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History of Ozzy Osbourne


1948 - 1966

John Michael Osbourne was born to John Thomas Osbourne and his wife Lillian on December 3rd, 1948. His residence was located at 14 Lodge Road, Aston, Birmingham, England. John Thomas was a professional tool maker and Lillian worked at the Lucas car factory.

John was one of 3 brothers and 3 sisters. His two brothers were named Paul, and Tony, and his 3 sisters were named Jean, Iris, and Gillian.

While in grammar school, John Osbourne was nicknamed "Ozzy", short for his last name "Osbourne".

Ozzy's 6th grade class picture: Teacher Wil Parry Williams, of Tregarth, near Bethesda, who before his retirement was headmaster of Ysgol Treborth, Bangor.

Ozzy is pictured at the right in his three-buttoned jacket.

Ozzy was born into a very poor family. He barely had any clothes. In fact, in a recent interview he said he only had one shirt, one pair of pants, and one jacket. His apartment had no indoor plumbing and no indoor bathroom. He slept in one bed with all 5 of his brothers and sisters.

At the young age of 15, Ozzy quits school and begins work as a plumbers mate. This job didn't last too long, and Ozzy moved on to a slaughter house. This is where Ozzy learned to like killing 250 cattle a day and cutting sheep guts out. That lasted a few months, before he got tired of that, and he wound up getting a job with his mother, Lillian (maiden name "Unit") testing car horns at the Lucas factory. This is where Ozzy's first musical influence started.

Dissatisfied with the low income Ozzy is earning, he turns to a life of crime. He begins robbing small clothes stores and private home. The cops keep catching him though, because he wears gloves but the fingers are cut out! His fingerprints are left all over the place. Ozzy's longest sentence was 6 weeks in the Winson Green Prison, for burglary. During this 6 week sentence, armed with a needle and a slab of graphite, Ozzy places the now famous tattoos on his body. O-Z-Z-Y across his knuckles, needles on his arms, the word "thanks" on his palm, and a happy face on each knee to cheer him up when he wakes up in the morning.

1967 - 1968

 As a child, Ozzy loved the Beatles and always was admired by the way they commanded an audience. He made up his mind, he wanted to be just like the Beatles.

Walking the streets in search of something to do, Ozzy meets and old friend who had just put a band together named "Approach". This band had no singer, so Ozzy said "I'm a singer!" Ozzy ran home and some how got his father to buy him a $50 amp and microphone. Approach was a rhythm type band and Ozz didn't like it too much, so he quit and joined another band named "Music Machine". That band didn't last long either. Ozzy and old time friend Terrance Butler (now known as "Geezer") then formed a band named "Rare Breed". Rare Breed really wasn't going any where so Ozzy put an ad in a local paper which said:


Now, on the other side of town, two young men by the names of Bill Ward and Tony Iommi had created a band named "The Rest" which had later changed their name to "Mythology". So Tony sees this ad in the paper reading "Ozzy Zig", and he thinks to himself, "This can't be the same Ozzy I used to beat up on the playground when I was younger", so he goes to the address on the ad, and sure enough, it's the same Ozzy. They all hook up and create "Polka Tulk". Polka Tulk was derived from a can of talcum powder that Ozzy found in a bathroom. The band now consists of 6 people: Ozzy Osbourne, Bill Ward, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Jimmy Phillips and Clark. It was a blues/jazz type of music with a hard edge, but Phillips and Clark didn't like that hard edge so they both quit. Polka Tulk then became "Earth".

At one particular Earth gig, the band was asked by mistake to play at an upscale banquet. They were asked to perform in Tux's. The people that had hired them had mistaken them for another band named Earth. The show went on, but the richy rich people in the audience were mortified by this new sound.


The band was getting a little recognition but not much. They were touring in a very beat up van making very little money. In fact, in a recent interview, Tony recounts a time where Ozzy walked to practice barefoot because he couldn't afford new shoes.

One Day an old horror movie was playing at a local theatre by the name of "Black Sabbath". Geezer saw this and said to himself, why would people pay good money to get the crap scared out of them? He came back to the guys and talked it over with them and decided to change their image and their name to "Black Sabbath". Black Sabbath would now be a doomsy, dark and "new" band.

The band starts playing a lot more small clubs and gaining popularity. A man by the name of Jim Simpson steps in and becomes the bands new manager. Jim had the band record a special demo album, just for him named "For Jim". This album contains 5 songs, consisting of the only azz session ever recorded by Black Sabbath. It features Tony Iommi playing with the style of Wes Montgomery and Bill Ward backing him up with bebop drums. Two of the songs on this album were named "A Song For Jim" and "The Rebel". Short samples of them can be heard on a video released in the early 90's called "The Black Sabbath Story, Vol 1".

