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P i a n d O


The web-page PiandO is primarily designed to feature published and unpublished stories by John Gavin. Since the inception of the PiandO web-pages in December 2002, regular changes to the featured stories are made each month.


Some pages are for the commercial interest of friends or associates. Links will take a visitor to a variety of sites, some that publish the work of John Gavin on a regular basis.


The author, whose writing interests are varied, lives in Runaway Bay on Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia.

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Perhaps : Captain Ducky:

Is another story that previously featured.

It is re-presented as a tribute to the United States Coast Guard and Point Bonito Flotilla, of which the Captain belongs, for their interest in her well-being and a long standing friendship spanning 42 years.

The photograph (left) is of Captain Ducky leaving the tall ship, the magnificent USCG Eagle at sea on its first visit to San Francisco.

Whether she is aboard the Eagle at sea, as a senior consultant in the fashion department of I. Magnin and Company in San Francisco (Now Macy’s West) or skippering a Salmon Charter Boat such as the Lovely Martha out of San Francisco’s Fisherman's Wharf, the Captain is right at home. In January 2005, the Australian born Captain celebrated her 97th birthday at this time (2011) she is 103..

A little more color: As is was opposite the Dublin Docks Tavern 15 years ago. See the View Now.

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