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Kensei the up coming new hardcore punk band of the century. BIO;The band was frist founded by Craig donnell and Niall ward both aged 15,Niall ward the original guitarist for the band,had many idea's and hopes for the band KENSEI.Until it came to a time where Niall and Craig could not find the other members they where lookin for.It was hard to find a singer and drumer that was as deadicated to the band as Niall and Craig was.Niall was also know for his great druming skills and one day they both decided that Niall will be the new drumer and second vocalist for the band.This was a good thing because this ment that it would be easyer to find a guitarist.Soon after this Kensei found not one but two guitarists,Niall had original knew the lead guitarist Paul monk,because they had been long time friends.Niall and craig where not aware that Paul was a very good guitarists,he also had a cousin Michael monk,another friend of Niall and Craig was a rythem guitarish and could do lead vocals for kensei.They both where the newest members of Kensei,and they both had the equipment that Kensei needs.It was the best time of the year to find and start a band,just before christmas,that ment that Kensei was able to get what ever equipment they needed for the band.Kensei has many idea's and hopes on becoming the hard core punk band of the century.The band had their first practise gig on saturday 20th of september in the cosquin commuity center here in Derry,many people where egar to hear the band,many people showed up and where very impressed with the band,from that point on kensei knew that they where deadicated and where on the right road.

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