pRoFiLe.. such a pretty profile!
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Wheres that damn profile?? oh wait! there it is! YAY!!!

This is the page all about Scott

This is a photo of Scott... hehe.. yes the helmet does come off sumtimes! w0ot!

hEy PpLz, This is Scott Glover's Profile..enjoy:

Name: Scott Glover

D.O.B: 17/01/88

Lives: Melbourne, VIC

Bike: currently Honda CR 125

Sponsors: None as of yet!! but i think this boy has potential and should soon get sponsors!

Background: Raced supercross and motocross for 2 years and got sick of it, so i decided to try freestyle, and um yeah its just alot more fun!

Ambitions: To turn pro, and flip!

Trick List: Stripers, double heelclickers, nac nacs, sucide no handers, no hander landers, no foot cans, 1hand no footcans, nothings, just all the normal stuff... seeeee check that list man!! he should be sponsored!!

Favourite Trick(s): stripers and massive nac nacs

Favourite Pro Rider(s): Carey hart definetly.

My Personal Thoughts on Scott: Scott.. haha wat can i say about him?? hehehe well he is an awesome rider.. he is a funny dude.. he likes to be a smart ass .. hehe but we got off to a bad start hehe till i realised he was such a champ!!! hehe yay!!

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