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Hostile Domination

Vital Stats

Name: Linde

Age: 21

Hates: Idiots, ignorance, religious zealots, egos....MANOWAR!!!

Loves: GRINDCORE!!! The most vilest of metal, my kitten and my comrades...and I absolutly adore my Rich Bastard.

What can I say about myself. I love metal, I do whatever I can to support my scene in Deadmonton. I love playing hackey sack, and I take pictures of everything. I hope to be going to NAIT in Sept of 2006 for my degree in Photographic Technologies, then my dream is to be a famous photo journalist, working for some crazy metal mag. My boyfriend Rich is what keeps me sane. I am an insane grindcore fanatic. I love my best Angel. My life is a constant chaotic spiral.....

Favorite Bands
1) Slayer
2) Napalm death
3) Carcass
4) Abuse
5) Axis Of Advance