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i dont get it
why dont people understand
why cant their just be someone
who wants to hold my hand
no one cares
about my interst
even though
i care for yours
just pass me in the hall
i know its true
you only use me...
why do i allow you
to abuse me
i wish someone
would one day
stand up for me...
everything i know
is stand behind the mob...
its a lot easier
a lot more comfortable
but its cold...
i can scream
but the roar of the croud
drowns me out...
i cant even scream anymore
my voice is horse...
the mob moves away
and the deep blue
sets in...
you walk up to me
and enquire whats wrong...
but my voice
is gone...
i wave my arms
and motion with my hands...
but you dont understand...
and you leave me
in the blue...