about 1:00. We made pretty good time. I was soo miserable the whole ride out. Why? Who else. Cody. As soon as I was home alone I did not stop crying for about an hour. Phoned up my girl Kalene and she promised she would take me out to get my mind off of him. So I had a shower and got ready and her, Mike and Luke came and picked me up at about 7:00 then we kinda just drove around for awhile finding sumwhere to go. We got back together with James, Brendon and Paul and we all decided to head over to Steve's house to get a boot. That guy is a really funny guy. So after chillin there for awhile we headed back to Lukes house to drink. Man it was alot of fun, and it really helped get my mind off Cody. I have some pictures to post of them so be sure to take a look! Silent Sam is some gooood shiiit lol. Mike and Brendon drove us back to Kalenes at about 1:00. We sat there for about an hour and went back out to Lukes house till 6:00. Talk about a hangover the next day. Plus with 3 hours of sleep aint cool lol.

Me and Kalene swam in the pool all day on Saturday. It was fun. I really missed her so im really glad we got to hang out and have fun. Saturday night her parents were at her uncles house.. So we relaxed ordered pizza and just had a girls night. Then Sunday her friends came down for her Dad's birthday, man everyone was out of it lol. So me and Kalene headed into town at about 11 with Luke and Mike. Got more booze and went over to Steves house again. We chilled there untill 1:30 and went back to Kalenes house. When we got there all the cars were gone. So we looked around the house and we couldnt find anyone. We saw Russel and his girlfriend and said that they were up at her uncles house drinking. So we waited for them untill about 3:00 and we headed back out to Lukes house and had a blast playing 711 lol. Man I miss everyone here so bad! So me and Kalene didnt get home till about 8:00 this morning and have had about an hour sleep! So today I finally came home and am just going to relaxxxxx sit down and watch some movies on Sateilite and hopefully pass out. So anyways thats only the first three days. Can't wait to see everyone else. Well im off to have a shower. Have a good day guys!! <33

TLoxBayBeE Jammin - Going Under - Evanescence

August 3rd/03 10:25pm

Quite Little Vernon

Yes Im still alive! Got to Vernon on Friday and havent even been home yet. Went out Friday night with my girl Kalene and a bunch of guys. It was soo good to see everyone. Ive missed everyone soo much. They been so much help with this whole Cody shit. I love you guys!! So yeah Vernon is soo good havent even been home yet. Im chillin at my girls house. Its her dads birthday tonite so everyone is gonna be pullin an all-nighter! I have some pictures from Friday night so as soon as I get home ill be sure to post em as soon as possible!! So anyways just a quick post to tell you guys im still alive. Have fun! and ill be sure to post everything thats been going on soon. Things just have been really busy. You all have a good night! Choww <333

TLoxBaybEe Jammin Du Hast - Ramstien

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