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Whats up all?? I have this page just because sometimes I need to vent or to praise GOD...Today I praise Him for all the nice people I met today who said thank you an appreciated the way I served them...Praise you Jesus!!!

Man my husband is leaving to Alaska for 3 months..Boo hooo OH dear Lord give me the strenght to make it thru this...

Well he is gone and I miss him terribly. I thought it would be nice but lol it is a little bit but at night I really miss him. But with Christ I can do all things. If any one is a Christian please pray for us and my bosses husband who is in Iraq

Crazy they send him back but now he is Las Vegas working for 2 weeks....But hey the LORD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!!

Nope he is back...and well not to happy. Please Lord help me thru this time....God is soooooo gooooood..Yay even though I walk thru this valley I fear nothing!

My sis lil baby girl passed away last she is my beautiful lil angel girl