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My Long Goodbye - "BrokenHearted"

I wish that there had been another way to leave this relationship off

I wish we didn't hurt so much

I wish we could talk just one more time

I have so many things yet unsaid and unexplained

I have so many questions to ask you and myself

Why does it have to be this hard to say goodbye.

I loved you from beginning to end.

Writing is my only way out

The only way I feel like I am reaching you

though I know I would have to be crazy to think that you would glance at this writing

For once I want you to look at me

For once I need you to pay some attention to me

Don't let me leave without knowing that you had loved me to at some point in our existence

My heart tells me you won't come after me

So my dear friend, all I have to say is this

Goodbye, I love you

and I will miss you.

From BrokenHearted.