Epiphany Member News
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06-04-03 | 13:00 GMT

- HTML (Ahh HTML Noob!) hehe but I'm working on putting up a little news site for Epipany to use to plot big events rather than massive mail. The goal here is to get everyone to check this page as often as they lgoin, maybe even more often. This way news can be spread among the corp much easier and you can check it from anywhere including in-game. I hope to be puting up mining ops for example a day or so in advance so everyone who can make it can prepair ahead of time. I've noticed how everytime we plan an op it takes forever to get going, I'm sure all you have noticed this also. This will help us organize a little better i'm hoping, not only for mining events, but for other large corperation events. I also plan to post news here for the corp to read (things that come up that may effect you as a member of epiphany) this will help everyone keep informed about what the leaders of this corp are planning to do and so forth. I hope everyone enjoys this effort to keep things moving nice and smooth!
-Maalar ____________________________________________________________________________________
06-04-03 | 13:00 GMT

- Oh no, we have an HTML noob among us:p Ah yeah despite my HTML skills (or lack there of) i'm working on this site stuff as you read above. I'm all open for tips and tricks, i'll figure out links before too long so i can better oragnize the page, look forward to it:)
-MAALaR ____________________________________________________________________________________