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The Kayleigh Files

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Since Kayleigh Robbins is my best friend, i guess she deserves a whole page about her!  yay.

Fave Color: Dark Dark Dark Dark Dark Dark Dark Dark Purple
Fave Song: A Favor House Atlantic (Coheed and Cambria)
Fave Bands: Blink 182, Three Days Grace, Sum 41, and she treasures her Mix CD above all!
Fave TV Show: The Family Guy
Best Friend: Kat
Fave Sports:  Basketball and Volleyball
Quotes From Kayleigh:
"I love Stewie."  yes, we both luv the family guy! ;)
"KATELYNN I HATE YOU" she's so harsh...
"IF YOU DON'T GIVE ME SOME PURPLE CONVERSE SHOES, I'LL BURN DOWN THE STORE!" could i point out that she didn't get her purple converse?

I have schedulded a photo shoot for Kayleigh in the very near future, so check back soon!