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04 January 2004 Happy New Year from MESAWEST! We are enjoyng ourselves w/ our familys. Next we will be going into the studio late january early febuary. check back updates we should be posting some songs soon thanks for waiting. MESAWEST

14 December 2003 The Napkin Says to sign up in the forum section so that we may send you an email Letting you know when our mp3s are up.... Thank you, The IM Napkin

08 December 2003 Hey! Thanks to everyone who came out to the El Rey for the exposure show. There was alot of good bands playing. Ourselves well.... we had a few technical difficulties, but hey it was still fun. As of now we either will play a few more shows or go into the studio for our demo... we'll play it by ear. Check back for more updates and the further construction of our site. Thanks, Mesawest

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