Click on the pics to see them larger! And in thier own Window..but forget to pres the back button to come back to this page, thanx Enjoy!
The first pic is of my beloved carlton cold, in nicks van having a wonderful ride on the way to trivia, the second is of me looking like I am really happy to be in class (well i was it was lunch time and i had just eaten!) the third is from the classroom window of the SAFM van driving past, prefere Triple M but eh, what can ya do! the fourth is of my school work, I think the fourth is of my water. below is a pic of the somerset sign, where i often go with friends for dinner, the next is my gorgeous son andrew looking funny, then there is nicks birthday pressie (candy the lady in a box) and finally my man, Lee who got sucked into having both his hands wrapped up in tape and tape put on his head (no tape was harmed in the making of this picture! lol.

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