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Electric vehicles:

A realistic alternative to the internal combustion engine.

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Continual electrical charge to battery of operating vehicle.

Motor car manufacturers including BMW, the Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Tesla Motors of California,  Reva NXG in India and other major manufacturers abroad and in Australia are looking at the potential of electrical powered vehicles as an addition to petroleum powered vehicles. Some are currently marketing electrical powered vehicles. It is interesting that Reva NXG are experiencing difficulty with Australian State Governments, even the Federal Government who display a lack of interest and unwillingness to provide a category for this type of vehicle as an alternative to gasoline power.

The interest in electrical power for vehicles is fueled (pardon the pun) by diminishing stocks of available oil throughout the world and, since the advent of global warming the environmental damage caused by petrol driven vehicles has generated more interest in alternate  power.

A difficulty with the electric powered vehicle is that it relies on a battery or batteries that require charging. Some batteries can be fully charged in a mere three hours; others may take up to six hours. Most, if not all, can be charged from normal household power.

The generation of almost continuous electrical power to charge the batteries of an electric vehicle while it is in operation may be available right now.  The idea is quite simple and parts already in manufacturer are readily available to bring the concept to fruition.

The concept proposed herein is to use readily available machinery and parts to incorporate in an electrical powered vehicle a device that will generate the electricity needed to keep a battery charged. This concept operates by day or night and in all weather.

The idea is one that might be subject to patent but in discussion with patent lawyers, it is found that the cost would be prohibitive.  Should you or your organization be interested in further information or in becoming a partner in the production of the concept, please write to:

PO Box 1232


Queensland 4216


Or e-mail:

From this (Left) a Reva Motors Electric Car from India and now in Australia—125 kph; to this (Right) a Tesla Electric car built in California 125 mph.


Blade Electric Vehicles (BEV)

12 Hitchcock Street

Castlemaine, Vic. 3450

Convert production vehicle

to electric drive.

(EVM) Electric Vehicle Motors

Supplier of Motors for On-Road Electric Vehicles

In addition to electric vehicles already mentioned, the Blade Motor Company specialize in the conversion of vehicles to electric power. EVM provide electric motors designed for on-road electric vehicles.

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Continual electrical charge to battery of operating electric vehicle

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Above: The General Motor’s Holden Volt.