Now playing a lot of clubs, the band gets very annoyed at the audience because people are talking to each other and not paying attention. One night Ozzy decides to paint himself purple from head to toe to attract some attention, and the funny thing didn't work! It took days to get off. So finally they decide to crank up the volume so loud, that the audience can't even hear themselves think and are force to listen.


February, Friday the 13th, 1970, Black Sabbath's first album "Black Sabbath is released under the Vertigo label. It was recorded in 8 hours on two four track machines and cost about $1200 to make. Ozzy couldn't wait to bring the record home to show his father and say "Look dad, it's me on a piece of plastic!" After his dad listened to the record, he asked Ozzy "Are you sure you're only smoking cigarettes?" On the gatefold of the album, the record company decided to put an upside down cross with a poem in the middle of it. The band had no idea they did this.

The poem read as follows:

"Still Falls The Rain"

 Still falls the rain,

The veils of darkness shroud the blackened trees,

Which, contorted by some unseen violence,

Shed their tired leaves, and bend their boughs

Toward a grey earth of severed bird wings.


Among the grasses, poppies bleed before a gesticulating death,

and young rabbits, born dead in traps,

stand motionless, as through guarding the silence,

that surrounds and threatens to engulf

all those that would listen.


Mute birds, tired of repeating yesterdays terrors,

huddle together in the recesses of dark corners,

heads turned from the dead,

black swan that floats upturned in a small pool in the hollow.


There emerges from this pool a faint, sensual mist,

That traces its way upwards to caress the feet

Of the headless martyr's statue

Whose only achievement was to die too soon,

and who couldn't wait to lose.


The cataract of darkness forms fully,

The long black night begins,

Yet still by the lake, a young girl waits,

Unseeing she believes herself unseen,

she smiles faintly at the distant tolling bell,

and the still rain falling.

With the release of this first album, the bands audience begins to grow rapidly attracting all walks of life, including self proclaimed witches and Satanists. One night the band was asked by a witch to play at a satanic ceremony. The band declined and the witch cast an evil spell over the band. Being totally freaked out by this, Ozzy had his father make aluminum crosses for all four members of the band to keep evil spirits away from them. In a recent interview, Bill Ward said he is the only one that still has the original cross. Ozzy now has 14 karat crosses!

In October 1970, the band releases their second album, "Parnoid". This album was made in 4 days. It was originally supposed to be named "War Pigs" but at the last minute was changed to Paranoid by the record company due to the Vietnam war. The very popular song "Paranoid" was actually recorded as just a filler song at the last minute in the studio and was never intended to become such an anthem to the group. The album hits #1 status. At this same time they decide to let Jim Simpson go as their manager. Jim was keeping to much profit. Patrick Meehan and Wilf Pine take over.

In December, Black Sabbath's first album "Black Sabbath" is released in the U.S. by Warner Brothers as the band tours colleges. By now that album has already hit platinum status.


Ozzy marries a woman by the name of Thelma Mayfair. Thelma already had a boy from a previous marriage named Elliot Kingsley who was 5 years old, so Ozzy decided to adopt him.

In march, the Paranoid album hits the #12 spot on the U.S. charts. This album goes on to sell over 4 million copies.

Late 1971, The "Master Of Reality" album is released. This album featured a few songs that had a reference to religion in a good way, but received bad press for putting down religion. In September it went to #5 on the U.K. charts and #8 on the U.S. It reached platinum status shortly thereafter.

1972 - 1973

Black Sabbath's 4th album is released entitle "Volume 4". This album was originally going to be named "Snowblind" (a reference to cocaine usage) but the record company once again stepped in and told them "No!"

By November it had reached a peak of #8 on the U.K. charts and #13 in the U.S.

Ozzy's first offspring was born this year, a daughter by the name of Jessica Starshine Osbourne.


The Album "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" is released. This album featured the very first song which Ozzy wrote the lyrics and music to, "Who Are You?" (Geezer wrote 95% of lyrics to all Sabbath songs Ozzy sang.) In February it hit #4 on U.K. charts and #11 in the U.S. Within a year it had sold a million copies.

April 6th, the band performs at the Cal Jam in Ontario, CA. The band hadn't performed live for over 6 months and were given 1 days notice of this concert.The band gets paid $1000 each, but later learn that they really earned $250,000 which their manager screwed them out of.


Once again, Black Sabbath fires their management and try to take things into their own hands. Sabbath is managementless!

"Sabotage" is released. This album featured a song entitle "The Writ" which told their true feelings against past management problems. It hit #7 on U.K. charts and #28 in the U.S.

Ozzy's first son is born, named Louis Jon Osbourne. (He is the little kid on Ozzy's solo album "Diary Of A Madman".)


With all the bad management problems and constant touring, Ozzy took some time off. He went home and got rid of some of his frustration by shooting all the chickens around his house.

