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What is a main character? Are they the one who gets the most air time? The one face that sticks in out mind when the name of the story is mentioned? The protagonist? The antigonist?? Or is the main character something more? Something deeper and more envolved that the face one sees the most? The main character of Gundam Wing could easily said to be Hiiro Yuy (the Gundam Pilot), but is Hiiro really as important as he's generally thought to be? I'm not displaying it as fact, but here is my opinion.
In any normal show, where there is nothing but a left-to-right plot, a main character could be that someone who's name is in the title. But in a show with an actual story line, cleverly developed characters, and a complex plot, the main character must be someone who equals the show. Not someone fixed, or someone with a single role. So, that rules out the 'uber minor' characters like nameless solders (not Trowa) and staff members. It is generally accepted that the 'uber minor' characters are, in fact, 'uber minor' characters and that they couldn't possibly be the main character, so let's just move up to more important people.
Gundam pilots, Zechs Merquise/ Milliardo Peacecraft, Treize Kushrenada, Lady Une, and Rilina Peacecraft. These are deffinetly the series major characters. For compareson, just under them are the scientists and Howard, Sally Poe, Lucretzia Noin and Hilde Shweilker. Back to major characters, which of these individuals do we (unfortunately) see first? Rilina. We could argue that, if Hiiro is not the main character, than Rilina must be. She does a lot of talking, which is all she does, and is one of the main focuses of the series. Honesty, I don't really like Rilina, so I would much rather someone else be the main character.
I belive the main character should be someone who goes through many changes, gains the most from their experences, and maybe even "finds themself". So maybe the main character could be Zechs/ Milliardo, the Gundam pilots or Lady Une. These seven are much better suited to be the main character... but the title of my 'paper' is Could Quatre be the Main Character?, so let's focus on the Gundam Pilots. Hiiro, Duo, Trowa, Quatre and Wufei. Five individual young men with five individual personalities... so let me stop refering to them collectevly. We want to find one of them with a depth and personality that equals the show. Someone who goes through as many changes as the storyline. That really doesn't eliminate any of them from our list, so lets think of other characteristics a main character should have.
How about a great tragety in their life. One that caused them great anguish and changed their whole perspective of life. That axes Hiiro, who lived exactly the same as he did in the past with Odin Lowe as he does today. He may have been a little kinder, but that's because he was a child. People grow up. Trowa's past was pretty empty, and so was his future. After Gundam Wing was over was when he started to change and value life and family. Duo hated the war, lived in a church, hated the war, grew up and worked with Professor G, hated the war, "stole" Deathscythe because he hated the war and so on and so forth. He stayed the outwardly chipper, inwardly deep Duo he's always been. That leaves Wufei and Quatre. Wufei stays because he never used to care about 'justice' untill his wife was killed fighting for it. That changed him... but again... that wasn't durring Gundam Wing. That was years before. That leaves Quatre as the main character.
Quatre is deep and thought provoking. How could someone so kind and loving end up destroying a resouce satalite and a colony? A tragic 'curve-ball': his father running, refusing to fight and his insane death (much, much more insane in the comic), way too much for a sensitive soul like Quatre to handle. "No one understands the tears of kind people." he says, and then he laughs... and laughs. "I won't forget this day", the insane, main character laughs. "You won't forget this day either." The uchyuu no kokoro (if you're clueless: the heart of outerspace) goes through much more than any other character. The only character that rivals his insanity is Lady Une, winning points for split personalities and a comma. So, could Quatre be the main character of Gundam Wing? After reading this, you may think so.