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welcome everyone.  this still sucks.... but i added something new to the site! slide shows! hooray! oooh and be SURE to check out HOCKEY! SCHYEAH! haha ;)
well my life hasn't improved much since the last time i updated. school is horrible.  volleyball rocks! guitar is the best. and i question athourity to much. look where it lands me eh?
plz ENJOY THIS and if u want some awesome lyrics, go to Music and then Song of The Day. PLEAE REMEMBER TP: have a nice life! ;)
Green Day's new album American Idiot IS HERE!  GET IT TODAY!!  and American Idiot!  is really awesome! also, Bowling For Soup, of which i luv, has a new album A Hangover You Dont' Deserve, with some awesome tracks including 1985. it comes out in september too! later
luv ya still,