In April, a best of album entitled "We Sold Our Souls For Rock And Roll" and hits #35 in the U.K. and #48 in the U.S.

The band hires new management because they can't handle it all by themselves. They hire a man by the name of Don Arden. This was how Ozzy was introduced to Sharon Arden (now Sharon Osbourne). Don is Sharon's father.

In late 1976, the "Technical Ecstasy" album is released. It hits #13 on the U.K. charts and #51 in the U.S.


Ozzy is fed up with Tony's control over the band and is also whacked out of his mind from excessive use of drugs and alcohol. On top of all of that his father dies and throws Ozzy into a deep emotional swell. He announce that he is quitting Black Sabbath.


Sabbath tries out a new singer by the name of Dave Walker (ex Fleetwood Mac). You can hear him singing a different version of "Junior's Eyes" on a well known bootleg entitled "The Archangel Rides Again". Ozzy gets back up on his feet and rejoins the band. All material written for the new album with Walker is destroyed because Ozzy didn't want to sing any of it.

Sabbath's last album with Ozzy "Never Say Die" is released. Ozzy dedicated a song entitled "Junior's Eyes" as a goodbye to his father.

Constant usage of narcotics and alcohol force the band to fire Ozzy. Bill Ward is put up to do the dirty deed. Ronnie James Dio would be his replacement. This marks the lowest point in Ozzy's life.


Ozzy spends about 6 months in a hotel room getting high and drunk non stop over the breakup of Sabbath. Finally Sharon Arden (Don Arden's daughter) came
to collect an old debt from Ozzy and saw the sad state he was in. Sharon gets
Ozzy back on his feet and back into music.


Don Arden stuck with Ozzy as management and let the old Sabbath go. He put together a band called "Law" which lasted for about 2 gigs and then was Changed to the "Blizzard of Ozz". The band consisted of Randy Rhoads (ex Quiet Riot), Bob Daisly (ex Uriah Heep), and Lee Kerslake (ex Uriah Heep).

Ozzy had been trying for weeks to get a label to sign him. Finally CBS
signed him for $65,000 for his first album. CBS was having a big corporate
meeting where Ozzy would meet all the top guys for the first time. CBS wasn't
too interested in Ozzy because they believed they had better artists on their
label. Ozzy's wife, Sharon, wanted him to make a big bang when he entered, so
she suggested throwing three white doves in the air when he walked in, well,
Ozzy had a little too much to drink that day (as usual), he walked in, sat down on
a girl's lap, let 2 doves go, and bit the head off of the 3rd one. Let's just say
everyone was in complete shock. When his wife Sharon saw this, she was laughing so
hard that she urinated in her pants, and in her own words "It wasn't just a little
bit, it was a puddle!" Ozzy was immediately kicked out of the meeting. On his way out
he bit the head off of a second dove that was still in his pocket and threw the carcass at the receptionist. The press went wild with this, dubbing Ozzy "insane" and "the mad man." The Humane Society of America would soon try to ban all performances in the states.

Now, take note that this all took place before Ozzy's first solo album was even released! Ozzy was banned from ever coming back into the CBS building
but they decided to release his album anyway. The album entitled "Blizzard of
Ozz" went to #7 on U.K. charts and #21 in the U.S. it has since gone
quadruple platinum.


Ozzy gets a divorce from his wife Thelma and his second solo project is released - "Diary of a Madman". It reaches #14 in the U.K. and #16 in the U.S.
A few weeks after "Diary of a Madman" is released, Kerslake and Daisly are fired due to money problems and Tommy Aldridge and Rudy Sarzo take their spots.
Ozzy concerts were getting very involved with his audience. At the end of each show, he would catapult meat (and other leftovers from butcher shops such as stomachs and intestines) at his audience. Well, over time his audience began getting him back! Ozzy has said in a recent interview "we had to turn this guy away from our show because he was trying to get in with an ox's head, a full head!"

January 20th, at a concert in Des Moines, Iowa someone throws a bat on stage. Stunned by the light, the bat lay motionless and Ozzy thinking it was plastic, (of course he had to be drinking, or high on something to think this thing was plastic!) picks it up and bites the head off of it. The bat then started to flap his wings and Ozzy soon realized it wasn't fake! After the show Ozzy was immediately rushed to the hospital for rabies shots. Ozzy describes it as "one of the most horrible, painful experiences of my life."
February 1982, Ozzy visits the Alamo, a national shrine in Texas. Drunk in his hotel room he decides to dress up as a woman and go outside to snap some pictures. During film reloading, Ozz felt the need to relieve himself. He walks over to this half knocked down wall and starts taking a leak. That piece of wall turned out to be part of the Alamo building. Ozzy was thrown in jail and banned from ever playing in San Antonio, Texas again. (a ban which was lifted in 1992)
More band member changes were made this year - Lindsey Bridgewater is hired for keyboards, Bridgewater leaves shortly after and Don Airey is hired.

