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Luke's Bass Project

Hello, this is my bass project I'm doing in woodwork... Yes it's a bass, based on the Warwick Corvette 4 string. I'll be adding pictures and comments as I go. -Luke

The bass body

This is the cutout of the body, with mild body work. Still alot to go though. The body is two planks glued one on another.

Another bass body picture...

The main shape...

The neck

I bought this neck for AU$110 from Billy Hyde music. Its came in rather rugged condition but I delt to it with some fretboard reviver and now it looks cool. The head will be chopped off ! Because it's gay, the replacement one will resemble the Corvette headstock. I had a few problems determining the scale but it's all worked out now. One thing I didn't forsee is that the neck requires a small extention from the body to bolt onto... I'm hoping this won't be too troublesome.