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"I'm sorry!"
"I'll kill you."
"My name's Rilina Dorlen."
These phrases and many more lose their power and depth when translated into English. So, let's try agian:

"Gomen Nasai!"
"Omae (w)o korosu."
"Watakushi wa Ririna Dorien."
Japanese, unlike English, has many different kinds of words. Some are more formal than others, some are condecending terms, and some, like my first example, are mainly used by females or males.

"Gomen Nasai!"
In English, this translates to "I'm very sorry!". This phrase generally is avoided by men. So, why does our precious Quatre cry it constantly? It helps develop his kind, almost feminime, character. He wears kakkis, a purple vest, and his seiyuu is a female. Maybe he's gay, but in any case, the Japanese Quatre is a lot less masculine than the English Quatre. I prefer the Japanese.

]There are some words in Japanese used to show social standing, that one is above or below oneself. Words like anata and omae, in place of ones name, are used. So, could Heero be considered and egotist? "I'll kill you." is weak. "Omae (w)o korosu." (korosu=kill), in my mind translates to "I will kill you, you who is lower than myself.". Heero thinks himself better than Rilina (who he later says is much stronger than himself?) and Duo, even though through Endless Waltz ("Omae mo no..."... You as well).

Rilina Dorlen: leader of a pacifist nation. One would expect her to be extremely formal... and she is. Watakushi is the formal version of the word watashi, which means "my" or "I". She calls her parents "otou-sama" and "okaa-sama". Sama is a very high title (Quatre-Sama, Master Quatre, for example). She could call her father and mother chichi and mama, respectivly, but she holds everyone in high regard, save for when shes trying to act aloof, addressing Heero as "Heero-kun" (even if this is a common title for schoolboys).

The only way to completely appreceate the language of Gundam Wing is to study a little and watch it in Japanese. I find Gundam Wing more enjoyable the more there is to know and think about. Try it sometime... you may like it.