March 19th, 1982 would mark the saddest day in Osbourne history. Randy Rhoads is killed in a tragic airplane crash. The driver of the bus was a licensed pilot, who decided to do a little flying while some of the band rested on board the bus. He took up a small engine aircraft along with Jake Duncan and Don Airey for a little ride. Upon landing he extends the same invitation to Rhoads and Rachel Youngblood (a woman that did makeup). So they both go up. (And to this day, Ozzy doesn't know why they accepted The offer because they were both terrified of flying.) The pilot had just gone through a nasty divorce and it is believed that when his ex-wife had stepped off the bus he launched towards her. The wing of the plane hit the top of the bus and from there flew into a near by garage and blew up. The bus where Ozz and the rest of his band lie sleeping was badly damaged but no one was hurt inside. A lot of people don't know this, but Ozzy ran into the burning building to try and save Randy and it is said the he was still alive, but died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

In an attempt to jump right back into the game, Ozz hires the first ax-man to come along - Bernie Torme (who later went on to be with Dee Snyder). He lasted only 3 weeks, couldn't take the pressure. Ozz then hires Brad Gillis (ex Nightranger) to fill Torme's spot.

On July 4,1982 Ozzy gets married to Sharon on the tropical island of Maui. He said he picked the 4th of July to get married so he would remember the date because of the holiday (Independence Day). Tommy Aldridge was Ozzy's best man. Ozzy didn't like the Hawaiian band playing there so he kicked them out and distributed their instruments to his band and played some acoustical versions of Goodbye to Romance, Paranoid and some old Beatles songs. (Geez, would I love to see some video of that!) Sharon also took over the role as Ozzy's new manager by buying the contract for Ozz from her own father!
In an effort to get out of a sticky situation, Ozzy is forced to put out a live album called "Speak of the Devil" (also called "Talk of the Devil" outside of the U.S.). This album was originally going to be a tribute Randy Rhoads, but Ozzy thought it was too soon after his death to release that kind of material. This album hit #14 on U.S. charts and went platinum. If you've ever seen the cover, you know that Ozzy has raspberry jam (looks like blood clots) spitting out of his mouth. Well, a few hundred albums hit the store shelves with a sticker that covered that up and made Ozzy look normal (or halfway normal). As soon as Ozzy found this out he them all recalled and sent out the way he wanted it to be.
If you ever wondered what all that cryptic writing is around Ozzy on the front cover of "Speak of the Devil" this is what it says: Howdy. Dial a demon productions in conjunction with graveyard graphics, proudly presents the madman of rock dumping in el satanos toiletto. The inside magic words reveal a more serious note - a tribute to Randy Rhoads, axeman. That kid was my lifeline, ya' know? He was such a dynamic player and I'd rather not talk about it anymore because it cuts me up every day of my life. Randy Rhoads rest in peace and love.

Soon after the release of "Speak of the Devil" Ozzy shaves every inch of hair off of his head. A lot of people think it was the rabies shots from the bat incident that made his hair fall out, but this isn't true at all. their is a video taped interview in which he explains "I was using a lot of gels and oils in my hair, and with those bright stage lights beating down on that all night long, it was making his hair very brittle and damaged. So one day I just shaved it all off!"

Band member changes, Gillis goes back to Night Ranger and Ozzy hires Jake E Lee.
Ozzy releases "Bark at the Moon". This album hit #19 on U.S. charts and #24 in the U.K. and eventually went double platinum.
On May 29th Ozzy performed at the Us Festival in San Bernardino, CA for a crowd of 350,000!
More band member changes, Aldrige leaves, and Carmine Appice is hired for drums. Two months later he is fired and Aldridge comes back.

September 2nd, 1983 Ozzy has his first offspring with Sharon, a daughter, Aimee Rachel (middle name possibly named after Rachel Youngblood who died in the plane accident with Randy.)
Ozzy makes a music video for "Bark at the Moon" which took over 8 hours to prepare him in full wolf costume.

While making a video for "So Tired", an exploding mirror sends sharp glass into Ozzy's throat, and 8 U.S. concerts have to be postponed.
The band line up is now Don Airey on keyboards, Jake E. Lee on guitar, Bob Daisley on bass and Tommy Aldrige on drums.
In November Ozzy admits himself to the Betty Ford clinic for rehab of drug and alcohol addiction.

October 27th Ozzy becomes a father again to another daughter - Kelly.

July 15th, Ozzy reunites with Black Sabbath for the first time since their break up in 1978, to do 3 songs at the Live Aid Concert.

November 8, 1985, Ozzy has another son, Jack Osbourne.

