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Pubs of Australia and the World.


Once upon a time, we would have said that Australian Pubs are unique.  This is the seventh issue of Pubs of Australia and the World and at this stage, the uniqueness of Australian Pubs is open to question. Nevertheless,  there are Pubs all over the world and most will warmly welcome the local citizen or a visitor.

Corones Hotel in the outback Queensland town of Charleville (Below left) has a place in the history of the area which dates from 1847. The bars and lounges still operate in the old building while a modern motel block provides accommodation. In rich pastoral country 500 mile from Brisbane, the hotel is a landmark. Guided tours of the hotel start at 2.00 p.m. daily.


The western world is not the only place to find Pubs. In the People’s Republic of China, The New Mainland Hotel (Below right) in Guangzhou equals any of Australia‘s five-star establishments but it is only listed as three-star.  The food in this area is fantastic and the clothing fair’s will blow your mind. The hotel is a short walk from Yuexiu Park; the Statue of the Five-Rams and Zhenhai Tower. Another memorial close by is the home of Dr. Sun Yat Set, a leader of the 1911 revolution..

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The Jacobs Well Tavern (Below Left) is midway between cane fields and the Broadwater on Queensland's Gold Coast. The sleepy village from which it takes its name is stirring to life as the Gold Coast relentlessly advances. A canal development patiently waits the appropriate time to commence selling. Jacobs Well Holdings Corporation Limited are planning an international class airport in the cane-fields..


The Excelsior Hotel (Below right) is in Coleman Street, right in the Central Business District of Singapore. From behind the bar Carol Kho gives the welcoming smile her customers come to expect. From the upper levels the hotel looks over historic Fort Canning and the Singapore River. A visitor may find the cost of a beer expensive; it will knock a hole in $20, whether it be American or Australian.

The Gem Hotel (Below left) is not far from the Jacobs Well Tavern but it is between the cane fields and the Pacific Highway – now the M1. Since about 1912, the hotel has undergone considerable change but the southern wall of the building is a reminder of what it was like ninety-years ago. For years the Gem was renowned for its true Australian Meat Pies as well as the beer.


At the start of the Marlborough Strip in North Queensland is the Marlborough Hotel. The new road bypasses  Marlborough but it is worth a stop whether you are heading  south to Rockhampton or north to Sarina and Mackay. This is the heart of a cattle raising area. Brahmin, Hereford, Santa Gertrudis and Simmetal cattle graze on the pastoral holdings.