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Kansas Letterboxes

Hi, welcome to my letterboxing site. I am fairly new to the activity, and have placed my first two letterboxes. You can find clues for them below, as well as an introduction to letterboxing.


Letterboxing in like a scavenger hunt that you can take at your own pace. People place letterboxes all around the country. Inside each letterbox is a book and a stamp. To hunt for letterboxes, you need to have your own stamp and a logbook. Get on the internet and find a letterbox you want to search for. Print the instructions, grab your logbook and stamp, take a compass and get a good map of the area. When you find the letterbox, there will be a stamp and a logbook inside. Use the stamp you find in the letterbox to mark your logbook. Then use your personal stamp to mark the logbook in the letterbox. Leave everything as you found it and set off to find another letterbox.

My Letterboxes

I have planted two letterboxes in Shawnee Mission Park. You will find the park in Johnson County, a little to the south and west of Kansas City, MO. Take I-435 to 87th street and go west. Turn right on Renner drive until you find the entrance to the park. Continue on the road until it dead-ends into another road. Turn right and follow around the lake. Turn into the first shelter on your left after you cross the dam at the end of the lake. Find the trail.

Letterbox 1

  1. Walk down the trail about 500 yards.
  2. Find a clearing with a fallen tree.
  3. Follow the direction the tree is pointing about 20 yards.
  4. Find a rotting log.
  5. Inside the end of the log you will find letterbox #1.


Letterbox 2

  1. Continue down the trail until you reach the end.
  2. There will be a sign at the end of the trail. Turn straight north and walk 15 yards.
  3. You will be at a small ravine. Look for rock outcrop on other side of ravine.
  4. Under outcrop you will find letterbox #2.


I will be placing more letterboxes in the area, so check back often! Thanks for visiting my letterboxes! Please make sure to leave them hidden and in good condition! Happy hunting!

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