"The Ultimate Sin" album is released. Once again, Ozzy ran into trouble with the looks of his album cover. The original cover had 3 crucifixes atop a hill in the background and the girl had no pants on. Ozzy had actually written a whole album before the "Ultimate Sin", but scrapped the whole thing and started from scratch because he wasn't happy with it. The album hit hit #8 in the U.K. and #6 in the U.S., and eventually went double platinum.
More band member changes included Randy Castillo taking over drums, Phil Soussan taking over on bass, and John Sinclair taking over on keyboards.
The Ultimate Sin tour proved to be an expensive one. At the meadowlands sports complex in New Jersey, Ozzy encouraged fans to rip up seats costing him $80,000 in damage.
On January 13th, 1986 Ozzy, and CBS records is sued by parents of a boy by the name of Jack McCollum, who committed suicide while listening to the "suicide solution" song. Ozzy is said to have subliminal messages in his music which drove the boy to do this. on December 19th, 1986 a California superior judge denies a motion to reinstate the "suicide solution" lawsuit citing first amendment protection. on July 18, 1988 a California appeals court upholds the decision to dismiss the lawsuit. On May 6, 1991 a district court judge in Atlanta dismisses the lawsuit on first amendment grounds. On October 1st, 1992 the Supreme Court upholds rulings that the first amendment protects Ozzy against lawsuits that allege his music encourages suicide. What does all this mean? Ozzy won! of course, don't be silly!

The Ultimate Ozzy video is released. A concert filmed at Kemper Arena, Kansas City, Missouri in 1986. This video went gold.
In March Ozzy films a fanatical fundamentalist preacher part for the movie "Trick or treat"
The long awaited "Randy Rhoads Tribute album" is released. A live recording featuring the late ax-man. It hits #6 in the U.S. and #13 in the U.K.and eventually made it to double platinum.
Ozzy picks up a new ax-man by the name of Zakk Wylde, bass is taken over by Bob Daisley
July 17 Ozzy begins a 6 week tour of U.K. prisons where he played one song I don't have in my collection of rarities: "Jailhouse Rock"

The "No Rest For The Wicked" album is released. This album also had troubles with it's cover. The original cover was similar to the one that was released except Ozzy had a crown of thorns on his head, and the three girls were holding crucifixes. This album made it to #23 on U.K. charts and to #13 in the U.S.

Wicked Videos is released. A collection of 3 videos. It is certified gold.
June 4th, Ozzy has his first pay-per-view concert broadcast to all paying citizens of the U.S. The concert was performed live at the Tower Theatre in Philadelphia, P.A.
Ozzy's duet with Lita Ford "Close My Eyes Forever" is a #8 hit on the billboards singles chart.
August 12th, Ozzy plays the Moscow peace festival in Russia with other big acts such as Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, the Scorpions, and Skid Row. A week after the show, Ozzy back at home finds a case of Russian vodka that someone gave him at the festival. He downs the 4 bottles and hits the ultimate bottom. Ozzy's exact words to his wife Sharon were, "we've decided that you've got to go.", and he started choking her. Sharon hit the panic button on the house alarm and the cops came and took Ozzy away. Ozzy woke up the next morning in jail. The cops told him you've been arrested for attempted murder of your wife, and he said, "you've got to be kidding, I don't remember a thing!" By court order Ozzy would spend the next 3 months in re-hab away from his family.

Geezer Butler returns to Ozzy to play bass and records a live album named "Just Say Ozzy", a 6 song album to hold fans over for a while.
1990 also saw the release of the now impossible to find "Ten Commandments" this was a limited edition of Ozzy's best songs.

The "No More Tears" album is released on September 17th. It went to #7 in the U.S. and #32 in U.K and is now certified triple platinum. This album was originally going to be called "Say Hello to Heaven". Geezer left Ozzy again and Mike Inez took over on bass. Ozzy collaborates with Lemmy of Motorhead in the writing process for this album. Ozzy even takes home a Grammy for "I Don't Want To Change The World".

September 24th, Ozzy's home video "Don't Blame Me" is released which includes rare footage and interviews about his whole life. It has reached gold status.
In October Ozzy breaks his foot on stage after doing one of his famous "frog leaps", and after 3 more shows infection sets in causing him to postpone the Theatre of Madness tour.

