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this was a 'journal prompt'... i had to do them for english my junior year in high school...

The greatest cartoon ever made is Shin Kideousenki Gundam Wing (that means something like New Battle Chronicle). The storyline is wonderful, making many think of the American revolution on crack. The characters are so full of personality and meaning with much room for personal interpretation. The animation is wonderful and is only second to its movie, Endless Waltz. The voice actors chosen are wonderful as well, both English and Japanese. It chills me to hear Trowa Barton's seiyuu, Shigeru Nakahara, say 'neesan' (which means sister). In its movie, Endless Waltz, hearing a 9 year old child speak seriously of ruling the world freaks me out. The mecha is all beautiful. The part where Wing Zero Custom comes out of it's capsule makes me scream and then I rewind and watch it again. And again. I own 2 of the cd's and every time I hear it's song I scream and turn it all the way up. And set it on repeat until my family yells at me. Yep, Gundam Wing is the greatest television show ever made.