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Media Representation - Block One - Wealth


For the theme of wealth, the major topic I chose to work on was the idea that Nerds (Mahoys) earn money, and nerds usually are the wealthier type of people, apart from jocks, or royal persons.


The first method was a magazine, including:

 Front Cover, Advertisement, and A Full Page Article

Click on the picture to view full size.


To create the Front Cover, all I did was get an old BRW magazine from the many lying around my house and try to get ideas for how to design the page. From there I went to and grabbed a very high resolution (300dpi) image of Bill Gates himself. (Arguably the worlds biggest nerd - in a good way!) I put him on the front cover because, hey... you see the words BILL GATES and you immediately think, "Now there's a bloody rich fellow." The image was cut out from its background using the 'magic wand' tool, and the edges blurred and smudged to create a smoother transition into the new, white, background. This layer was placed above the MAHOY text layer to place the image of Bill, in front of the title. Small catchy slogans were used to stand out and just to make people laugh.


The advertisement was another thing I did to get a laugh out of the people who read it. If you notice the name "Ghacer" and the corporate logo. You will immediately realize what I have done. The Acer logo, is the same as the one I have made, except flipped horizontally. TravelShmate is a derivative of the TravelMate line. I did this because the thing that was on my mind at the time that I started it was how bad my laptop really was. The fact that I had just had it returned from the Acer computer technicians made it worse. (I handed it in, and it came back two days later without anything actually fixed. Then I had to send it in again. ANNOYING) Read the subscript on the article, it is pretty funny. (I know, I know, Malaysia is spelt wrong!)  


The article just came blurting out. Once I write I can't stop until I've blabbed on two pages more than I really needed to. (It was hard work trying to cut the article back down to a respectable length.) Keeping to one of the cover themes "Mahoy = Money - How to make money from unsuspecting dumb people" I wrote a small opinion piece and put some fairly phony information within. By the way, this magazine is not a real magazine and any content contained within is not actually real or based on real events.


The second method was a short animation.

Click Here to view it.


It was designed to keep to the same topic of Bill Gates, Mahoys and Money. The program used was Macromedia Flash MX, and I used all of the available resources to create my longest flash, story driven, animation to date. All up, it took me about 4-5 hours to complete. About 3 of that was creating the animation and the rest was looking for sound effects and music (Thanks to for the sound effects)


The creation of a flash animation is very hard to explain, and if I did, those people who don't know how to use flash will be scratching their heads wondering "What the F**K is this guy talking about?" So, I won't even bother. But, all the effects that I use will be posted in the tutorials section soon, so if you are interested click here to go there now.


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