On January 5th Ozzy is back on tour with his newly healed foot.
March 26th Ozzy performs a memorial concert in Long Beach C.A. and dedicates the proceeds to build a new tomb for Randy Rhoads.
March 28th Ozzy invites the audience to join him on stage at Irvine Meadows in Laguna Hills, C.A. and fans cause $100,000 in damage including minor bruises to Ozzy!
In June Ozzy announces his retirement tour, the "No More Tours Tour". This would mark the last tour Ozzy would ever perform (according to Ozzy). He stated that he was retiring from the music business to spend more time with his family.
October 1st Ozzy performs in San Antonio, TX for the first time in 10 years after donating $10,000 to the caretakers of the Alamo, where he relieved himself on a drunken binge.
November 15th, on the last stop of the "No More Tours Tour", Black Sabbath reunites for the 2nd time since their breakup in 1978 at Costa Mesa, California. At the end of the show a sign is lit up which read "Ozzy Osbourne, I'll be back"

November 18th, Black Sabbath is honored with a star at the rock walk on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood.
1993 - 1994

July 93 a double live album, and video is released by the name of "Live and Loud". This was recorded around the world on the "No More Tours Tour" 91-92. It also included one live track from the Sabbath reunion, "Black Sabbath". It peaked at #22 on the charts and was later certified gold.
Ozzy spends these 2 years at home with his family, taking it easy and enjoying life, but the easy life is actually driving him nuts. He badly wants to get out of the house and start doing what he does best, singing.
He does a little writing with Steve Vai and other musical talents. All in he writes about 40 songs.
March 1st, 1994 Ozzy takes home a Grammy for best metal performance, "I Don't Want To Change The World"

August, Ozzy announces to the world that he is back and here to stay. He launches his retirement sucks tour in Monterey, Mexico with a new guitarist, Joe Holmes. Joe has said that Randy Rhoads actually used to teach him when he was younger, strange huh? Geezer was on bass and Dean Castronovo was on drums. Dean left after 8 shows and Randy Castillo took over.
In September "Ozzmosis" is released which featured Geezer on bass, Zakk on guitar, and Dean Castronovo on drums. This album went to #4 on U.S. charts and to #22 in the U.K. Sadly there was no Steve Vai to be seen on this album, (I would have loved to hear that) but there was credit to Steve in help of writing Ozzy's dedication to his son Jack, "My Little Man". A lot of people have heard rumors that the original title of Ozzmosis was going to be called X-ray. This is not true, X-ray was the name of the band that Ozzy was putting together with Steve. Ozzy records this album drug/liquor free for the first time! Zakk only sticks around to record the studio album, and then he's off to work with his own solo project "Pride and Glory".
While on tour in December, Geezer decides to take break, and Mike Inez steps in for him.

May - more band changes! Joe Holmes on ax, Mike Bordin (from Faith No More) on drums, Robert Trujillio (from Suicidal Tendencies) on bass, and John Sinclair on keyboards.
August 17th, Ozzy co-headlines the Castle Donington festival with Kiss.
September 1996, Ozzy starts up "Ozz-fest", a huge festival with Slayer, Neurosis, Biohazard, Prong, Fear factory, Danzig and others. You could get a body piercing or a tattoo, and experience various other things there.
During the '96 tour Ozzy has to cancel/cut short numerous concert gigs due to illness and voice/throat problems.

Ozzy starts his own record label "Ozz Records" in collaboration with Red Ant records (which went belly up about 6 months later) and releases a live album and video named "The Ozzfest". The album consisted of one song from each of the bands that played on the '96 Ozzfest tour. The material was recorded at the Glen Helen Block-Buster Pavilion, Devore, California 10/26/96, and the Dessert Sky Pavilion, Phoenix, Arizona.
Ozzy teams up with Type O Negative to do a song called "Pictures of Matchstick Men" which is on the soundtrack to Howard Sterns movie "Private Parts". Ozzy also has a small cameo part in his movie.
Ozzy announces that he will be reuniting with Black Sabbath, excluding the drummer Bill Ward for creative differences at the upcoming summer Ozzfest. the band kind of thought that Bill couldn't handle the touring any more, and Bill had also been working on his new solo album so things just didn't work out. Bill on the other hand has a completely different story. He claims to have never been contacted about it.
May 24th, Ozzy kicks off his Ozzfest tour in VA reuniting with Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler.
Controversy surrounds Ozzy again as he wants to take his Ozz-fest out on the road with Marilyn Manson. (a band known to do some un-earthly acts on stage) Giants Stadium in NJ try to cancel the concert because of Manson, but Ozzy takes NJ to court and wins the right to play!
June 17th Ozzy causes a riot at an Ozzfest concert in Columbus OH by not showing up. Angry fans broke windows, uprooted trees, set various things on fire, and even flipped over a car. Ozzy apparently had some throat problems and made up the show on a later date.
November 11th "The Ozzman Cometh" is released. A greatest hits package which features 4 so called "basement tapes" of early Sabbath performing. The double cd also included a brand new song entitled "Back On Earth", an interview, and multimedia software including screen savers, a game, movies, and more! This date also marks the day where Ozzy held a signing in New York, times square at the Virgin Mega store where I finally got to meet him!
December 4th & 5th, the original Black Sabbath reunites with all 4 original band members at the NEC in Birmingham, UK. These 2 concerts are said to be released as a live album and video in October 1998 with 2 new studio tracks.

