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Support Staff and Auxiliary Membership

What follows is a list, in no particular order, of potential support staff and auxiliary members of the Fangirl All-Stars. You will notice that many of these names were on the original list of candidates for the All-Stars; though they were not selected for the primary team, this was due to a lack of positions and not a lack of merit. This list is by no means inclusive of all possible candidates and future selections may not necessarily be entirely reflective of the original listing. Each of these women is being considered for either a staff position or a role as an Allstar associate who operates in an auxiliary fashion (that is to say, one who freelances a little for the Allstars).

Sara Sidle, Las Vegas CSI
Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie, USMC
Speical Agent Monica Reyes, FBI
Dr. Eleanor Arroway
Major Janet Fraiser, USAF
Aeryn Sun
Veronica Mars
Lieutenant Kara Thrace, Colonial Fleet
Detective Stela Bonasera, NYPD
Katherine Austin
Claudia Jean Cregg
Jaye Tyler
Lucy Diamond
Detective Kate Lockley, LAPD
Willow Rosenberg

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