pRoFiLe.. such a pretty profile!
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Wheres that damn profile?? oh wait! there it is! YAY!!!

This is the page all about Jamo

This is a photo of Jamo.. hehe.. yes the helmet does come off sumtimes! and there is a cartoon i drew of him! hahaha

hEy PpLz, This is Paul "Jamo" Jamieson's Profile.. enjoy!!

Name: Paul ‘Jamo’ Jamieson

D.O.B: 18/1/85

Lives: Melbourne, Australia

Bike: 04'cr250r

Sponsors: Black Flys,Reikon Handlebars ,Skin Industries, Airtime clothing, Red Wing Honda, Krooz Tune Suspension, Boyd’s Moto Surgery, DexmotoX, Ron Angel Imports, Bacchus Marsh Motorsport Centre, Corrupt Clothing and Dexter Coastal Investments

Background: I’ve been riding since I was three years old and started doing freestyle in 2001

Ambitions: To do well at the 2003 xtreme games then try to get overseas to ride

Trick List: Rock solids, rock solid indys, dead bodys, cliff hangers, strippers, kiss of death, look back hart attacks, double harts, Indian airs, nine o’clock nacs, double nac indys, tsunami’s, sideways harts, jackhammers, mcmetz and double mcmetz's,mcmetz to heel clicker! 1 hand dead bodys,double rock solids and heaps more oh but of course...THE NO PANTS LANDER!!!!!!!

Favourite Trick(s): Jack Hammers, Back Flips.. and DEFINATELY.... THE NO PANTS LANDER!!!!!

Favourite Pro Rider(s): Drake McElroy, Kenny Bartram or Doug Parsons

My Personal Thoughts on Jamo: Jamo.. he is a crazy guy.. but is fun to hang out with!..Melbourne will be blessed and stoked to have all the boys here! Jamo loves to do freestyle.. and also loves it if a camera is around.. he is a real ham!