Ozzy gets his old band back together...Zakk on guitar, Castillo on drums, and Inez on bass but it only lasts for a short time. Zakk, Randy, and Inez leave again and back come Holmes, Bordin, and Trujillio. Geez, make up your mind!
May 29th, Ozzy launches a European festival tour with the original Black Sabbath, but Bill Ward has a minor heart attack and has to cancel his appearances for the rest of the tour. Vinny Appice takes over on drums.
July 3rd, Ozzfest hits the states for the 3rd time kicking off in Holmdel, NJ. Bands on the bill included Megadeth, Tool, Limp Bizkit, Sevendust, Coal Chamber, Motorhead, Incubus, The Melvins, Snot, System of a Down, and Monster Voodoo Machine. The tour ended August 1st.
September 20, "Reunion" a live album recorded by the original Black Sabbath in Birmingham England on December 4th & 5th is released. Two studio cuts were recorded for the album - "Psycho Man" & "Selling my Soul". Ozzy, Tony, Bill, and Geezer launch a U.S. signing tour. I got to meet them all at the Virgin Mega store, in Times Square, New York. The band also announces a full scale - world reunion tour kicking off in Phoenix, Arizona on New Years eve.
November, Ozzy teams up with Busta Rhymes to do a rap version of Iron Man. Ozzy also does another song for the South Park sound track with rappers DMX, Crystal Method and 'Ol Dirty Bastard.
December 31, Black Sabbath kicks off their reunion tour in Arizona. the tour lasts through February 1999, and has multiple cancellations due to throat problems with Ozzy. The last 4 dates were actually cancelled with no make up dates!

May 27, the original Black Sabbath launches their final bow on the Ozzfest, appropriately titled "The Last Supper" in West Palm Beach, FL. Opening acts include Rob Zombie, Slayer, Deftones, Primus, Godsmack, System of a Down, Fear Factory, Drain STH, Push Monkey, Flashpoint, Apartment 26, Slipknot, Hed (pe), and Static X.
After the Ozzfest tour ends in July, Sabbath goes on their last tour of the U.S. with opening bands Godsmack and Drain STH. The last stop was August 24 in Jones Beach, NY.
September 7, Coal Chambers "Chamber Music" is released with a cover version of Peter Gabriels "Shock The Monkey" performed by Ozzy and Coal Chamber.
December, Black Sabbath tour through London, Germany, Finland & Sweden.
December 21 & 22 Black Sabbath perform their last ever concerts in Birmingham, England.

Feb 23 - Black Sabbath pick up a Grammy Award for Category 17 - Metal Performance, Iron Man from the "Reunion" album. Bill Ward picked it up on behalf of the band but CBS did not air it. Bill Ward said it was gratifying to see artists from the Woodstock generation, including the night's top winner, Carlos Santana, doing so well.
``I think it's totally cool,'' he said. ``I didn't think that 31 years ago, I'd be standing up in a suit. I feel more like an accountant than the guy who plays drums in Black Sabbath.''
In late March, Ozzy hires Roy Mayorga to replace Mike Bordin on drums. Roy lasts about 3 weeks and gets replaced by Brian Tichy.
June 15 - Ozzy plays a show in L.A. for KROQ radio and surprises everyone by reuniting with Black Sabbath. During the first song, a rotating stage cut the wires and caused a 10-minute delay. This mishap cancelled a 2nd planned reunion in NJ 1 week later.
July 2 - Ozzfest 2000 begins in Palm Beach, Florida. Bands include Pantera, Godsmack, Static-X, Incubus, Methods Of Mayhem, P.O.D., Queens Of the Stone Age, Soulfly, Kittie, Taproot, Primer 55, Shuvel, Pitchshifter, Disturbed, The Deadlights, Slaves On Dope, Reveille & Pumpjack.
October 28 - Zakk Wylde announces that he will be working with Ozzy again.

