At 7.00p.m. on Sunday, September 28, 2008, Desert Aura gave birth to a Colt foal that was sired by Hotel Grand. The foal is jet black, and a well developed foal.

PiandO arrived at Raintree, just out of Beaudesert, Queensland to meet the new foal and were present at the birth of another Colt by the same sire to Mare Regal Kent.

Left: The Colt, born on September 28, 2008. He is yet to be given a name and   will be registered under his racing name as he grows older.

Within minutes of the arrival of PiandO, Regal Kent gave birth to a Colt foal, sired by Hotel Grand.

Within second of his birth, the baby colt was receiving necessary attention; his first shots of antibiotics and  Tetanus, then a full rub down and lots of hands on while his mother watched the proceedings with amazing patience.

Unperturbed by the audience that were attending to the mare and her foal, Regal Kent was reluctant to take her eyes off the foal; even when it was moved away from her. At this stage the placenta was still attached and even following the birth, the foal receives nourishment through the umbilical cord.

After ten to fifteen minutes, the Colt struggles free of the placenta and the umbilical cord falls free. The mother is able to stand and take her first tentative sniffs licking at the newborn. Throughout these proceedings, Stephanie, who is the birthing attendant makes sure everything is progressing correctly, at the same time giving a running commentary to intrigued onlookers outside the birthing paddock.

The Colt has two things in mind now. The first is standing, the second is to received nourishment from Mum. His efforts to stand  are exhausting work for the foal.

Many times he struggles to his feet, only to fall and have another rest before trying again.

In less than one-hour, which indicates a strong young animal, the colt is on his feet and takes his first nourishment from Mum who gives him encouragement.

Special thanks to Raintree Stud and Stephanie for permitting PiandO to photograph this event

Note: Names and other important details are not provided for privacy reasons.