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I feel as though the world has slipped and fell into a realm of darkness when someone goes so far as to forget about FORGE when making a profile page. He is without a doubt THE MOST important character in the history of X-Men and the fact that we forgot him is even weirder than the fact that Captain America has a profile or why Pietro is first.

Forge goes through two styles of clothing. First, the groovy seventies style that he starts out with because he was randomly teleported to another dimension that only Kurt can access. (Well...Forge can access it too because he's Forge and Forge can do whatever he wants if he puts his mind into it.) His hair is round and he does NOT have a little teeny beard thingy on his chin. He definitely looks like he could potentially be on the Partridge Family. THEN!! A few episodes pass and Forge pulls an Austin Powers and realizes that man has landed on the moon so he decides to change his whole style in life. He styles his hair and grows a miniature little Gambit-like beard. He changes his clothes and stops saying stupid things like "FAR OUT!!" and "I'M FORGE!!" (I suppose the latter never actually happened but he might have said it when he was by himself...) We distinguish between the two Forges by calling one "Groovy Forge" and the other "Hip Forge". See if you can tell which is which because we sure can't and end up just calling them BOTH "Hip Forge".

Forge's power is his super intellect. One may think it's his army thingy but I belive he stepped on a land mine or something and it blew up that side of his body and he just invented some sort of prosthetic. My theory could be wrong but I'm not going to check up on it. So he does have an arm that can change into, it seems, whatever he needs. A screwdriver, a gun or maybe some dental tools.

Forge is about...forty. While he looks like he's only a teenager that's only because he was frozen in time for about thirty years so he never aged. He had to live all by himself in some weird realm and he didn't escape until Kurt came and rescued him. (It was a close call too because Evan and Scott were feeling foolishly destructive and Jean and Kitty were feeling unbelieveably lazy so the dimensional thingy almost got blown up.)

Forge has no love life in Evolution. There's stuff outside of Evolution but I'm not going to go there. Although we COULD say that Forge loves Kurt for saving him. He could seriously pursue Kurt as a male friend if he wanted to!!

He has NO rivals. He's Forge. Who wants to be rivals with FORGE?! I mean...why be rivals with Forge when you can be rivals with Wolverine or maybe even your foil character or something that makes more sense but FORGE?!

All 'n' all, FORGE!!!!! And that's all I shall say.

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