March - Black Sabbath announce that they will tour once again for Ozzfest 2001. Also it is told that a new studio album is in the works.
March 27 - Ozzfest: Second Stage Live album is released.
April 9 - Black Sabbath reunite on ESPN's action and music awards show. Sabbath performs Paranoid.
April 10 - Ozzy's mother passes away. Ozzy said the following in an interview: "Mum died of Diabetes and kidney problems. She went peacfully in her sleep, unlike dad who had cancer and died in pain. I'd been to see her a week before and she's seemed fine. I never thought I'd be affected, I wasn't affected when my dad died. But it's different with mum, it knocks the stuffing out of me. I didn't go to the funeral. They f*** me up to much. I've been to enough funerals to last a lifetime. It might have pushed me over the edge. I thought I was going nuts last year. I was driving around with spears. I was near the dark side. It was like I was waking up with the worlds worst hangover but I hadn't had a drink. I'm glued together with medication. I'm on everything proper psychotic medication. If I don't pop pills I lose it. I'm a f***ing nutter, I won't last to 85."
June 8 - Ozzfest begins in Chicago, IL. Bands include Black Sabbath, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Crazy Town, Black Label Society, Disturbed, Mudvayne, Cold, Taproot, Union Underground, Nonpoint, No One, Spineshank, American Head Charge, Pure Rubbish, Hatebreed, Drowning Pool, Systematic, Beautiful Creatures, Boy Hits Car, Godhead & Otep.
August 14 - Ozzfest 2001: The Second Millennium album is released.
August 25 - "Get's Me Through", Ozzy's first new single in 5 years is aired on K-rock radio in NYC.
October 16 - "Down To Earth" is released. Ozzy's first solo album in 6 years.
October 31 - Ozzy kicks off his "Night of Merry Mayhem" tour with Rob Zombie, Mudvayne, Soil and OneSideZero
November 9 - Ozzy is forced by doctors to cancel ten dates on the Merry Mayhem tour due to a stress fracture in his leg. The fracture occurred when Ozzy fell coming out of the shower before the Tucson show on 10/31. He was unaware that the leg was fractured and continued to perform each night until the pain became unbearable. On 11/8 Ozzy went to the doctor and discovered that his fall had resulted in a stress fracture injury to his leg. The doctor immediately ordered Ozzy to stay off his leg and to cease touring to prevent further injury.
November 23 - Rob Zombie directs Ozzy's video for "Dreamer".
November 29 - Ozzy resumes touring.
December 23 - Ozzy performs World Trade Center benefit at the meadowlands in East Rutherford, NJ and visits ground zero. The proceeds from this show were donated to the Howard Stern 9/11 fund. Ozzy was presented an iron cross made from the steel of the World Trade Center by NY firemen and policemen.

February 8 - Ozzy begins his "Far East" tour in support of his new album "Down to Earth" starting in Osaka, Japan, and traveling through Korea, Canada, Germany and even making a first time stop in Alaska.
February 15 - Ozzy records a live concert for a summer release at Tokyo's famed Budokan Hall
March 5 - "The Osbourne's" premiers on MTV. 13 episodes of "The Real World" - Ozzy style! The show is an instant hit. It becomes MTV's highest rated show in the channels history with over 6 million viewers weekly.
March 26 - Ozzy's former drummer Randy Castillo dies of cancer, he was 49.

April 12 - Ozzy gets his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in front of Hollywood Boulevard's "Ripley's Believe It or Not" museum of oddities.
June 11 - The Osbournes Family Album is released
June 25 - Live at the Budokan is released on cd and video
July 2 - It is announced that Sharon Osbourne has been diagnosed with colon cancer
July 21 - Sharon Osbourne's cancer has spread beyond her colon and will start a three-month course of chemotherapy at the end of July
July 28th - Ozzy announces a 3 week break from Ozzfest to be by Sharon's side
August 7 - Sharon makes Ozzy return to Ozzfest because he's driving her mad.
August 16 - The lawsuit against Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne brought by Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake is dismissed by the federal court in Los Angeles. In a ruling, the court rejected the plaintiffs' claims for record royalties and additional credits on the classic Ozzy albums Blizzard of Oz and Diary of a Madman. The ruling ends the lawsuit first filed in 1998.
August 20 - Black Sabbath's "Past Lives" is released... a two disc set containing live material from the early seventies.
September ? - Not to sure about the exact date, but somewhere around here, Ozzy's oldest daughter, Jessica, had a baby girl named Isabelle Hobbs, making Ozzy a grandfather.
September 15 - The Osbourne's series is named the year's outstanding nonfiction reality program at the Creative Arts Emmys, which are mainly awards for technical achievements given out eight days in advance of the main Emmy awards, which are handed out on Sept. 22. Sharon, one of the show's producers as well as one of its stars, accepted the award on behalf of her husband, saying, "Ozzy I love you."
September 20 - Lawyers for former Ozzy Osbourne band members Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake file an appeal in Los Angeles of a judge's Aug. 16 ruling that threw their royalties case against the rocker out of court. Daisley and Kerslake are suing for $20 million in back royalties, and first launched the suit back in March of 2000. In her August ruling, U.S. District Court Judge Christina A. Snyder ruled the two musicians failed to prove their case in addition to the fact that the statute of limitations had run out.
October 25 - Ozzy plays a special concert for 1600 people at The Palms Casino in Las Vegas, NV.
November 26 - The Osbournes, Season 2 premiers on MTV.
December 31 - Ozzy and Sharon renew their wedding vows during a New Year's Eve party at the Beverly Hills Hotel that includes hundreds of guests. They delayed their July 4th 20th anniversary celebration because of Sharon's battle with colon cancer. Sharon wore a cream-colored wedding gown and diamond tiara as she was escorted down the aisle by her father. Kelly served as flower girl. Music was provided by the 1970s group "Village People."