pRoFiLe.. such a pretty profile!
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Wheres that damn profile?? oh wait! there it is! YAY!!!

This is the page all about Ras

This is a photo of Ras.. hehe.. yes the helmet does come off sumtimes!

hEy PpLz, This is Rhys "Rasy" Hillier's Profile.. enjoy!!

Name: Rhys "Rasy" Hillier

D.O.B: 1-8-1988

Lives: Corryong VIC

Bike: 2001 YZ125 (McCanns)

Sponsors: Dirty Dog Eye Wear, Unifilter, Sloth clothing, Emetic clothing, MnC Cycles Corryong

Background: like most people i use to race, got over it prefered the thrill of freestyle and stuck with it...

Ambitions: Just have fun doin what i love doin...Bustin off ramps

Trick List: Crikey moses! Shaolin, barhop , cordova, stripper, no foot can indys, disco cans, cliffhangers, nothings, heel to nothing, catwalk, nac nac, just starting SSG....etc etc !!!!!!

Favourite Trick(s): at the moment Cordovas, shaolins and cliffys !!!!!

Favourite Pro Rider(s): Dan Pastor

My Personal Thoughts on Ras: what can i say about Ras.. besides the fact that he is a talented rider and DAMN that boy knows how to have a good time! yay for the craziness that is RAS!!!!